Egyptian Government Forces Roller Hockey Team to Cancel Game Against Israel

Muslim bigotry. It’s not just hateful, it’s also deeply petty.

The Egyptian national roller hockey team on Friday boycotted a world championship game against Israel, reportedly on orders of Sports Minister Amer Farouq, who said he didn’t recognize Israel as a state, Israel Sports 5 reported on Sunday.

Two Egyptian players informed the Israeli captain that their team would not show up and that the squad would forfeit the match. According to the players, Farouq called after the match was announced and threatened to pull funding for Egyptian roller hockey should the team take the rink against Israel. Farouq reportedly added that he did not recognize Israel as a state and therefore would not allow the competition to take place.

A similar incident occurred on Friday in Vienna, when Iranian jujitsu athlete Mansouri Dawar refused to take the mat against Israeli Dudi Ben Zaken.

Egypt really is turning into the new Iran under the Muslim Brotherhood. Meanwhile Obama is claiming that a few Israeli houses are the biggest threat to peace since the other few houses he was claiming were a threat to peace two years ago, all the while backing the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt.

  • Mary Sue

    Not recognizing Israel is more important than being victorious over the Zionist Roller Hockey Team? What is this world coming to?

  • Silverfinger

    And Israel surrendered land to the muslim vermin??

    If Israel had real leaders, and if the Israelis were really men, they would have re-taken the Sinai years ago.

    Diaspora Jewish males are no better. Voting for Obama and those Dems. Slime.