Democrats Richer Than Romney

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Obama proposed spending 200 million dollars on a Portland to Milwaukie light rail line. Milwaukie, a city in Oregon, is less than seven miles away from Portland. You can drive there in 15 minutes. It has a population of 20,000 which comes out to about 200,000 in light rail dollars per person.

In the last five years, over 600 million dollars in payments have been improperly made to dead federal employees. The good news is that Romney’s entire net worth might cover a year of wrongful payments to dead bureaucrats.

USAID spent a mere 90 million dollars to promote hiring and sales among businesses in Pakistan. Thirty million of that was spent to boost Pakistani mango sales. Put together Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s annual incomes and it still wouldn’t cover the money that the United States spends promoting Pakistani mango sales.

But why sweat the small stuff? There were 125 billion dollars in improper payments made in 2010. Triple the numbers during the Bush administration. The combined fortunes of the Waltons and Koch Brothers would just barely cover the known improper payments made in a single year by the government.

Americans know this. In a poll last year, people estimated that the government wastes 51 cents of every dollar it spends.  When they think about the big money, it’s not the 200 million dollars that someone else has; it’s the 50,000 dollars in national debt that each and every American is on the hook for. A debt that they know is being enlarged without end.

Playing the wealth card is meant to paint Romney as an out of touch elitist, but it is the people who have drowned the nation in a debt that there isn’t enough money to repay who are the out of touch elitists. Michael Moore (estimated net worth 50 million) emphasized repeatedly that the Forbes 400 had a total net worth of over a trillion dollars, while the bottom 60 percent of households have only 1.2 trillion dollars.

What he failed to mention is that 1.2 trillion dollars wouldn’t even cover the annual budget deficit. Put together the wealth of the top 400 and the bottom 60 percent and it wouldn’t even cover the interest on the national debt.

The people responsible for this are the true 1 percent. The 1 percent of government officials, politicians and crony capitalists in the Obama administration who have spent the money of the other 99 percent. Americans may have varying feelings about the rich, but everyone hates a crook.

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  • Amused

    Once the assets of our supposed politicians , Democrat AND Republican alike , surpassesd about 5 million or so , the figures of who's got more become irrelevant . Truly the assets of that demonized 99% will never see such assets or anything close .And now with the recent Supreme Court Ruling , that " corporations are people too " , personal and corporate super pacs are multiplying tyo the point of affecting the very choices for candidates ,Santorum being the most obvious recipient of these .Perhaps EXXON will ultimately choose the next Republican nominee .

    • Grantmann

      That may happen, but it would be following SEIU choosing this current president. I don't see much difference. Except with Exxon we might get lower gas prices with drilling being reactivated and pipelines being built.

    • mrbean

      Better than the Nazi-Communist collaborator George Soros choosing the previous Democrat nominee – you know the clandestine Muslim Marxist racist and cluseless empty suit that occupies the oval office now. Santorum might make a damned good president – at least he respects and follows the US Constitution.

      • bill

        look up the bushs ties to nazi germany n hitler. prescot bush was a financier of hitlwr.

  • Brujo Blanco

    In have always had an aversion to taking advice from a wealthy socialist. These people have received what they have from some capitalist venture. When they talk about sharing the wealth they do not believe it means their wealth. Every communist country has had elites that had a standard of living far greater than the regular people. Do the American Communists/socialists/marxists/democrats believe that they will be among the elites when their commie dreams come true. It is apparent that Obama believes he is the top elitist. Consider how his wife spends our money on her many vacations.

  • NotaBene

    Nice trick of comparing the Obama cabinet's NET WORTH to Romney's ANNUAL INCOME. The two are comletely different. Net worth measures all assets minus liabilities and so is almost always going to be higher than income.

    Romney's net worth is upwards of $300 million, so the whole comparison works against you.

    BrujoBlanco, just as you don't trust a wealthy socialist, i don't trust a conservative who has ever collected social security, filed for unemployment, called the fire department, or ridden the subway.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Actually I compared Romney's net worth to the net worth of Obama's cabinet.

      • NotaBene

        You mentioned Romney's net worth several paragraphs away from where you mentioned the Obama cabinet and Romney's income; the better to make a connection between the two. I suppose it's possible that you weren't being intentionally dishonest but that you're simply a a terrible writer. And that's not even mentioning how silly it is to compare the income of over a dozen people with just one.

        If your point was that politics has become a rich man's game, you'd at least have something to say. As it is you only wanted to slander Democrats and you can't even do that right.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          But Romney’s net worth of approximately 200 million dollars would not even make him the richest senator. Senators Kohl, Warner and Kerry all beat out Romney in the wealth sweepstakes. And they’re all Democrats. For all the news stories about his wealth, if Romney ran for Congress, he wouldn’t even make it as the wealthiest member of the House of Representatives.

          If the Democrats really believe that wealth is a disqualification for public office, why do they keep selecting some of the wealthiest senators in the country? If Romney wins then he may become the wealthiest president in half a century, but if Kerry had won the honor would have gone to him.

          The combined net worth of Obama and his cabinet in 2010 was around 150 million dollars.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            That's the context.

          • poppakap

            …context indeed.

            Mr. Greenfield, I guess the evidence before us shows once again that regardless of the proof, leftists are simply incapable of self-criticism or recognizing hypocrisy.

            Thanks for an illuminating article.

    • LibRep

      NotaBene – You wouldn't trust anyone who stood on their own and never relied on society/ government for anything? You sure as hell wouldn't have survived in the 19th century then.

  • mrbean

    John Kerry was a two time giggilo who married into money the first time around and married into moey the 2nd time around, and by the way, while still a reserve Naval Officer in 1970 and again in 1971, he arranged for and attended secret meetings with the NVA and VC communists in Paris, and for this he should have never been allowed to hold a public office or even vote. He is a dishonoravley discharged waste.