Draft Dodging Ex-President Bill Clinton Bashes Military

One of the things that united the regimes of Obama and Bill Clinton were the drastic cuts that both left-wing leaders inflicted on the US military and the open distaste that they had for the men and women of the armed forces.

For some bizarre reason, Bill Clinton chose to revisit that ugly part of his legacy on the campaign trail.

“One of the things the decider-in-chief has to do is decide whether he’s going to bring this country together across all its diversity or let it drift apart. Look at how much stronger the American military is because it is less racist, less sexist and less homophobic and we’re just looking for people who can do the job.”

Sure, the US military is weaker, benefits have been slashed for veterans and the Navy and Air Force will be in bad shape once Obama and his cronies are through with them. But the military now hosts gay pride events, so who really cares?

In less than a three-year period under Clinton, America’s military manpower decreased from 2.1 million to 1.6 million. Of the 305,000 employees removed from the federal payroll by Clinton, some 286,000 (or 90 percent) were military cuts. Over the entire course of the Clinton years, the Army was cut from 18 divisions to 12. The Navy was reduced from 546 ships to 380. Air Force flight squadrons were cut from 76 to 50. Moreover, the administration enacted a pay freeze on U.S. troops, 80 percent of whom earned $30,000 or less annually.

This was Clinton’s legacy. Bill’s war on the US military led to a steep preparation curve that cost lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. It allowed Al Qaeda to arm and prepare for the attacks of September 11.

Now, despite starting his own private war in Libya, Obama is doing the same thing all over again. And Bill’s ugly attack on the military is a reminder of how the left really sees American soldiers.

But maybe this helps explain Benghazigate. Leaving some white men to die in the field was just another way to make the military less racist and sexist.

  • reneeca

    Being from a Navy town, I remember how devastated the military was scra[ong for parts and at their bare bottom! These people hate the military ! I remember when Chelsea wouldn't accept a military escort for her but instead walked ahead of the Marine escort! These people are disgusting!

  • Mary Sue

    I always thought it was a weird cognitive dissonance among the liberal Democrats where on the one hand, they clamor for cuts to military spending, claiming "we don't need it" (or as Obama quipped, "they didn't ask for it") and yet turn around and cry about how underpaid the armed forces average private Joe is, and how much Veterans are getting screwed out of benefits.

    • piperlord

      Only when it's politically expedient do they 'use' our great military.

      • Mary Sue

        that reminds me of when clinton was inagurated. Some guy with the last name of Silver was bemoaning the military jet flyby overhead, and some other guy elbows him and says, "Psst, hey, those are OUR jets now."

        • piperlord

          I'm just sayin' Mary Sue – blood has been shooting out of my eyes for quite a while now…

          • Mary Sue

            i see

        • Chiggles

          That was the late actor Ron Silver. His attitude turned around after 9/11.

          • Mary Sue

            oh yeah, that's right. His first name was on the tip of my tongue and you're right, he did grow a brain after 9/11.

  • http://www.facebook.com/june.larsen.129 June MacGregor Larsen

    Bill Clinton and Barack Obama [birds of a feather] — both Charistmatic, both anti-Military,both anti-American, and both liars!!

  • mah29001

    I wonder how Slicke Willie made the military stronger when he encouraged the military to bomb Yugoslavia and help Islamic supremacists push control toward the Balkans, yea "great job".

    • Viet Vet

      Not only that mah, but bin Laden was leading the muslims in Bosnia at the time, and we knew by then that he had attacked American interests and caused the deaths of Americans.

      BTW, Karter decimated the military too, it was the main reason the attempted desert rescue of the Iranian hostages came off so poorly.

  • proof reader

    And they both arm terrorist groups. Worst of all…

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.whitehead.5243 Andrew Whitehead

    A man like Bill Clinton, the man who begged a deferment and failed to serve when his country called, is touting gay pride, less sexism, and better race relations for making the military better? The military was integrated long before Clinton's Arkansas, or did he miss the memo?

    Members of the military don't need a deferment begging coward to speak to them about service issues. Better to stick to what you know, Bill, like oral sex or violent rape, subjects you are expert on.

    As to gay's in the service, they have always been there…it took people like Clinton and Obama to support a move to demand acceptance for a group that will never gain acceptance among the mainstream. The understanding, when I was serving, was that you don't criticize us and we won't criticize you.

    As to sexism, yes, there are some neanderthals in the service…but surprise, surprise, many of them are female. I'd say about 50% of the sexism I saw on active duty was females abusing the system to get what they wanted.

    Again, Bill. Shut the hell up. You didn't serve and with your record, you couldn't serve if you wanted to. You are a national disgrace and you need to go.

    Take Obama with you.

  • fanlad

    The Military of The United States of America, one of few standing requirements of our Constitution. Yet it gets trashed by the liberal left every time, from carter to Clinton to Obama, go figure. Pray for our men and women in the uniform of our country. May God watch over them and protect them.

  • BeckyC

    None of the four men who died in Benghazi looked like, well… "if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

    • Mary Sue

      wasn't one of the dead people black? I was pretty sure there was one.

      • http://www.facebook.com/rodneykeithburkejr Rodney Burk

        R u serious mary……get educated

        • Mary Sue


        • Mary Sue

          Must have thought one of them was because I heard the name Tyrone, lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rodneykeithburkejr Rodney Burk

    Obama and Clinton or( Obummer Bill) they are hippocrites everything they say is the opposite of what they do. Have the American people not learned their lesson. I am a recent vet with 3 tours in 5 yrs, and with obama choosing to do what he did in Libya ( his newest scandal), all military, past and present will vote for Romney. And Becky the military FYI is integrated, one of the only places i have not seen racism….watch fox news they are the only ones reporting the cover-up in lybia, see if you vote for obama after ten minutes of watching. I am from michigan. Mich votes democrat always, see what happens this time

  • https://www.facebook.com/mike.villano.71 Mike Villano

    Thanks to the collection of media false prophets, Clinton never gets blamed for the treason he committed when he laid the technology necessary for a space program and a blue water navy in the hands of the Chinese government.
    For this there will always be a special place in hell with Bill Clinton's name on it.

    • Mary Sue

      oh yeah the whole Loral Space thing. Ugh. That never really was investigated that well, was it?

  • Mizzi

    Clinton must be on the same meds as Pelosi. Obama rumors say he swings both ways so that's his excuse.