Dems Won “Astronomically” in Philly Locations where Inspectors were Removed

Voter fraud. It’s the real electorate of the Democratic Party.

Across Philadelphia, GOP poll inspectors were forcibly (and illegally) removed from polling locations. Coincidentally (or not), Mr. Obama received “astronomical” numbers in those very same regions, including locations where he received “over 99%” of the vote.

Ward 4, which also had a poll watcher dressed in Obama attire, went massively for Obama. Mr. Obama received 99.5% of the vote, defeating Mr. Romney 9,955 to 55.

Another problem: “Voter turnout in Philadelphia was around 60 percent, according to state election figures.” In these precincts it was well over 90%

But nothing suspicious about beating the averages in an area where the inspectors just had to be removed.

Randall Miller, a history professor at St. Joseph’s University, said politicians almost never get 99 percent of the votes anywhere except, perhaps, the towns where they were born.

He said the Democratic voter turnout effort deserved credit for the president’s success.

“Ninety-nine percent is extraordinary, and it shows discipline as much as anything else,” he said.

  • Backtothefuture

    "The poste&emails calls for forensic audit of 2012 elections."

  • riverboatbill

    Forcibly removed? Have the republicans forgot about backup?

    • Marcos

      but if you look further into it Romney actually got 5 less votes than McCain did 4 years ago.
      the vote is consistent with the people who actually live there. dah.. dah..

  • BLJ

    Get a gun if you don't have one. My motto is "One shot, one kill". Seriously.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    ~ Fool me once – shame on me.

    Fool me Twice…I'm an Obama voter with bells on my Obama fone.

  • Mary Sue

    What's interesting is given the theory that these precincts are heavily populated by Pro-Obama minorities that would never vote Republican if their life depended on it, that the possibility of fraud, if accurate given these suspicious numbers, seems almost, redundant? It's a sick, sick, desperate, paranoid mind that sees the necessity to "rig" the incoming voters by removing GOP observers so they can get away with whatever they want.

    Now maybe it's true, that there's so much "white flight" from these areas that they are indeed stacked to give those results, but still.

  • Sue L

    The 99% may well reflect the actual choice of the voters in those particular precincts, as Mary Sue says… But what are the chances that they would beat the city-wide average voter turnout by 50%? Precisely in those precincts? My guess is that the profile probably didn't change a whole lot while the Republican poll watchers were removed, but the number of "dead, relocated, or never-bothered-to-show-up-but somehow-voted-anyhow voters" probably increased exponentially during that time. And why would this be done? Perhaps, oh, just maybe, to influence the overall Pennsylvania vote. Any way to capture a toss-up state is fair game.

    • Mary Sue

      that is indeed possible! Still dirty pool though.

  • JeremyBeadleshand

    Im from Britain, so sadly my vote didn't count. I do however have two 'friends' on Facebook who have done nothing but mock Republicans relentlessly over the whole election, I did have three but he was threatening to shoot Republicans in the face at the convention. I think it tells you a lot about their character.

    • Mary Sue

      It does, but it also speaks to a particular brainwashed mindset. You see, to them, Republicans want to take away everything they hold near and dear. To paraphrase something I saw one time:

      They came for my gay marriage, my welfare check, and my birth control, and s*** was on like donkey kong.

      To take these things away from them makes them evil because having these things given to them by Government is "Freedom" to them. It's to them what guns are to people who love the Second Amendment, "you'll take this from me over my dead body."

      In addition, because they think Republicans are "evil" (and that they have an evil God), they feel justified in spewing every sort of venom and threats of violence, or actual violence, in their direction, as if they were doing a pre-emptive strike, then call it some sort of "self-defense."

  • Daffy Duck

    How is one "forcibly removed"? What? No one fought to stay on duty? No one resisted to the point of being able to have some folks arrested for assault and battery? I want to know more about this and I want to hear the stories of the apparent wimps who were "forcibly removed". Next time, get some real men to man the battle stations. We get the government we deserve, when we just roll over, when the treasonous opposition nudges us a little.

    • Mary Sue

      They probably brought out the Black Panthers to chase them out.

      Sun News reported that Obama didn't win ANY state that has Voter ID Laws, so that's something to consider.

    • @DInHouston

      Did YOU work the polls? I did. Shut up until you put your time where your mouth is.

  • Herb Benty

    Last week Gibbs was asked how the Dems were going to fare in the election. He simply said, with a broad cheshire grin, " Oh, we'll be alright". I now see why he was so smug. Between the voting machines switching votes from Romney to Obama to the Philly situation to busloads of illegals voting, its clear that Obama stole the Presidency. And the worst part of this? Cheaters never prosper! Doesn't bode well for America. One last thing…. up here in Canada we have as much oil as Saudi Arabia, yes your best friend wants to help the USA but Obama says no to Keystone XL pipeline…WHY?

    • Mary Sue

      Because he's beholden to the Environmentalist Whackos like the Sierra Club and Greenpeace. Where's Patrick Moore when you need him?!

  • Swemson

    He stole the nomination from Hillary…

    He stole the 08′ election…

    & He stole the 2012 election…

    If anyone should be ashamed, it’s the GOP leadership that didn’t have the stones to go after him properly during his first term…

    It’s over for America… there’s no way back from this… The American electorate is addicted to free stuff, & the addicts can’t be cured until they reach bottom, which will happen when either the free stuff stops coming to them, or more likely when inflation makes the money they get so worthless that they can’t even afford their junk food & cigarettes anymore… Then they’ll riot & burn down a few cities, we’ll have another violent revolution & then maybe we can start to rebuild…

    It was nice while it lasted….


    • Larry

      His stole his nomination to the Illinois Senate, his election to the Illinois Senate, his nomination to the Federal Senate, and his election to the Federal Senate.

      Why change your methodology when it so obviously works.

  • Backtothefuture

    Headline – WND – by Aaron Klein:
    Did this dirty trick get Obama re-elected?
    President didn’t win single state that required Voter ID

  • Backtothe future


    Obama Puppeteer,George Soros Buys Company That Will Count US Election Votes
    Obama Puppeteer,George Soros Buys Company That Will Count US Election Votes

  • Daryl Davis

    It may well be that President Obama's campaign machine illegally tipped the election in his favor. But because the press is so biased for and servile to him, we will likely never know. And the demographic trends are such that in four more years it won't be necessary to sway the election "Chicago-style" — though they'll probably do so again anyway.

    Republicans will only win now if the Democratic coalition is split in 2016 by an anti-war or openly socialist liberal third party. Not likely.

    Time to consider an alternative system before the collapse of this one:

  • LMBass

    Does anyone remember when Al Gore – the global warming hot air bag – claimed that G. W. Bush "stole" the election? If anyone steals elections, it is Al Gore's party.

    • HalloweenHurricane

      Please don't tell me you still doubt global warming.

      • GJP

        Since there has been no warming for the last 15 years, no.

  • Seth

    Wisconsin trending republican? LOOK AT THESE NUMBERS!!


    The only reason why I looked at Wisconsin is because of the recent anecdotal evidence with the Scott Walker elections in both 2010 and 2012. It immediately jumped at me that something just did not seem right. In fact, Scott Walker increased his victory margin in his recall election just 5 months ago from his prior election in 2010.

    So, to summarize, statewide there is recent anecdotal evidence that WISCONSIN WAS TRENDING MORE REPUBLICAN – NOT LESS.

    Approximately 500,000 more voters voted than those that voted 5 months ago. Of those 500,000 new voters only 12.5% voted republican vs the 87.5% new voters voting democrat.

    Then I decided to look at a county by county breakdown of votes comparing Scott Walker (R)/Tom Barrett (D) on 5 June 2012 (5 months prior) vs Barrack Obama (D)/Mitt Romney (R) on 6 November 2012 (5 months later).

    Below is a breakdown of voting in 3 counties in Wisconsin.


    Marinette County:

    Walker got 61.9% of the vote. He got 10,267 votes. Barrett got 37.6% of the vote. He got 6,242 votes.

    Romney got 51% of the vote. He got 10,609 votes. Obama got 48% of the vote. He got 9,868 votes.

    Romney got about 440 more republican votes. Obama got about 3,620 more democrat votes.


    (it gets worse…)


    Door County:

    Walker got 56.8% of the vote. He got 8,401 votes. Barrett got 42.7% of the vote. He got 6,308 votes.

    Romney got 46% of the vote. He got 8,109 votes. Obama got 53% of the vote. He got 9,338 votes.

    Romney had a net loss of about 290 republican votes. Obama netted about 3,030 more democrat votes.



    Marathon County:

    Walker got 62.1% of the vote. He got 36,352 votes. Barrett got 37.2% of the vote. He got 21,809 votes.

    Romney got 53% of the vote. He got 36,568 votes. Obama got 46% of the vote. He got 32,330 votes.

    Romney got about 215 more republican votes. Obama got about 10,520 more democrat votes.



    This is JUST 3 COUNTIES. In every county I looked at, these skewed numbers continued. Some were not as bad. But ALL OF THEM FAILED THE EYEBALL TEST.

    Something is just not right. And if it is not right in Wisconsin, then where else is it just not right?

  • Horace

    Election fraud by individuals with no ID is miniscule compared to the massive fraud perpetrated by big Dems in corrupt county election boards who tolerate and encourage large scale cheating through massive ballot stuffing as in these racist precincts in Philly or corrupt programming of vote count software. Like Lenin said "Its not who votes that counts, its who counts the votes." All that said, the population continues to slide into an amoral state where such things are tolerated.

  • derekcrane

    Even Castro doesn't do as well in the Cuban "elections."

    • Mary Sue

      The only person I've ever heard do this well was So damned INsane, and everybody knew who'd be coming for them if the ink on their finger was the wrong color or something.

  • Backtothefuture

    Why not take the left's creativity, sincere heartfelt emotion and artistic talent – to good use – and apply it to the current situation …?!
    Eternal Vigilance: The Fight to Save Our Election System

    The film is actually good – and is a perfect blueprint for the 2012 elections!
    – The ruling in Ohio
    – The list of inaccuracies in the electoral process
    – The heartfelt outrage over election fraud
    – Media bias
    – no receipt is given. The process can not be verified!
    It really is an exact blueprint – into the smallest detail – only now it might be bigger!
    It's incredibly entertaining to see how everything is the same – now only with reversed roles …

    The film ends with a call for vigilance and programmer Clint Curtis could possibly be involved in an investigation or a protest against the big vote rigging today – like he was yesterday.
    He actually said it himself in the film – and he has been both Republican as Democrat – which is yet another twist.

    For if one is to be honest – and one should be – it's not just one party that plays the system – both parties do this safely!
    Why …?
    Therefore a baby programmer could do it – as Clint Curtis said in the film – and no receipt is given. The process can not be verified!
    A couple of movies about Clint Curtis and his testimony – which just shows – beyond who was right or wrong in that particular case – that the system is very easy to be manipulated.

    This is a problem beyond the parties – which violates the integrity of the democratic system – but it is not the only problem.
    The whole system is corrupt – no faith exist in the "elected" politicians.
    The whole system is played similar to a pyramid scheme, and the law of the jungle prevails – and the integrity of U.S itself is certainly in play here.
    The emperor has no clothes …
    Probably it is even bigger yet – as the world is undergoing a major global transformation where the new models not found its place yet.
    Probably it will be some sort of – smaller networking structures – currently being phased in for the future.
    A whole new world is created before our eyes – and we are not looking for the wind now – we are – quite suddenly – the wind …