Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Regime Targets Christian Refugees in Canada

With Egypt turning into a Sunni Iran, we’re probably only a few years away from people like Fawzy being targeted with international murder fatwas backed by the Brotherhood regime.

A Toronto man caught in the backlash against an anti-Muslim film says he had nothing to do with movie, which has sparked outrage across the Middle East.

Nader Fawzy has been accused by the Egyptian government of helping produce the film. Another Canadian was also named among those involved in the film. Both men claim they have nothing to do with the movie. Egypt has issued arrest warrants for both men and Fawzy is afraid that Muslim extremists could try to take matters into their own hands.

Fawzy – a Coptic Christian – told CTV’s Canada AM on Friday that he believes the Egyptian government accused him of being involved in the film in order to target him for his work as a human rights activist.

“I have a long history with the Egyptian government. I am a Coptic activist and I am fighting for human rights for the Coptic in Egypt,” he told CTV’s Canada AM. “They took the opportunity to put my name on this list. Either they will arrest me or someone will kill me.”

Either way Egypt is now closed to Fawzy and anyone he interacts with in Egypt now fears being accused of conspiracy to defame Mo and face mob violence or a long prison sentence.

As I have said before, blasphemy is a tactical weapon. Islamists do not care very much about blasphemy, the biggest proof is their willingness to manufacture blasphemy. Blasphemy is a weapon that they use against their enemies because they know the mob can be whipped up into a frenzy and go on a murder spree using the excuse that they care about the reputation of their equally murderous prophet.

  • chowching259

    Payroll taxes will rise after Morsi the Mufti gets his Jizya (extortion money) from Washington. He will not meet Obama before election, because his threat will anger voters. But the muti- billion dollar first installment will be on the way after he phones the Oval Office. Eight million Egyptian Christians are being held hostage, Morsi the Mufti will protect them as long as the Jizya is paid. The US is being JIZZED by Cairo`s main JIZZER.

  • Herbie bente

    Good Coptic Christian people find refuge in Canada from murderous Islamists in Egypt. Wow!! The muslim brotherhood claims the men, blasphemed the prophet… the same prophet who orders muslims to kill all non- beleivers of their cult. Darfur is blasphemy, Nigeria,( boko haram), is blasphemy. What muslims do to non- muslims is the worst kind of blasphemy- they commit blasphemy against God. Canada must grant asylum to all muslim- opressed Christians and Jews from around the world. Now.