Dying to be Green

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That doesn’t mean Obama can’t heat the White House at 72 degrees, or as it happens to be Hawaii level temperatures. Or as David Axelrod put it, “You can grow orchids in there.” It means that you can’t do it. That’s what fuel poverty really means. It means you have to freeze and if you die, then the community organizers of tomorrow will use your corpse as a prop in their ghoulish protests outside energy companies which have to not only cover all the clean energy boondoggles, but also take the blame for passing on the costs.

Every clean energy program comes with a rider for ending fuel poverty by 2015 or 2025 or 2255, which would be at least slightly more realistic, but it’s the clean energy that’s causing the fuel poverty. Which lets the left have its green cake and eat the rich too. A program to create fuel poverty obviously cannot be expected to prevent fuel poverty. A plan that makes energy use more expensive will not end fuel poverty, even with any amount of government subsidies, which fewer governments can even afford to hand out.

Yet oddly enough there was a time when people were able to heat their homes and drive their cars, when they were even able to carry shopping bags, minus Wales’ tax on shopping bags, and afford to eat. That brief golden period was stomped out by the friends of the working class, who knew how urgent it was to make life harsh and miserable and who are busy finding ways to make it even worse.

Naturally all this is for the greater good. Someone’s greater good anyway. Clean energy is supposed to make for energy independence, but since going green the UK has become a net energy importer. Scotland risks going the same way. Unsurprisingly enough ideological investment in not-ready for prime time technologies leads to people freezing to death and purchases of energy from outside to cover the shortfall.

When all else fails, fake the figures. Promise impossible energy savings from energy efficiency. Obama’s original stimulus plan focused heavily on energy efficiency in order to save money and create jobs. It accomplished neither goal, but the right people in the right companies got paid, which is how it always works.

Green is too big to fail, even when people are turning blue. The left from Prince Charlie to Caliph Hussein keep telling us that we have to make do with less and part of making do with less is shivering in homes without heat. You can’t make an energy efficient omelet without killing 8,000 or so people a year.

Progress doesn’t just mean unsightly factories and people putting on suits and going to work in corporations and all the other things that the left despises. It means the technological progress to keep large numbers of people from dying. If the US or the UK are to embrace the living standards of Africa as Prince Charles would like us to, it will also embrace its mortality rates. A reduction in the standard of living at this scale and on such a comprehensive level amounts to mass murder and fuel poverty is only one aspect of it.

The West is not nearly as rich as the left’s 1 percent would like to believe. It is only rich in resources, know-how and technology. Take those away and it very quickly becomes very poor. That is what is happening now as the basic elements which make life possible are being chipped away by the followers of an inhuman ideology who are every bit as ruthless in their dogma as the reddest Red.

The Soviet Union killed millions for its ideology. The Western left has only begun and the day will come when a few thousand pensioners dead in their homes will be weighed as the smallest part of their toll.

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  • kongMing

    I hope Sam Rami has Spartacus hit Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) with one of those flaming logs rolled down Mt. Vesuvius. She is the worst part of the show and I've seen hogs have more attractive sex.

    • mrbean

      SO you are into voyeuring hogs having sex? tsk tsk – Kinky fellow!

    • Sorrow01

      From what I saw of her in Xena, she is more comfortable with lesbian sex.

  • BcdErick

    A good essay and obviously true. So why is it that If you look at the polls and read the MSM it is clear that, as of now, Obama will be re-elected easily? His personal approval rating, as of today, is 53%. I can't explain it, but facts are facts. I guess we're doomed.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Two reasons. Mass propaganda and a self-destructive Republican party.

      • maturin20

        Where, where are the snowjobs of yesteryear?

    • bmatkin

      check the polls, they always, always exaggerate the left just before an election. I have never seen an election where the polls were not manipulated.

    • stephenx100

      Obama is winning this battle because his propaganda ministry (the media) plus the "useful idiots" in the education establishment have so thoroughly brainwashed the American and European citizens that they actually worship as heroes the environmental hordes who have created this debacle. It is hopeless if we attempt to counter this overwhelming force that dominates our politics and culture unless we take on the real culprits. Not until the populace recognizes the villainy of the Sahara Club and its ilk can we begin to halt our descent into civilization collapse. Today one can never hear a word of criticism of the Sahara club who are untouchable folk heroes. I see no hope. We are doomed!

    • Oleg

      You may also notice that those polls are commisioned by the Washington Post, ABC, New York Times, and the rest of the media heavily invested in this disaster of a president. I've also seen polls that cite that any one of the top three Republican candidates could beat Obama, it just depends on who they sample and what questions they ask. Polls are not facts there can be manipulated in countless ways, but I will tell you this much, if gas is $5 or more a gallon and unemployment still above 8% next fall the "one" will be a one termer.

  • davarino

    I guess they will have us burn the dead to provide energy when the wind isnt blowing and the clouds block the sun.

    • http://www.okcteaparty.org DMW

      Hmmm. "Soylent GREEN!" (Literally)

  • theleastthreat

    People will just cut down trees to stay warm.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Pensioners in the UK are buying armloads of discounted books and burning those.

      • theleastthreat

        I suppose "Know Your Power" has some use after all.

      • Stuart Parsonns

        Source please Daniel ? Even discounted books are very expensive as a fuel.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Blog comment from a UK resident. So it's anecdotal, but I imagine these are discounted enough to be nearly free.

      • Sorrow01

        They should start with the collected works of Al Gore.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          I've seen those in the dollar bin actually.

    • Kal

      Easter Island?

    • Chickie

      Not with the green police.
      Trees are good
      humans evil.

      • theleastthreat

        Trees are at the bottom of the fuel chain. Humans are at the top .If the situation were reversed, we'd be the ones in the fireplace.

  • Spider

    This is what happens when you let the Enviro Nazzi Left dictate your energy policy for 40 years. This mess was created by craven polititions always caving in to the Enviros at every turn. They justify it with the canard "what do you want dirty water and air?" Well it is possible to have abundant energy and "reasonable" environmental policies. But it seems our governments policy always sides with the unreasonable to the point that we no longer even drill our own oil or build a nuke plant for 35 years. This policy is an abomnation that is killing our country and has to be reversed.

  • mrbean

    Environmentalist opposition to vital energy sources goes beyond fossil fuels; for decades environmentalists have worked tirelessly to stop the most practical non-fossil-fuel sources of power: nuclear power and hydroelectric power, neither of which emits CO2 when producing energy. Consider: in 1975 a fledgling nuclear energy industry reported that its members were producing electricity at a total cost of less than half of what coal plants could. Better still, this industry was in its relative infancy; thousands of scientists and engineers were brimming with ideas about how to make power-generation better, cheaper, safer, and more efficient. If the environmentalist movement had been interested in maximum human progress, and certainly if it had been really worried about a CO2-based global mega-climate catastrophe, it would have celebrated nuclear power.
    But it wasn't, and it didn't

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Indeed. We could have had a nation's worth of cheap power. We still could. But now Bill Gates is teaming up with China on Thorium reactors. Because the enviros don't want them in the states.

      • maturin20

        They're such NIMBY-pambys.

      • FriendofGaryCooper

        Nuclear power is great; but it has a big problem; namely, how do you successfully handle nuclear waste? How do you make nuclear waste safe? Where do you bury it, and how? Solve this problem, and nuclear power will be the way to go–no questions asked.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Nuclear waste is not nearly as big of a problem as it's been made out to be. Thorium reactors, if they work out, should be fairly clean at that.

        • Oleg

          It's called reprocessing, France recycles their spend fuel rods into new fuel rods, they are 90% nucelar power because of it. But what about the waste from coal fired plants, the clinkers, the ash, the heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, at least nuclear material become less dangerous with time, arsenic does not. Not to mention that there radioactive impurities in the coal as well, trace elements of radium and thorium goimng up the smokestacks that are totally uncontroled. How about the thousands who die every year in coal mining accidents, and i mean thousands. Have you ever heard the expression "Bone and blood is the price of coal"?

          • FriendofGaryCooper

            Yes, in the song "The Spring Hill Mine Disaster," very well done by the Brothers Four.

  • pyeatte

    There are too many dumb people out there that believe the control freak politicians and eco-nuts. However it appears that people must die until they get tired of dying before they will do something about it. It may be that we end up putting the responsible politicians and eco-nuts up in front of walls for their crimes against humanity..

    • Chickie

      We must save the life of every wolly caterpillar .
      In the mean time i've had 2 wells dug on some property i bought.Both are too contaminated to use.
      From what? Farm chemical run offs.

  • maturin20

    I blame the obesity epidemic. Too much of our energy has been converted to mass.

    • Larry

      Stick a wick in them and use them for candles when the power goes out.

      You know it's a good idea.

    • intrcptr2

      Mandatory liposuction IS the solution to our enegry woes; its clean AND renewable.

  • Flowerknife_us

    The poor who can least afford the increase of costs live in the type of houses with the worst level of energy efficency. With no hope of ever being updated. No doubt the taxpayer will be told to cover these costs.

    Fundimental change=poverty-over time- for all. The Government dependent will get a legal pass from all the laws passed and rules enacted to extract wealth from the currently self sufficent.

    The self sufficent are really screwed. Being a minority without any rights in a political/media enviroment who use "rights" to cover the wholesale loss thereof.


    There are, among us, a significant subset who canot see the course we sail upon.

  • BS77

    It is hard to believe that just two hundred years ago the population on our small planet was just a pittance compared to the roiling mass of eight billion people now clamoring for more more more more more… No wonder the planet is being destroyed as we speak.

    • ebonystone

      A problem due entirely to 3rd-World countries. In Europe, the native population has been at ZPG for decades; what small increase there has been is due to massive immigration from the 3rd World.
      But in the 3rd World, countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, the Congo, and Tanzania (to name just a few) have doubled, or tripled, or even quadrupled their populations in the last 50 years, while exporting tens of millions more to Europe and North America.

  • OregonBuzz

    With respect to the so-called "greed" of the oil/gas companies, consider the following; “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest." Adam Smith

  • Cornelia Bolds

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