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FACT CHECK: Obama’s National Security Claims

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 3, 2012 @ 9:53 am In The Point | 4 Comments


Even though Obama ran in 2008 on a promise to make the world love us again, this time around he’s taking a page from Bush by ignoring the world and trying to run on a national security record. His multiple failures in global diplomacy don’t give him the option of running on his record empowering Islamists, but his national security record is just as bad.

On his campaign website, Obama’s boasts are ambiguous and dishonest at the same time. Fact checking them is child’s play.

When President Obama took office, the U.S. was engaged in two wars and faced terrorist threats at home and abroad.

Verdict: Misleading

This ambiguous statements implies that this is not the case today.  And it isn’t. Now the US has lost both wars. The terrorist threats have not gone away and were mainly faced by passengers on planes and the maligned NYPD.

President Obama is committed to strengthening America’s leadership by maintaining a strong military and staying true to our values and ideals.

Verdict: False.

Obama has actually pushed some of the deepest cuts [2]of the military to date. Those cuts have been described as going right down to the bone [3].

President Obama fulfilled his promise to responsibly and safely bring our troops home from Iraq, and is making sure returning servicemembers have the support they need.

Verdict: False

Iraq is in the throes of a civil war and Al Qaeda bombings are taking a heavy toll. Obama’s proposed cuts to Tricare [4] would also devastate health care for returning servicemembers [5].

On May 1st, President Obama signed a historic Strategic Partnership Agreement between the United States and Afghanistan that will help us to complete our mission and end the war in the Afghanistan as fast as we safely and responsibly can. By 2014, America’s combat mission in Afghanistan will end.

Verdict: Misleading/False

If the mission is defeating the Taliban, then the mission has indisputably failed. If the mission was signing a meaningless agreement, then it succeeded. But we could have signed the agreement without losing over a thousand soldiers in Afghanistan. The Taliban have not been defeated and no one contends that they have been.


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