Egypt Shuts Down Last Jewish Synagogue

The Anti-Israel crowd likes to pretend that the ethnic cleansing of the Middle East’s Jews was an economic phenomenon. And every few weeks there is a reminder of how precarious the situation is even for the few Jews still remaining, in what was once an Egyptian city with a tremendous Jewish population.

For the first time in 2,000 years, this year there will be no Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services at the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria.

The synagogue was the last ‘working’ synagogue in Egypt. The Egyptian authorities have banned High Holiday services for ‘security’ reasons.

Levana Zamir, who heads the International Association of Egyptian Jews in Israel, comments: “It seems this is really the end of Jewish life in Egypt. The authorities have found a way to take over the last Jewish bastion, since all the remaining synagogues are already archaeological and tourist sites. It is very sad.”

If even High Holiday services can’t be held in the only synagogue in Egypt, then this is another demonstration that Jewish life in the Muslim world is simply impossible because of Muslim bigotry.

It was that bigotry which forced Jews out of Egypt.

The first Nationality Code was promulgated by Egypt on May 26, 1926. According to this Nationality Code, a person born in Egypt of a ‘foreign’ father, (who  himself was also born in Egypt), was entitled to Egyptian nationality only if the foreign father “belonged racially to the majority of the population of a country whose language is Arabic or whose religion is Islam.”

It is making life impossible for the last few who remain.

The Case for Israel can be seen in Alexandria, it can be seen in the attacks on Jews everywhere from Berlin streets to California campuses. As long as Muslim bigotry and persecution continues, an attack on the Jewish State is an attack on the only place in the world where Jews are free of Muslim persecution.

  • Rebas Thgil

    Muslims continue to tell us just who they are and what their religion really is.

    Anyone paying attention?

    • lisalake

      Certain;y not John McCain and our congressional leaders…

    • chanah

      All the persecution that is happening to us Jews throughout the world is to tell Jews to come home. The exile is no longer from G-d; we have Israel and all Jews can make aliyah. Why live in enemy states in exile when we can live in Israel and live as Jewishly as we want with no one to forbid us kosher meat, circumcision rites etc.? We were never to return to Egypt, so Jews there should certainly get out. Jews in Egypt: make aliyah and come home!

  • Ministeriales

    Where is amused or that guy from Massachusetts? What gems of wisdom will they have? It is the new dark ages, I am amused.

  • PaulRevereNow

    Egypt is a cesspool, and always has been. Even under Hosni Mubarak, there was a lot of hatred, on the part of the average Egyptian, for Jews and for Israel. The quality of life in egypt was and is, a litmus test for this. A number of years ago, a family friend told us he was going to Egypt, to see the Great Pyramids. We gave our reluctant approval to his trip, but warned him not to drink the water. While in Egypt,, our friend drank the water, got violently ill, and had to cut short his trip. By the way, where is our hip-hop, hopey-changey Prez on Egypt, now? Now that the democracy he said would appear, is nowhere to be found? The average Egyptian would rather hate Jews, than solve his or her problems.

  • Neal J. King

    "he Case for Israel can be seen in Alexandria, it can be seen in the attacks on Jews everywhere from Berlin streets to California campuses. As long as Muslim bigotry and persecution continues, an attack on the Jewish State is an attack on the only place in the world where Jews are free of Muslim persecution."

    I agree that the refusal to protect Jewish religious practice in Alexandria is a very poor sign for what is happening in Egypt. This is outrageous.

    I do NOT agree with the equating of this Egyptian action to ALL attacks on Jews everywhere: That is a gross over-reach, there is NO generalized persecution of Jews in California; and believing that the Palestinians deserve human rights is NOT the same thing as wanting to destroy Israel.

    • trump

      "believing that the Palestinians deserve human rights is NOT the same thing as wanting to destroy Israel."

      It is the same puropose !

  • melvin polatnick

    World news reports have proven that Muslims are intolerable of those outside their religious communities. Many labeled as infidels are often beaten or put to death. Believers in cultural diversity should use whatever method necessary to end the Muslim cult. Its practice is a dangerous and a threat to peace loving people.

  • @Hassounah

    "As long as Muslim bigotry and persecution continues, an attack on the Jewish State is an attack on the only place in the world where Jews are free of Muslim persecution."

    Funny, because that "Jewish state" is also the home to millions who are persecuted everyday by the Israeli regime. They are called Palestinians. As for the topic of the article, it is indeed a shame what is happening in Egypt. I don't think its a result of Islam, because if it were then this would have happened 1000 years ago when Islam came to Egypt.

    • Lauren

      The so-called "palestinians" are just syrians, jordanians, lebanese, egyptians. There's no connection between them and the Philistines, who disappeared over 2,000 years ago. All this "palestine" BS is just that. BS

      • Lauren

        I should also add that the Philistines were not arabs. So where did these "palestinian" arabs come from? Hmm

    • dave

      palestians have the highest level of incomeadrights i israel the so called persecuted palestinians are on thesupreme court

  • stephen Tweed

    Long live the state of Israel, and down with all muslim tyrants and rogue states

  • Lauren

    Next, they're just going to start trying to shut down every church in Egypt. muslims aren't going to quit until they turn the whole world into a big sh*thole

    • Gee

      Too late

  • vinny

    Lauren, they already have turned Egypt into one giant sh*thole.

    • Lauren

      Yeah. You're right

  • Rob

    Maybe some of the jews would like to condem also the treatment of Palestinians and the occupation of thier land? Doing this might enable other to have compassion, otherwise its just a case of whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • thebilateralist

      now Rob that is a racist assumption you just made. Why do you think that one thing is somehow connected to the other – it isn't. And why would you think that Melvin, Neal, Vinny and Lauren are Jewish and even if they are, so what? 'The Jews' might think that your statement makes no sense in an ethical way – whatsoever but hopefully so would everyone else who read your statement. Ethics after all are more than a ethnocentric consideration.

    • gigi

      its not their land for starters, Go read your history book and your bible.,

    • surj1936

      " ..also the treatment of palestinians and the occupation of their land? " What land are you talking of? Google " Resolution181 Of The United Nation" and read it . And if you are talking of the land which Israel won in the war with Allied Arab Armies , well you don't get your land back what you loose in war. Now go cry your crocodile tears some where else.

    • Peter Price

      Jews bring science, culture and prosperity to any country that is lucky enough to have some. When the last Jews leave a place so does the Luck. PS there is no such thing as a Palestinian, Palestine was a geographic name not a people. Learn something.

    • Bernard Seeman

      I do not know of any mosques that have been shut down by the Israeili government! Do you?
      Open your eyes, ALL religions are not welcome in Egypt; only Islam.

  • TheBigJ

    Actually this is not entirely correct. Perhaps half of the Palestinians are descended from Syrians, Egyptians and the like, but the rest are indigenous to the land. However, the latter group are actually the direct descendants of Jews forcibly converted first to Christianity and then to Islam. Genetic tests have shown this, as have the presence of many Jewish customs and names among them. Because those Jews who refused to convert to another religion lived in the land of Israel for century after century in dire poverty, with short lifespans.

  • watsa46

    Why Jews want to remain among barbarians? They are the light in the absolute "blackness".

  • Mozza Solovitz

    I shall try again as my last reply was refused publication – Rob – why would you say 'some of the Jews' where is the connection? do you ask the christian world to apologise for all of the deaths at Christian hands over the last 1800 years ? Or what about Muslims? Are you saying that we can have no sympathy for the terrible events in Syria because muslims are killing Muslims or, perhaps that only Muslims may criticise other Muslims? And how do you know that any of the people who replied are Jewish – no offence but Lauren and Paul and Stephen (the last two are good christian names) Melvin, Neal and Rebas – these are not classically 'Jewish' names – in fact, ethically speaking, FPM states 'no ad-hominem' attacks – with respect – I am Jewish and you are attacking me. Final point – in ethics your entire premise is without logical basis – you are saying that Im my brothers and sisters in Egypt, we are all condemned for what may i ask – as you no nothing about me or my brothers and sisters in Egypt. To the moderator – please explain?

  • Steven Goodwin

    I feel like this really is going to be the end soon….. I am not a biblical scholar by any stretch on the imagination, but I think that a lot of what that book has to say is rapidly approaching. With all of the tension and hatred being openly displayed in the Arab countries, Jews everywhere are being harassed/killed for the crime of being a Jew….. Sickening… I thought that the world went through this sixty or so years ago… and I also thought that we all collectively swore that we wouldn't allow it to ever happen again… but here it is, happening again. The more that I see and understand, the more I realize that Islam is the problem. That filthy doctrine is at the heart of ALL of the trouble we see today. I am 50 years old and happy to say that I am on my way out of this world, rather than just coming into it. I could go on forever about this… but I will say that I feel sorry for the Jews of the world as it seems that they have only one safe place left on this earth… Israel.
    Anyway… Peace to all

  • Mikchael Costos

    Aside from some old antiquities and camels why would anything or anyone want to visit the place. They create nothing , contribute less and are worth F all. At sometime in history there was a nation of great importance, but after the Jews left it turned to trash and filth. Maybe I am missing something but to the rest of the world it is just a basket case. To hell with them , let them kill each other till they are all gone.

  • amen

    This information is false. the jewish community in Egypt denied this news and announced that the Egyptian government did not take any action and the annual celebrations are on time as usual. the are not inviting anyone from outside the country this time – that is the only difference – i suggest to verify the information before you are liable for defamation.

    • Peter Price

      Defamation, you must be joking. I am a lawyer and nothing said here could be taken as such. Fact is the Arabs don't tolerate us Christians or Jews or any other religion. Fact is that if the JEWS WHERE NOT IN CONTROL OF ISRAEL, WE CHRISTIANS WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO VISIT IN PEACE OR SAFETY. I say thank you that we have a trustworthy descent people in control or EGYPT will be the norm in the middle east. NOE GO SMOKE THAT.

  • Davidka

    This latest example shows why Israel was and is necessary as a refuge for Jews from the Moslem-controlled countries as well as Europe. Furthermore, Israel should be demanding compensation for what was stolen from the Jews by the Muslim/Arab regimes when they forced the Jews out of their countries. Jews had been established in all these countries long before anyone named Muhammed came along, and the land alone that was robbed by the regimes was probably greater than the land mass of Israel! Not to mention their bank accounts, homes, businesses, …

  • Harv.

    Just proves the old addage "Hate and Jealosy is stronger than Love"To Love oneself is to love others "and it is hard to LOVE ONESELF ,I guess.

  • gabriella

    The Jews left Egypt for Israel,so please don't create DRAMA! The Egyptians are the most peaceful and friendly nation on the earth and they LOVE to LIVE IN PEACE with everybody !

    • king of egypt

      thank u, respect

  • Luteijn

    Surely you must know there are still synagoges open and in use in Egypt!
    I know the Adlystreet synagoge, the one in Fustat and one in Heliopolis.