Former Al Qaeda in Mali Member Accuses Terrorist Group of Racism

Killing thousands of  Americans didn’t convince the left to turn against Arab Islamic terrorism, maybe something more serious like racism will do it?

“Racism is one of the main factors that motivate many young Africans from non-Arab to defect and resume their normal lives in their country of origin.

…One of the main jihadist have defected in terrorist groups in the Sahel due to racism was Hisham Bilal. Bilal was the only Black commanding a brigade in the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), the group that controls the city of Gao.

He left the movement in early November and returned to Niger, the country of origin. In an interview with AFP in Niamey at the time, he spoke about racism in the ranks of jihadist groups in Mali.

“These fools of MUJAO are not children of God, they are drug traffickers. They are all that is contrary to Islam, and for them, a Black man is less than an Arab or a white man,” he had said.

This is a serious subject and if Islamic terrorists fail to take immediate action they risk losing the support of the left which could impact the number of pro bono lawyers available to them and the number of media columnists willing to write flattering profiles of them and urge an immediate surrender by Israel and America to their demands.

Diversity training is the first step. Every terrorist cell must have a member who is responsible for diversity enhancement to create a terrorist group that is as diverse as the world.

Sensitivity training is also important. The Muslim world is rather racist, but there are acceptable and unacceptable forms of racism. Anti-Jewish racism is acceptable because Jews generally do not join Al Qaeda. However if Al Qaeda wants to fully tap into African Islamic terrorist groups it will need to be more open.

America has a black man in the White House. Why not have a black man as the next leader of Al Qaeda? That will properly impress the left.

  • Mary Sue

    While it's an interesting idea, that racism could cause the Left to turn on the Islamists, there's also the possibility that the purple koolaid is so strong, that they'll insist that it's not real racism because of Identity Politics, of which Arabs don't qualify as "white" and thus cannot be "racist".

  • Ghostwriter

    Killing thousands of Americans isn't bad enough? Now they're charged with racism? Maybe this'll convince the left that Al-Qaeda is bad. Although I doubt it.

  • Shubham

    Osama Bin Laden, ye wo shkhsiyt h jisne akele sari kayinat me khof jga diya. Mudda ye ni h ki usne esa kyu kiya ya use nhi krna chahiye tha, ham is tarf gor kyu ni krte ki whe akela itna kuch kr skta h to aj agr hma usse kuch shike to fir ham kya ni kr skte.
    Laden bhia mai apko sache man se Shredhanjli arpit krta hu.

  • Hammad Aamir