Food Stamp Use 50% Higher Under Obama Than Under Bush

In September the food stamp program hit another record high of 47,410, 324 people making use of it. 47 is an iconic number thanks to Romney’s remark and 47 million is also 75 percent of Obama’s 62 million popular vote total. Or to put it another way, if every food stamp recipient turned out to vote, they would have made up 75 percent of Obama’s electorate.

Under Bush, food stamp use was at 30 million. It is 50 percent higher than it was four years ago and that bridge was crossed in the summer of last year. The cost of food stamp programs has also nearly doubled in that same time. If this rate of growth continues, we can look forward to as many as a 100 million people on food stamps by 2016.

At the center of government in Washington DC we can see a preview of the new feudalism. Food stamp use has gone up in Washington DC by 35 percent and at the same time the Beltway counties have gotten rich twice as fast as the rest of the country to the extent that they now represent 7 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the country.

This is the new feudalism. A sharp divide between the rich and the poor, with the middle class being ground under the wheels and reduced to an atavistic class of government employees. It begins in DC but it’s coming for all of America.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    OBAMA LIKES Using other peoples' money for REPARATIONS.

    Food Stamps create an artificial food buyer market that is largely responsible for food price escalation for WE, the long suffering taxpayer who pays REPARATIONS to the Obama voter.

    While seniors who worked hard, did without, saved and retired on less than 1% interest on their nest egg……, RESPONSIBLE SENIORS & RETIREES are compelled to count pennies, THEN endure watching phuggly, deadbeat Obama voters as they waddle their fat arses' around the store & toss prime steak and lobster in their shopping carts….that THE RESPONSIBLE SENIORS PAY FOR!

    It disgusts me!

    • Susan Kirkland

      You disgust me. The reason there are more people on food stamps is because the qualifications for food stamps finally include actual living expenses being counted, not some fictional amount . The previous administration deducted $120 a month for living expenses. Now, where can you live [that you would want to live] for $120? it didn’t matter if your rent was $500 or $1000, they only deducted $120 making fewer needy people eligible for help. If you want to artificially disqualify poor people from beneficial programs, maybe you should have the same kind of help when you’re sick and in the hospital. Need an operation? How about if we let the surgeon stand over your, go through all the motions as if he is going to help you, but after he’s wasted your time and his time, find out he’s not really a surgeon. That’s the food stamp program under a Republican administration. Now waddle your fat arse back to counting your pennies, then start figuring out how you can take it with you. Don’t pack your pockets too firmly or they will sink you straight to hell.

    • JacksonPearson

      He's slowly and methodically moved the impoverished, and the unemployed onto the democrat plantation. Having to survive under the government dole, can be labeled as the newly enslaved, and will last, until they run out of "other peoples' money!"

      • stevef

        Plus most "older people" are white and O and the DEMS hate them.

        • JacksonPearson

          Yep. Many retiree's are military veterans, and white Tea Party Movement members. RATS hate grass rooted, red, white and blue Americans. e.g.: To the left, believing in the Constitution, the founding fathers, smaller government, lower taxes, transparency, holding congress and the white house fiscally responsible are somehow racist, and/or Nazi ideologue!

  • cynthia curran

    Well,Obama expanded who qualifies for food stamps but Bush allwed about 4 milion illegal hispanics to come in. And believe or not the Mexican governmet first pushed Bush and later Obama to get their illegal cititzens to get food stamps. Obama worst but Bush made it possible since he allowed 4 million ilegal immirgants in and many had 3 kids per family when he was prez.

    • Susan Kirkland

      George Bush wanted the Hispanic vote; he also wanted all his rich business buddies to be able to profit without spending a lick 'O sweat and they can't do that without the millions of Hispanic workers that do the actual labor behind the scenes in all your favorite restaurants, including your favorite Chinese. Sweetie, no new roofs would be installed in TEXAS without illegals. No restaurant can afford to stay in business without the cheap labor. George was just doing what his daddy told him. Food stamps for the underemployed isn't a favor to the poor, dear, it's a favor to the rich business man who doesn't pay his workers a living wage. Snap out of it!

      • stevef

        I worked my way through college in several restaurants forty years ago and never saw a Mexican…student employment has more recently been destroyed by the illegals.

        • Susan Kirkland

          Unfortunately, students require training; where as the adult Hispanic is well trained in the kitchen. Good for you. I, too, worked to put myself through college. I posted an explanation for why food stamps have more recipients now, but someone removed that; probably too much factual information that would douse the fires of the ill informed. More people received food stamps now than under the republican administration because qualification now depends on actual expenses; not fictional expenses. If your rent was $800 a month before, the republicans would only allow $120 of that amount to count. Try giving your landlord only $120 instead of the $800 and see if that keeps a roof over your head. The myth in all of these discussions is that neither republicans nor democrats serve the people. They serve themselves first; just like Jim DeMint; off to work for millions to sway the uneducated to vote for the agendas of the few billionaires who pay his salary. Ya'll go back to counting your pennies since that gives you so much pleasure; just don't pack your pockets so full they pull you down to the devil.

          • patron

            Smoke crack. Fail out of school. Drop 8 kids. Too fat, lazy, stupid or scared to get on a roof from which you can still earn a living.


            I will agree with you regarding one aspect of evil rich people: trial lawyers. Personal injury lawsuits drive more immigrants to jobs because of no insurance overhead and they can just go to another state. Democrats will never go along with tort reform because THEY are the trial lawyers.

            Outside of letting the Mexican military pump millions of tons of drugs into America, it's the most immoral part of our society.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    ~ Under a spreading ACORN-tree….

    ~ The village taxpayer squirms;

    ~ For he was force-fed ACORNS all day

    ….and they are full of worms!

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    * ACORN: – – – The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)

    …apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Soupy Sales…….

  • Mary Sue

    He wants the government to "make things fair" for the poor, I guess this is part of how he does it.

  • stevef

    "The New Feudalism" is more accurately termed Fascism….see J. Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" for the historical background.

  • stevef

    Wasn't George II our first Mexican President?…Some of his rulings favoring illegals are truly shockking.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    James Madison: Let them eat ACORNS!

    * ACORN: – – – The Association of (Black) Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)

  • Empress Trudy

    I’m sure it will all be fine after we are all property of The One True State under Obama Maximus Sulla Felix. Why worry, government will do it all.

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