Elizabeth Warren Didn’t Get Rich on Her Own, The Clintons Made Her Rich

When you build a business, then you can get rich on your own. But when you’re a professional parasite then the government makes you rich. And the higher up your friends in the government go, the richer they make you.

Massachusetts Democratic senate candidate Elizabeth Warren garnered a lucrative no-bid contract with the Clinton administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) one year after advising then-First Lady Hillary Clinton.

The Department paid Warren, a Harvard professor, $90,000 for serving as an expert witness over a five month period in 1999 and 2000, documents show.

But I’m sure that Elizabeth Warren, a real Harvard professor of the people, worked hard for that 90,000 over 5 months, sweating over cases and earning every penny of that money. Or not.

It is unclear what duties Warren performed for the DOJ, nor is it known what case she was working on.

The Department spent five months attempting to track down Warren’s records in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. It came up empty.

Some people get rich building businesses. Other people get rich suing them. Still other people get rich testifying on behalf of the people suing them. Even Genghis Khan needed someone to wax his mustache and even Stalin needed a cigarette boy. If you can’t make it by doing things, you can always make it by telling people they didn’t build that.

Warren’s legal consulting and lucrative expert witness contracts have become an issue in the Massachusetts campaign. Bloomberg reported in 2010 that a group of trial lawyers pursuing a class action lawsuit against banks paid Warren $90,000 to serve as an “expert witness” while she was monitoring the $700 billion bank bailout for the Congressional Oversight Panel.

Conflicts of interest are for the little people.

And let’s face it, Elizabeth Warren’s famous speech reflects her own experience. She didn’t build anything. She didn’t make anything. She got rich from the government.

  • Horace

    Elizabeth Warren is the perfect Democrat, all false all the time. Suckers wanted.

  • Tony

    Elizabeth Warren up 5 in most recent poll. This same poll had Brown up 4. That's a nine point shift. Warren was also up 9 in recent PPP poll with Brown's favorables imploding.
    Nate Silver (predicted every senate race correctly in 2008) has Warren's chances at 89%…that's 89%.
    Larry Sabato (predicted every senate race in 2008) moves Massachusetts from toss up to leans democrat,
    Intrade (where people put their money where their mouth is) has Warren at 75.6%.
    Last two rallies for Warren drew 1000 people each.
    Already huge lead among women is increasing in favor of Warren while gap is shrinking with men favoring Brown.
    Any questions?


    wow!!!! you guys are desperate

  • Mark Anderson

    I always like reading loser articles in loser sites, have a nice election Daniel, I know I will.

    • proof reader

      why would anyone come to this kind of site to get pissed and then try and pick a fight? Talk about needing a life. I don't Go to Al Jazeera thinking I could change their minds. I just don't go… I am guessing I am smarter than Mark and PJ are. Go find a life I am sure there is one out there for your type, the brainwashed.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        " Go find a life I am sure there is one out there for your type, the brainwashed."

        There are many sites for them to find dupes to play with, but finding lives, I doubt it.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    I thought that all of Elizabeth Warren's money came from that Cherokee casino she owns.

  • SuicidePrevention

    Expert witnesses routinely are paid over $750 per hour. She is an expert on consumer cedit and bankruptcy.
    From Boston Globe:
    Eschewing high-minded theory for ground-level analysis, they worked with Teresa Sullivan, a sociologist with a background in statistics, to examine who was filing for bankruptcy and why. Backed by a National Science Foundation grant, they pored through district court records and interviewed bankruptcy judges and debtors.
    Their findings upended conventional notions, showing that people who filed for bankruptcy weren’t necessarily lazy or profligate, but were often middle-class workers whose finances were sunk by a single catastrophic event, like a heart attack, divorce, or layoff.
    The answers were unsettling,” said Keith M. Lundin, a bankruptcy judge in Tennessee, who gave Warren access to his court records. “They got answers that were inconsistent with the model that the bankers and the creditors were selling us on.”

  • SuicidePrevention

    Expert witnesses routinely command fees above $750/hr and Elizabeth Warren is an expert on consumer credit and bankruptcy.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Expert Cherokee witnesses who lie all the time command even more.

      • SuicidePrevention

        Why not write about Elizabeth Warren in terms of bank regulation? Too wonky for you? BTW she was a registered Republican until 1996.

  • PAthena

    Elizabeth Warren is, regardless of possible financial malfeasance, thoroughly dishonest, claiming American Indian ancestry in order to claim "diversity" for a position.

  • riverboatbill

    Another Monica Lewinsky,but for money.

  • martin mishket

    I/m quite sure she wasn't paid in WAMPAM. Leftists can say anything and the press covers for them.

  • http://batman-news.com hangem’high

    A ghost along with all the other appointed henchmen and Czars of Obama, the wealth of the Tax dollar!