Europe’s Muslim Population Tripled in 30 Years

Bad news for people who like visiting bars, walking with seeing eye dogs or not getting blown up on the way to work.

From Jihad Watch, a discussion on Europe’s rapid Muslim population growth. The challenge of assessing Muslim population growth is twofold. On the one hand, Muslims artificially inflate their numbers to obtain more social benefits and political influence. On the other hand, total household counts are blurred by illegal migrants and illegal polygamy.

Muslims put a great deal of stock in their own birth rate, but the strongest driver of demographic growth is still immigration.

Globally, the Muslim population is forecast to grow at about twice the rate of the non-Muslim population over the next two decades – an average annual growth rate of 1.5% for Muslims, compared with 0.7% for non-Muslims. If current trends continue, Muslims will make up 26.4% of the world’s total projected population of 8.3 billion in 2030, up from 23.4% of the estimated 2010 world population of 6.9 billion.

Europe’s Muslim population is projected to grow from 44.1 million in 2010 to 58.2 million in 2030. The greatest increases – driven primarily by continued migration – are likely to occur in Western and Northern Europe, where Muslims will be approaching double-digit percentages of the population in several countries.

The biggest growth in Muslim population is happening in Asia. Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India will be the countries with the largest Muslim populations. If Pakistan and Indonesia keep feeding immigrants to Europe, then the demographic disaster may come.

  • Questions

    These are frightening trends, surely frightening enough to roust the West into action. We need a combination of aggressive interior controls, border enforcement, strict immigration and refugee quotas and birth control to control the Muslim demographic conquest. Europe's problem is more advanced than ours, but we'll eventually catch up unless we act.

  • Marty

    europe is doomed anyway. Much of it is already part of the islamic world and the barbarities of sharia law are gradually replacing laws that are the product of western civilization and the Judeo-Christian tradition. The islamic homeland in the Middle East is ridding itself of the christian communities (most of whom are probably having second thoughts about moving to europe). It's interesting to note that the birthrate is actually slowing down in some islamic countries, though not fast enough. iran's, for example, is barely at replacement level.

  • harrylies

    Seems Europe has its' own version of the Klu Klux Klan. No. It's you guys. Americans paid a lot on blood for Europe. Give it the back of the hand. European values include Nazism and Communism. Why think about them. Why visit Paris, France when there is Paris, Las Vegas?

  • http://Dd Ahmad

    Muslims are the success and Muslims obey god and don’t angry god if the non believers choose not to then god has a plan for them this is why people are converting because they know it’s the truth all the miracles of the Quran are extraordinary. Read it it talks about the creation of mankind the universe and in details.

    No one could have found this out 1400 years ago be wise and read the book don’t allow people to miss guide you for the non believers is an EXTREME PUNISHMENT drinking lava and torture forever…….

    • Non-believer

      "Extreme punishment", "Torture"… indeed, islam is the religion of love. Glad to be a "non-believer".


    Muslims worship the same God as Christians do but in a more intense way of praying 5 times a day.
    Muslims believe in Prophets from Adam Abraham Moses & Jesus Christ as well as the final prophet Mohammad from the one only God "called Allah in Arabic" same God as Jews & Christians worship .
    We Muslims believe in Jesus Christ as a prophet & messenger from God, NOT HIS SON. "GOD is only one not three" & that is the main difference between us .
    So please cant we just move along .

  • Ashlin

    Why are you people so scared of Islam?
    Have you ever ever studied about this religion? Islam is the religion of peace. It's sad that how people believe the junk that the media gives them, so easily!

  • judast priest

    beleive what you want to believe, but dont push it on others. Dont think America will bow. non believers of god dont want to hear no mess from faith seakers. keep it to yourself, dont be arrogant.

  • mistah ARK

    Stating that the Muslim population of Europe is directly proportional to any sort of increase crime rates is a little bigoted, don’t you think?

    • American4Truth

      Not if it is true. Criminals usually don’t like the truth because it hurts.