Forward with Obama, Mao and Lenin

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In Australia, Julia Gillard rolled out “Moving Forward,” explaining that the slogan fit because Australians are an optimistic forward-looking people. Which they had to be as their country had suffered the worst economic decline in twenty years. When things are that bad, you might as well look forward and find something to be optimistic about.

The Grenadan Revolution had its own forward-thinking slogans like “Who Controls the Minds of the People Have the Power” and “Forward Ever, Backward Never.” Sadly the revolution ended up going backward when the reactionary running dog capitalists overthrew the Cuban-backed revolutionaries and robbed them of control over the minds of the people.

The Obama campaign has largely adopted both Grenadan slogans, but its control over the minds of the people may prove to be as tenuous as that of the People’s Revolutionary Army over Grenada. The backward view is surprisingly appealing even to Obama supporters who can’t help remembering that there used to be more jobs and more money before the Hope and Change revolution.

Romney might ask you if you are better off now than you were four years ago, but Obama will tell you to forget the past and look forward to the eternal future that is always peeking over the horizon. The mirage of the progressive world of tomorrow, which we can reach over a pile of dead senior citizens, energy saving lightbulbs and multicultural coloring books.

In Maryland, Governor Martin O’Malley, a liberal Democrat, turned a billion dollar surplus into a two billion dollar deficit, and then ran for reelection on what other slogan but, “Moving Maryland Forward.” The people of Maryland have moved on to what else but more billion dollar deficits. That is what you get when you move “Forward”: deficit spending today that will reap dividends in tomorrow’s utopias from officials who can’t be bothered with economics because they’re too busy looking forward to the future.

Progressives do not like looking backward in the rearview mirror. There are too many things there that they would rather not see, like the Great Leap Forward, the Gulags, the ghosts of Five Year Plans and a thousand failed ideologies and dead philosophies taunting them. Forwardism frees them from having to contemplate the unemployment figures or the deficit; there is no past, only the eternal future. Forget your troubles and groove to a new hopeful slogan that promises a better world tomorrow for a hamburger today.

Forwardistan is not some enigmatic place; it’s Lenin’s Russia, Mao’s China, O’Malley’s Maryland and Obama’s America. It’s what happens when you drive leaning forward, because maps and rear view mirrors are for backward-thinking people who lack the courage to take the great leap of faith forward into the economic dead zone of uncontrolled spending and crude control of the economy.

On college campuses, Obama stretches out his hand, urging students to take it and make that great leap forward with him into the future. That is what this election is really about and that is what this year will decide. Do we leap forward with him off the cliff or do we turn back and try to find a better way?

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  • gene

    Kind of like the "Lean Forward" mantra of the Stalinists at MSNBC?

  • StephenD

    I intend to quote you often good sir! I feel they did us a good deed by their selection. What is it about "Progressives" that they can't help themselves from falling right back into the same crap that has never worked before?

    Again, I'm reminded of Proverbs 26:11 “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.”

  • waltjr

    The "Progressives" have become very good at whitewashing history, look at what is being taught in today's public schools concerning our very own history…. The vultures from the Progressive movement prey on the weak, our children, and plant rotten seeds in their young minds..Why do you think Obama, Van Jones, etc, etc, etc use college and high schools as speaking engagements to often???? Great write as always….

  • maria

    Forward to what? As his first campaign slogan was "Change" but Republicans and conservatives in wider sense failed to ask him "Change to what"? Now we have broken country with enormous debt and deficit, with moral decay, with hordes of "Revolutionaries mob" under name of "Occupy WS". Socialism failed in every countries but our Universities brought up new generation with twisted distorted history knowledge's, with hate their own country. Anytime I asked such anti-Americans which country is better than US they are confused and keep silence. Majority supporting those who use communists ideology, Alinsky text books are don't understand what they are doing for themselves. Socialism is always dictatorship, totalitarian system with all consequences.

    • Maxie

      'Forward' to the Left just means walking away from their dismal failures – but it sounds so positive doesn't it?

  • theleastthreat

    Forward, in general, means to advance. Forward to the military, means towards the enemy. In current politics, Forward, tends to mean larger, as in governments which tends to mean towards bankruptcy. Therefore, Greece is forward of the US. In such a case, backward would be the preferred direction.

  • tagalog

    "Life is better under Stalin…"

    • StephenD

      There is no life under Stalin…he's dead.

      • StephenD

        It's a joke Tag….

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama uses the word 'Forward' and it adequately exposes his base as to what he is grounded in,
    Progressive, Marxist, Socialist, Islamist totalitarianism. Things that sound good to people can and
    have drawn many to regret listening. Obama will go down in history as the greatest example of
    the quintessential 'Pied Piper' leading all who follow him into loss and depridation by way of
    social, economical, educational and moral destruction. Hopefully the delusion of his empty words,
    empty suit and exagerated persona and danger to what remains of America will be in the
    minds of voters in November…………………………………..William

  • Amused

    Forward may just mean moving away from Republican-generated economic collapse OR it might meAN that this
    F–ked up do nothing congress may actually do something ….sometime , but whatever it means it's certainly not the B.S. that Greenfield is regurgitating in his ridiculous article .
    Lenin ? Mao ? Stalin ? Grow up arseholes.

    • Chris Nichols

      You mean, like the Democrat controlled Senate that hasn't voted on a budget in 3 years? Is that part of the "Republican-generated" economic collapse you are talking about?

  • Lisa

    Yes, look forward. Because if you look back at his record, you'll want to puke.

    • Amused

      yea kinda like Bush , many are looking back at their 401ks ….and puking , or their house -which they;ve lost , or their jobs that flew away when the economy went bust after 8 years of Bush .

      • kafir4life

        Is Bush running again? I thought he was done. How 'bout we talk about the Stinky (aka BO) who IS running. Oh…wait a minute, Amused….is that you B-Rock?????

        • Amused

          Not a clear admission , but an admission nonetheless , Bush F–ked up the economy and the housing market . Lets see the market was in the 7's and 8's when Bush left office , it;s now hitting 13 , The big three automakers are selling cars and making profits , the housing market saw its bottom and is beginning to pick up ,80% of PORK has been cut out of legislationb , from BOTH PARTIES ,we're out of Iraq , Bin Ladens dead , and Afghanistan ? we'll be out by 2014 . The bailouts are being paid back , several already in full . What are you repocons gonna do , get us in another war ? Reck the economy again ? You're all a bunch of total assssssssholes .

      • reader

        Yeah, another winner, right along McCain's supposed shady connections. Of course, Americans are to dumb to evaluate Obama's own record. They're all "arseholes," "schmucks," , etc. It looks like Obama's advisors are just like "amused' too.

        • Amused

          better get your head screwed on straight reader , you're either willfully ignorant , or just plain stupid . McCains involvement with Keating and the Banking Loan Scandal of the 80's was not "supposed "

  • H&R_ Barack

    Barack Hussein Oba-mao:


  • tarleton

    Forward to the future and not looking back, or taking resposibily for your failures….not being burdened by guilt, sin or remorse is the M O of a psychopath

  • Amused

    You're just as full of it as the author of this article .

  • Sharon

    Is economic collapse the goal, it seems like that is what is planned for us. If economic collapse is the goal and it is accomplished, what can we do? What can we do in a peaceful manner at this point?

  • Gerard

    No comment on the article, but it's Dutch it's 'Voorwaarts' , not 'Voorwarts'. Still a bit puzzled why it's even mentioned though.