Did Israel Bomb a Sudanese WMD Facility Yesterday?

In a story that has flown under most people’s radar, Sudan’s genocidal government is claiming that Israeli planes bombed its weapons factories on Tuesday. This would not be the first time that Sudan’s weapons mills got bombed, the US did in the 90s, and Khartoum is within range of Israeli planes.

But it also seems unlikely that Israel would have launched a potentially risky operation, passing within range of the observation posts of a newly hostile Islamist Egypt, not to mention the high tech air defenses sold to Saudi Arabia by the United States and risked four planes just to take out a weapons factory, unless that factory was making something extra special.

The operation was feasible and not nearly as risky as many others that Israel has pulled off, but it’s also entirely possible that the Sudanese have had a work accident and are doing what everyone in the region does when they screw up– blaming Israel.

But the alternative is that there was something at Yarmouk important enough for Israel to launch a covert strike and that something would almost certainly be chemical weapons.

With Israel focused on Iran, a strike on Khartoum would have to involve either Sudan’s Uranium, which Iran has been buying up, or Sudan’s willingness to provide chemical weapons to Hamas or other Islamic terrorist groups.

  • Kufar Dawg

    If, it's not classified information of some type, do the Israelis have stealth bombers or stealth fighters?

  • george

    another muslim country that should be a " parking lot "

  • Chaim T.

    In reality it is much more likely that the factory was producing Iranian Shahab missiles.

    For more info see:

    • Kufar Dawg

      Great, just what the world needs an islamofascist state that enslaves kufrs and committed a genocide of kufrs producing SRBM's.

  • Raymond in DC

    "But it also seems unlikely that Israel would have launched a potentially risky operation"

    Yes, it could have been a "work accident", but given that Israel has reportedly made other forays into Sudan, an Israeli attack is hardly "unlikely". I also don't believe chemical weapons were involved. There's no evidence of a toxic cloud, and just a handful of casualties.

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