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Did the GOP lose the Asian-American Vote or the Chinese and Indian Vote?

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On November 26, 2012 @ 10:14 pm In The Point | 24 Comments


While liberals love to pile massive groups into an undifferentiated pile based on race or skin color, such a strategy is racist and ignorant. Much has been made of the Asian-American vote coming out for Obama. But Asian-Americans consist of a variety of groups, many of whom have nothing in common except regional distribution. They are not a race, because any number of non-Asians are also classified as Asian-Americans, including Bangladeshi Muslims.

So what did account for the Asian category vote shift toward Obama? One answer may be that two groups, Chinese and Indians, that Republicans perform badly with, increased as a larger share of the Asian electorate.

Republicans poll very badly [2] with Chinese and Indians in the United States. Chinese and Indians are currently the largest two  groups of registered Asian voters in the country. Republicans do better with Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino voters who are the next three largest groups. But this is more than offset by how badly Republicans do with Chinese and Indian voters.

In the last decade, the Chinese population increased by a million. The Indian population increased by over a million. The Filipino population increased by 700,000. The Korean populated by 400,00. The Democrats may not have increased their popularity among Asian voters, as much as the proportion of the Asian vote that Democrats are already popular with increased.

The problem is most glaring among Indian voters who identify with Democrats at a rate of 65 percent and with Republicans at a rate of only 9 percent.

Chinese voters came in at 8 percent for Romney and 68 percent for Obama. Indian voters came in at 8 percent for Romney and 76 percent for Obama.

Only Filipinos supported Romney to any degree at 20 percent. While there’s a lot of complaining about the Jewish vote, it should be noted that the Asian group that most supports Republicans does so at an even lower share than Jews do. These are not good numbers.

Reversing the usual gender split, Asian men were more likely than Asian women to vote for Obama. There was no gender split favoring Romney. There was however the usual age split, with older Asian voters more likely to vote Republican than younger voters.

And as with the general population, college played a role. College educated Asians voted for Romney at a higher rate than non-college educated Asians.

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