Elizabeth Warren Defrauded Asbestos Victims While Practicing Law Without a License

Laws? They’re for little people. Laws don’t apply to Harvard professors. They apply to Harvard janitors.

Compassion? Liberals are great at that. Just ask Elizabeth Warren who was paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars to help Travelers Insurance deny asbestos compensation to asbestos victims… and she did it while practicing law without a license. And wearing a fake Cherokee headdress.

After this latest story, I have a feeling that Elizabeth Warren wishes she had run for the Senate in Oklahoma, instead of in Professor Jacobson’s backyard.

Warren represented not just Travelers, but numerous other companies starting in the late 1990s working out of and using her Harvard Law School office in Cambridge, which she listed as her office of record on briefs filed with various courts.  Warren, however, never has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.

As detailed below, there are at least two provisions of Massachusetts law Warren may have violated.  First, on a regular and continuing basis she used her Cambridge office for the practice of law without being licensed in Massachusetts.  Second, in addition to operating an office for the practice of law without being licensed in Massachusetts, Warren actually practiced law in Massachusetts without being licensed.

Warren refused to disclose the full extent of her private law practice when asked by The Boston Globe.  If Warren denies that she has practiced law in Massachusetts without a license, Warren should disclose the full extent of her private law practice.  The public has a right to assess whether Warren has failed to comply with the most basic requirement imposed on others, the need to become a member of the Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to practice law in and from Massachusetts.

Warren’s Texas Bar information indicates she is not eligible to be licensed in Texas, but does not indicate when she went on that inactive status.  Consistent with our finding that Warren was not admitted in Massachusetts, Warren listed only one other place of admission on her Texas record, New Jersey:

Maybe Warren should think about running for the Senate in Texas. It seems like a state that would be very open to her “You didn’t build that” politics.

Elizabeth Warren was supposed to be the left’s big candidate this election, instead she has become a millstone around their necks. Not only is she not likely to take Brown’s seat, but associating Obama with her, “You didn’t build that” slogan hurt him badly, and the parade of gaffes and lies that she has been tied to, from lying about being a Native American to this latest mess, is hurting the entire Democratic Party.

  • pagegl

    I'm going to disagree with you on one thing, Texas isn't a place that is open to "You didn't build that" politics. It might be why this state is creating more jobs than any other. If Texas says Warren is not qualified to practice law here there probably is a good reason.

    • robertsgt40

      Correct. Don't dog Texas. This is the first state others up north flee to when their economies go south. We're ready to secede as it is.

      • pagegl

        We ought to. Otherwise, if Obama is reelected, we might have to support the dolts running California when it goes bankrupt.

    • wenerdogg

      we texans don’t want trash like that in our back yard

  • Marla623

    and what kind of jobs would those be??? the Texas Success MYTH is just that – a myth. they rank very low by many indicators , plus they took huge govt funding before and during the recession.. they love creating low wage jobs and oppressing the already oppressed.

    • Rifleman

      We're such masochists in the USA, because more people are moving into Texas to be oppressed than are leaving there.

      Don't leave out exploitation either, you know how we love being exploited by those evil rich people. We long for the horrors of responsibility, work, a positive earned cash flow, and rising standard of living. Sick, isn't it? When all the while we could just sit on our cans and vote ourselves money from someone else's bank account…What fool wouldn't do the thing our Founding Fathers all agreed would be a fatal mistake for the nation they founded?

    • http://www.facebook.com/ken.watson.94 Ken Watson

      Oppressing the already oppressed? What a loon. Commie much?

    • pagegl

      I don’t know about the rest of the state, but in the Austin area, as well as Dallas and Houston, there are quite a few jobs in high tech. The company I’m with has hired people from California, Illinois, the DC area, North Carolina, and other areas with high tech centers. I guess our ‘low wage jobs’ were too irresistible. I have turned down opportunities to work in California; the very slight increase in salary wouldn’t come close to making up for the substantially higher cost of living. A while back I lived in Portland, Oregon; I moved back to Texas for two reasons, sunny skies and higher wages. And I’ve been contacted by headhunters to look at positions in Chicago, Boston, Seattle, and the DC area; in all cases the potential salary was, at best, only slightly better than what I make here, usually less than a 10% increase, and in all cases with a higher cost of living. Oh yeah, and being surrounded by lefties that think they know better than us crazy Texans. So, before you prattle on about stuff you don’t know perhaps you ought to check out what is really happening here.

  • fanlad

    The end justifies the means, lying, cheating, and stealing to win this election and to ultimately transform this country into something we can't imagine. God help us.

  • Dave

    I live in MA and am supporting Scott Brown as an independent. Having said that, the MA democrat machine will still make this race close.

  • Will Davis

    "Oppressing the oppressed". In most parts of the country a lot of people would love to be "oppressed" with any job, low-paying or not. Texas provides jobs for everybody.

    "oppressing the oppressed". Probably the most inane, juvenile comment I have ever seen on this website.

    • Brian

      Actually it is the "oppressors" that continue to press on, "oppressing the oppressed" ! That's the universal liberal response to "GET A JOB".

  • Kostoglotov

    Bye, Elizabeth Warren. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • Hank

    …just another Obozo Zombie…

  • Mike

    Where does Professor Warren have an ACTIVE law license? I'm merely asking. She admitted on the radio program today ( 9/24/12) that she has been INACTIVE in New Jersey for a "very, very long time" and that she only this month voluntarily RESIGNED from the New Jersey bar. Why the urgent need to resign in the midst of a U.S. Senate campaign? She admitted she is not licensed to practice in Massachusetts. The Jacobson report says she is not on active status in Texas. So, she has be INACTIVE in New Jersey a "very, very long time" and has now resigned from the NJ bar; she is INACTIVE in Texas and has never been admitted to the MA bar. So, my question is, when she filed her briefs in federal and the U.S. Supreme Court, was she ACTIVE in any jurisdiction at all? Where does she have an ACTIVE law license? Did she have an ACTIVE law license ANYWHERE when she was dispensing legal advice?

  • SuicidePrevention

    If elected, Elizabeth Warren would be one of a tiny handful of legislators of either party capable of rejecting
    the balderdash dished up by the too big too fail financial institutions. Every president and congress since the 1980's has furthered the dismantling of any restraint on the finance behemoths including Clinton who signed the Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000 which deregulated derivatives including the credit default swaps which brought down AIG, and which Tim Geithner as President of the NY Fed insisted on the U.S. treasury paying out 100% to the likes of Goldman Sachs and French and German banks. Then Obama appointed Geithner Treasury Secretary. Most Republicans and Democrats are spineless in the face of financial industry extortion/bribery. Elizabeth Warren is one of very few people who comes off well in Neil Barofsky's book Bailout.

  • Carlos L.

    Lying-Sacagawea is just a typical liberal. All the laws apply to everyone else but them. This is the last nail in your coffin granny!! I'm predicting that while Obama Binladen will carry Mass, the margin of victory will not be as large had Warren not been in one of the races. Her idioticity will help Romney close the gap (but unfortunately not enough to win it)

  • SuicidePrevention

    Is Daniel Greenfield saying that with Warren's help Travelers Insurance defrauded asbestos victims? And is he also saying that had Travelers known that Warren wasn't licensed they wouldn't have employed her? (Why would huge corporations care whether their legal advisors have up-to-date licenses in any particular state?) Who was the victim here – the giant insurance company or the asbestos plaintiffs who surely had legal representation? Maybe Greenfield is just throwing mud hoping that something sticks. What is so offensive about Elizabeth Warren anyway? That she conceived and championed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? IMO since the financial industry oligarchs hate her, she must be doing something right.

  • SuicidePrevention

    Jeffrey Toobin wrote: In “Two Income Trap,” a book she co-wrote with her daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi, Warren describes briefing Hillary Clinton, when she was first lady, about the bankruptcy bill backed by the financial industry. “It’s our job to stop that awful bill,” Warren quotes Clinton as saying. But several years later, when the bill came up for passage, Senator Clinton voted for it. “The bill was essentially the same but Hillary Rodham Clinton was not,” Warren wrote. As senator, “she could not afford such a principaled position…” When the bill finally passed, in 2005, then-Senator Joseph Biden was one of its biggest backers. “Senators like Joe Biden should not be allowed to sell out women in the morning and be heralded as their friend in the evening,” Warren said.

  • MaGGIE

    I wonder if this is the worst that the Romney/Ryan circus could come up with? Honestly, both are going to do the same thing. Only thing different is the wrapper.

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  • BarbieK

    I worked in asbestos law for 9 yrs and I defended the victims of asbestos exposure. I witnessed many innocent people die and families sickened witn mesothelioma. I am disgusted that Elizabeth Warren would defend big Insurance companys like Travelers siding against asbestos victims. If you saw what some of these dying clients got you would NEVER vote for her. She is a fox in sheeps clothing. I hope no one in her family ever comes in contact with asbestosis or mesothelioma.

  • brs

    Great story save for the facts