Did Obama Know the Embassy Attacks Were Coming?

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While the White House and its still media allies are still mumbling about an offensive video, it is quite clear that the Mohammed movie was never anything but a distraction used by the Islamists to set the stage and by the Obama administration to avoid admitting that the attacks were not spontaneous protests, but planned assaults.

The reason that Obama and his associates have done everything possible to avoid describing the attack on the Benghazi consulate as a planned terrorist operation is because the difference between a spontaneous attack and a planned attack is that the failure to prevent a planned attack represents a serious intelligence failure.

Was the planned attack on the Benghazi consulate truly unknown ahead of time or was it a known element that was not taken seriously enough and allowed to go forward for political reasons?

American embassies in Africa had been a favorite target of Al Qaeda before September 11 and with the Arab Spring and the influx of jihadist fighters into North Africa, there was every reason to anticipate that an attack on the Benghazi consulate was coming.

During the summer a string of attacks had targeted consulates in Benghazi. While the American consulate was only struck by a bomb, the Tunisian consulate was overrun by a group of gunmen claiming to be protesting an art exhibit offensive to Islam. There were no shots fired and no casualties because the consulate staffers were absent that day.

The possibility that a Western ambassador would be attacked with heavy weapons had also made itself known that same summer when the British Ambassador’s convoy was attacked by an RPG in Benghazi. The Tunisian consulate and British convoy attacks together formed the template for the attack on the American consulate which was a larger and more sustained version of both of these attacks.

Everyone at the consulate and outside it, from Christopher Stevens to Sean Smith’s Internet pen pals, seemed to know that something was coming. Libyan security officials said that they gave three days warning to the United States. Diplomatic sources have claimed that the Obama administration had 48 hours warning and that the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security had even issued an alert.

Beginning on September 11, 2012, a coordinated series of attacks by Salafis took place across the Middle East. The timing, targets and tactics all lead to the inescapable conclusion that these were not spontaneous protests, but were attacks that had been planned for months in advance in anticipation of a pivotal calendar date.

Coordination across so many different countries would have almost certainly been over the Internet, and intelligence agencies closely monitor forums frequented by members of Islamist groups. Even if there was no intelligence information that the attacks were coming a month ago, by the time that ordinary Salafists were nerving each other up for the protests, alarm bells should have been going off and likely did go off.

One open question is what exactly did all those warnings and alarm bells amount to? In a revealing slip, Libyan Interior Minister Wanis al-Sharif said, “The most we expected was taking down the American flag and burning it. We didn’t expect what happened to take place.”

That is likely what the Libyans passed on to the United States and what the State Department and the CIA anticipated would happen based on their intelligence: a larger scale repetition of the Tunisian consulate attacks similar to what had happened in Cairo and would continue happening in other cities the next day.

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  • fanlad

    The truth will set this country free, and save this Constitutional Republic. Isn't funny how shining light on the subject sends the rat's running for cover.

    • Huck Folder

      I think you mean cockroaches.

  • kingofdisco

    I suspect a leak at the highest levels, in America. Is that better, or worse, than tribal tongue wagging? The brazen attack on the military base in Afbarrystan, more than the exposed 'safe' house in Bengnazi, would suggest that. And with Barry busy stuffing the government full of his stooges and czars, where to start? Even Petraeus and Bernanke seem to have become politicized. Be careful, very careful, America. We prey, in silence, that the right side will pull through in the end. But this is just the beginning.

    • amused

      did you mean "pray for " or "prey on " ?

  • AlphaPolitical

    Thanks for deleting the truth. It's very refreshing…OR NOT. Bye, bye, 'debate'

  • AlphaPolitical

    Let's see if this also, gets deleted. Why is it wrong to assume, based upon all the facts, that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were complicit in these attacks, based upon their responses to them? If someone had told you the details of Fast and Furious before it broke in media, would you have dismissed the notion of complicity? Of course you would. No one could dare think such things happen..Until Demand Letter 3. Wake up. We've got to wake people up.

    • kafir4life

      Stinky (aka BO) lied, Americans died.

    • Pontotoc Bill

      Why not blame Obama. The left blamed President Bush for everything.

      • amused

        brilliant ! tit for tat …..Bush lied ,Americans died .Here's another , while Dems and Reps have another 4 yr pissing contest ,America defaults and we go into a Depression

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    We do not know if the administration was aware or not about the plans of its islamic associates in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere. But from here it looks plain to see that quite probably it did.
    Otherwise we do know exactly that Iran nuclear work has been supported by the WH occupant. That much we know for sure.
    Today we heard that the choice leader of the US of today believes that Israel is a people of "noise makers". And the hybrid is probably correct. He will hear and feel the mother of all NOISES very soon, very soon.

    The following has been published here in the Hebrew main press, obviously with the approval of the Military Censor. Noting related to national security see the light of day if not previously approved.
    The Israeli ARROW III Test rocket was suddenly last week removed from its launching pad in Israel and returned for "major redesign" at the IAI rocket division. Israel does not as a rule "redesign" major systems on a whim.
    The system was prepared by Israel Space Industries and Boeing participated.
    The command and control was interlinked with US systems…. The operative is "was".
    Many other corrections have been completed in the last six months.

  • kafir4life

    There is no way that this was a terrorist attack, as President BO (aka Stinky) declared the war on terror as over, so how can this be a terrorist attack. To even say it was a terrorist attack is obviously a racist attack against Stinks. And believe me…..this president *is* Stinky…..because of BO. BO IS Stinky.

  • amused

    Obama knew the attack was coming , in fact I hear tell that Obama offered up this gay Ambassador as a sacrifice , a show of good wiil as it were to the terrorists in Benghazi . The ties between the filmaker and the planned release of the film are becoming clearer by the day . And they lead right to the Oval Office . And WHO financed this film ? Why you did ! The taxpayers of the US ! Obama used taxpayer money to pay this Coptic Egyptian ex-con , who is really a leftist bent on destroying America . Truly a deal made in HELL , where Obama sets the stage for stifling all criticism of muslims here in the US , and seeing the destruction of our embassy and killing of American overseas as a small price to pay for putting his plan into motion here in the U.S.

    • kafir4life

      Hey amused!! Your union rep is waiting! Got the knee pads with the new Obama flag on them?
      You *are* amusing!

      • kafir4life

        Are you suggesting that *I* belong to a union?? Not a chance! Now get back to your chief, trumpka the hutt. He's waitin' for ya!
        You ARE amusing!!

    • Expat

      If you are truly anti-Obama, you are causing dissent in the ranks.

      No matter, there might be a jail cell for you, but not for me. Some of us have overseas relatives.

      Just let stupid leftists vote in U.S.S.A. like De Tocqueville said they would.

      It will take them a while to relearn an obvious lesson. LMAO

    • aspacia

      valid source?

  • amused

    A vote for Obama in November is just like asking to have a jail cell prepared for you AND your children in the very near future .

    • oldtimer

      Unfortunately, the vote, in some states, will be as early as October and the truth will not be known, for sure/if ever, by then. And some of these are swing states..

  • ealha3

    First, let us be clear. Very little can be done to change the existing political landscape that plagues America – Obama is ahead because we are now an entitlement society dependent on government largesse. Therefore, the mistakes made by this administration are merely a passing embarrasment of their continued incompetence and have no significant affect on their accountability. Having said that, it is merely interesting to comment on the primary reason for the administration lies about the causes of the uprising. They immediately adopted the movie as the reason as a knee jerk reaction to avoid responsibility for whatever the real reason may have been – and they probably weren't aware of what that was. Their incompetence also caused their inability to realize the real reason would ultimately be made known and they'd have to backtrack but that is a lesson they've not yet nor ever will learn – because they don't have to…. The are immune from accountability.

  • Aboigim Igbodor

    Telling lies to smear the administration in the name of politiking are those stupid things that make the US small. Politiccs should be about important issues that progress the socio-economic environment, infact great ideas such as better income distribution, balancing the imbalances of the wealth concentration in the hands of 5% Americans who have also been outsourcing labour, receiving low tax rates. There are no more hardworking than the bulk of the poor, they rather stole the enormous weath.

    • ezra mordecai

      Stealing from the rich will never solve our problems. Just look at the bolsheviks, fascist or communist, the government and their friends got rich, not the people. The federal government is the problem!!! Somebody who wrote a article I read, stated this. Politicians create the problems so they can campaign for reelection telling us how they are going to solve the problems they created. I don't know what is more disheartening, the fact that the federal government is raping my country, or the fact that you pass along the lie as truth.

      • amused

        yea man so lets steal from the middleclass and poor , there's more of 'em . That's more "american " .

        • ezra mordecai

          Why steal from anybody? You seem to forget who is doing the stealing. It's the Federal Government, not a rich guy. You don't want to make a rich guy richer don't buy what he is selling. Try not paying to Uncle Sam go to jail.

        • oldtimer

          There was a study done that if the rich were taxed at 100% it would only be enough to run the government for 4 months.

        • fiddler

          You're a Maxist. Marxism ensures equal-opportunity depression. After all, misery loves company. Any blaming the government is racist which is FAR worse. Let's double the minimum wage (never mind if we can actually compete, that doesn't matter). Good intentions are all that matters.

        • PaulRevereNow

          Did you know that a hundred years ago, there was no income tax? So how can stealing from the middle class be more "american?"

      • aspacia

        The rich pay the bulk of federal income taxes, and this is a statistical fact. I am so sick of the liberal lies. Geez, to think I use to believe this cr!*

    • 2Anglico

      How can one get "rich" by stealing from people WITH NO MONEY? Moron

      • aspacia

        If they work, they pay taxes and most are returned to them. Also, there is a huge amount of welfare fraud with many on the dole dealing drugs on the side.

    • aspacia

      Abo, nope!

      I am a middle-class-upper middle-class citizen who only pays 1%-$5,000.00. The rich citizens pay far more than I, and employ millions you dolt.

      BTW, don't believe the bs.

  • guest

    If BHO knew an attack was coming and did nothing about it, it's because he hopes to use an attack the same way 9/11 was used : To expand the power of the federal government at the expense of the individual citizen's rights , in utter disregard of the Constitution (Patriot Act, TSA, NDAA…). In particular, the obamathing hopes to use the attack as a means to officially gut if not totally negate the First Amendment, by outlawing any criticism of islam. The UN has a proposal which the obama administration has already announced support for, which would 'ban' criticism of islam globally; how the UN actually believes it can enforce such a thing is beyond me and I would as soon NOT give them an opportunity to try. Tomorrow BHO addresses the UN; look for the' thing to announce US backing for this highly unconstitutional and offensive UN proposal. The 'thing was stupid enough to believe Fast and Furious would magically make Americans willing to surrender Second Amendment rights (as if ANYTHING would make us willing to be helpless before either the feral government or the typical criminal/thug!) ; it may actually be bewildered as to why the embassy attacks have not created a mass movement of Americans begging the government to take away the First Amendment 'for their own good',

  • BLJ

    Well, since Obama is a MUSLIM and since he is in bed with the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD the conclusion is obvious. The cretan knew exactly what was going to happen.

    He disgusts me and has to go in November. My guess is that once he loses the election he will use his final months in office to really cause mayham.

  • amused

    Absolutely ! I wouldn't be surprised if he released all jihadis and serial killers , you know just to get back at his detractors and wreak havoc in the US .And being a muslim he may just decide to become a jihadi himself and wear an explosive vest in the Senate .

    • BLJ

      Another post to confirm how much of an idiot you really are. Congrats.

    • fiddler

      Just a question. Who will you blame if gas prices increase by half or double? How will you explain rise in food costs? No Bush to blame. What if people get so sick and tired of increased taxes to pay union labor, that they leave the state and go elsewhere? You can't tax people who don't live there anymore. AWWWW Gee, really?

  • LadyRavenSDC

    At least three others commenting here lean towards the dirty little secret being more than suggested. That being, that Obama et al orchestrated the whole damn thing. I am stuck on the fact that in June of this year one Hani Nour Eldin, member of the terrorist organization Gamaa Islamiya, or the Egyptian Islamic Group, visited the White House. Ostensibly this was to request release of the blind sheik. The question I keep posing is – was he here to make demands – or was he here to make plans, as in planning the 9/11/12 attacks. Far fetched maybe but with Obama and his cold, calculated handling of so much more – we just must ask the questions.

    We all know the answer to why he would do such a thing – ROP (religion of power) – what has me gravely concerned is what's next and again, I think this group knows what's next – and that is some incident on our own soil that allows him to declare Marshall Law.

    • BS77

      It's "martial law", not Marshall Law….Try to use your spell checker or something….Many of the posters on FPM weaken their argument with poor grammar and spelling.

  • Anonymous

    As far as I’m concerned, whether Obama knew or he did not know — is irrelevant. People can be charged with criminal negligence — and claims that “we’ll, I didn’t think that would happen” is not a defense. The person SHOULD have known. Ditto for Obama — security at U.S. embassies and consulates need to be enhanced on 9/11. Otherwise it’s negligence, and reckless endangerment of personnel.

  • http://tarandfeathersusa.wordpress.com/ Iratus Vulgas

    There's an old fighter pilot saying, "keep your head on a swivel," the point being that you need to be on your guard at all times. It doesn't matter what the Obama administration knew or didn't know. An attack is always imminent, and that's how our relations with the Middle East should be played. We may be wrong nine out of ten times, but there will be the one time where it will save lives. I'm unclear on how we came to the conclusion that these Muslim nations are our friends.

  • LindaRivera

    How can our U.S. ambassadors, our military or anyone be safe when the Obama-Clinton administration have placed Muslim Brotherhood operatives and Muslim Brotherhood organizations into positions of great power in our government. Hillary Clinton’s very close personal assistant of many years is one of them.

    The enemy is inside the gates and embedded within our government.

  • LindaRivera

    Who does the government regard as the enemy? Most certainly not Muslim terrorists.

    In 2009, Homeland Security declared the people to watch out for were veterans returning from the wars, pro-lifers and Tea Party attendees. In 2011, Homeland Security put out a video portraying white people as the most likely terrorists.

    Google: Concentration camps in America

    There are many. They are NOT intended for Muslim terrorists. People in Germany thought the murder of millions of innocents could never happen there. But it did.

    • BLJ

      I read where Homeland Security is stockpiling ammo as well. Got news for them. I, as well as many other people have guns and ammo as well.

  • Pakistan Ahmed

    You in America should not be allowed to insult the Prophet (PBUH). This is blasphemy and should be illegal. There are limits to free speech. Why is it OK to insult the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but illegal to deny the holocaust of the Jews? The US government should ban all videos insulting Islam and end support for the Zionist Entity if they want peace with Muslims. This is a good article explaining this view: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/20

    • BLJ

      Shouldn't you be making donuts somewhere?

      • Pakistan Ahmed

        I see you don't take my point seriously. Answer my question: why is it OK to insult the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but illegal to deny the holocaust of the Jews in the west? Why that double standard? You think your constitution is so great, but the Holy Qu'ran is 1000 times greater, the ultimate authority, the word of Allah. Even you non-believers must accept that. One day the adhan will be heard five times a day from the capitol cities of the west too.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It's legal to deny the Holocaust.

          Now make more donuts.

        • commwife

          Holocaust denial is not illegal in the us. You will be considered a kook but wont be arrested. You will be arrested in you threaten or kill someone for disbelief. Why is the faith of muslims so fragile that they cant handle truth or ridicule? What makes them believe they are so special the rest of the world must do what they say? Severe lack of maturity, I believe

        • KarshiKhanabad

          Bring it, Ahmed. This isn't Egypt or Pakistan. About 150 million armed Amrriki infidels await you.

        • Pontotoc Bill

          Paki Ahmed, you are confusing historical fact with belief. The Holocaust happened and there are Nazi documents that prove it.

          islam is a belief system that I disagree with. Islam is nothing but a demonic inspired cult that acts like a religion. Satan gave the quran to Moohammed, not Gabriel. Moohammed is nothing but a murderer, thief, pedophile, rapist, and many other criminal acts. I agree that the quran is the word of allah, but allan is Lucifer (Satan).

          Moohammed is roasting in HELL for his crimes against humanity. Piss Be Upon Him.

        • aspacia

          Because the Holocaust did happen–I have been to the camps and am a historian. This atrocity was well-documented by Ike and our troops.

          I do not have to accept squat-only that I as well as you must die. Hopefully you demise will come quickly as persuant to your wish for martyrdom.

        • randy63ism

          Oh, I see, another specimen of the mohominid species, “Homo Islamopithecus Pakistanus” speaking with all the stasis-stunted intellect the 7th Century can offer. You believe in fairy tales from the Arabian Penninsula of long ago. BTW, It is perfectly legal and lawful to deny the Holocaust here in America. The same constitutional amendment that allows us to insult your fairy tale prophet, Moohamhead, also protects Holocaust deniers. What it doesn’t protect however, is the “poor, brused, feelings” of Holocaust deniers, or the feelings of emotionally-weak, intellectually-stunted Islamotards.

          “Holy Qu’ran” My ass! I piss on it!

        • Huck Folder

          "…the Holy Qu'ran is 1000 times greater, the ultimate authority, the word of Allah."

          Would you care to PROVE that mohammedan mafiaboy? Just one iota. You cannot! You cannot state ONE fact which would connect mohammed's mumblings (if HE even existed) with any godlike entity. I don't know how many times the koran CLAIMS itself to be the word of 'Allah' in what can only be described as 'circular reasoning', but there exists NOTHING which an unbrainwashed individual could accept as PROOF.

    • Lan Astaslem

      open up your koran and take a nice, hot steaming dump on any page – put that in your hookah and smoke it!

    • aspacia

      Mad Mo was a rapist, pedophile who stole the Torah and New Testament. Why should we lose our free speech rights because of your sensitivities. I am more sensitive regarding the millions Muslims have massacred in the name of their violent profit (intended pun)

      Funny how Israel tolerates all faiths, and Muslim majority lands do not. You suck Ahmed- any good goat D!ck handy for you.

  • mlcblog

    ..,.the old policies of appeasement with the new policies of cynical campaigning while putting country last.

    Wow! Thank you for the insightful article. In my inner parts I feel sure they had to know (if they wanted to). The idea that they would be crassly juicing this for ratings is just so far beyond my comprehension that I feel sure it is totally possible and even probable, having hung out with these sicko leftist connivers for enough years and up close enough to get a load of them. They are like children playing with fire.

  • Ghostwriter

    Sorry,Pakistan Ahmed. That's not happening. Here's the difference. The Holocaust of the Jews was and is an historical FACT. There are mountains of evidence that proved it occurred. Testimonies from survivors,U.S. and other Allied solders,even some perpetrators of the Holocaust. There are blueprints of the camps and filmed evidence after liberation that this happened. There are also Holocaust survivors still around in this country,Mr. Ahmed. I'd suggest you talk to one,before you make another insulting statement.
    And another thing,Mr. Ahmed. We have something here in America called the First Amendment. It protects your right to worship freely but it also protects blasphemous speech. You might not like that the Prophet Muhammad is attacked but you have the right to condemn that. What you DON'T have the right to do is riot and try to stop someone from saying it. You also don't have the right to kill someone because you don't like what they have to say. If you want peace with Americans,you'll have to stop killing people because they said something you didn't like. You'll also have to stop blaming Israel for the Muslim world's problems. It's not going anywhere. Also,control your bloodlust. Americans and Israelis have just as much right to exist as you do. We're not going ANYWHERE.

    • BS77

      He won't understand. You are asking him to see tolerance as a two way street… Ahmed could never accept that. He cannot understand our traditions of rights, liberties, freedoms and rationality. He comes from a place where dogma, misogyny, barbaric cruelty and obsessive conformism rule the day. Remember, those who are truly brainwashed never know it.

  • Lee

    No one has asked, nor has anyone said, Why Were They There???

    • aspacia

      Oil and protecting our assets-which all countries do.

  • guest

    Of course they knew. We have the best intel in the world. Hillery will tell you we are using "piece full" negotiations with rabid dogs. Surely after we give them billions they will listen.


  • fanlad

    How sad for our country, it's only a bump in the road for our President and his administration. And where is the media on this, in the lap of their master of course.

  • amused

    Hmmm, lets see 7 Embassy attacks under GW Bush -buildings burned , people killed 2 in one co-ordinated attack under Clinton , 3 under Carter and 3 under Reagan , onee of which was the worst of all 182 Marines killed and the embassy destroyed in Lebanon , where the Marines where left to guard the embassy WITH EMPTY WEAPONS . Man ! You conservatives have a short memory .

  • jose

    You just might be right!

  • fred dawes

    Yes and more Yes he knew andmaybe plan this attack.

  • Francis Genois

    Suddenly it is okay to question if an administration knew of attacks beforehand but we cannot ask if George Bush knew about 9 11?
    It is only okay to be a truther if you are on the right and do it against Obama I guess?

    • aspacia

      Did you see the look of shock of WBYA's face when he was told??? No he did not know, and No, I did not vote for WBYA.