Four Hamas Supporters on Gov. Christie’s Muslim Outreach Committee

The Muslim outreach committee was formed after New Jersey Muslims were gravely offended by NYPD surveillance and the presumption that New Jersey Muslims might be terror-prone. And the best way to do disprove all that was with an outreach committee containing non-terror folk like these.

Imam Mohammad Qatanani, whose deportation is sought by the Department of Homeland Security for not disclosing on his green card application that he was arrested and convicted by Israel in 1993 for his involvement with Hamas;

Ahmed Shedeed, a fervent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and President of the Islamic Center of Jersey City, a mosque with a history of Islamist leadership. Its website currently contains disturbing statements about jihad, the West, wife beating and polygamy;

Mohammed Younes, the President of the American Muslim Union, a group with Islamist leadership and close ties to Qatanani’s mosque, which was founded by a Hamas fundraiser;

Imam Abdul Basit of the New Brunswick Islamic Center, a mosque founded by a radical cleric. In July, it held a Brotherhood-linked seminar featuring multiple extremist speakers.

Considering Governor Christie’s background as a Federal prosecutor, he was more than qualified enough to know what some politicians might not. But…

All of the information about the Islamist backgrounds of these four committee members is publicly available, yet the Christie Administration picked them to serve as liaisons to the Muslim community of the state. As a result, they are having private meetings with N.J.’s top security officials. This is just the latest example of Christie’s embrace of Islamists that should be shunned, not exalted.

Governor Christie had embraced Qatanani a while back and appointed his lawyer and AMU board member, Sohail Mohammed to a Superior Court Judgeship. A Christie associate had helped Qatanani fight deportation and Christie had publicly embraced the Hamas member.

But that’s not all…

Ahmed Shedeed has his own Hamas ties. “He also attended a secret Brotherhood-organized meeting of Hamas supporters in Philadelphia in 1993. In the late 1990s, he served as the imam of the radical Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Virginia, which has extensive Brotherhood and Hamas ties.”

And Imam Abdul Basit is even worse. “Qari Abdul Basit is the imam of the New Brunswick Islamic Center, a mosque founded in 1987 by the Islamist cleric Zaid Shakir, who continues to be a guest lecturer. Shakir legitimizes attacks on U.S. troops, specifically the hijacking of airplanes transporting soldiers. He argues that the 1983 Marine barracks bombing by Hezbollah was not an act of terrorism. ”

Clearly these four fine fellows are representative of the kind of Muslim leaders who have good reason to be concerned about NYPD surveillance.

  • Alkimos

    I cant see a problem appointing these four *non terror moderates* to the New Jersey outreach committee the only cause for concern would be..what are they reaching out with ?..but then I do live in Australia…and we seem to be having our own problems with the *religion of peace*.

  • Coptic John

    "Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned?" (Prov6:27-28) … that's the US Administration, liberals and lefts are doing …

  • BLJ

    Christie = RINO.

  • Mary Sue

    Christie's not only a RINO, he's either delusional or has his head in the sand.

  • @arefassaf

    This is yellow and libelous journalism. You have no evidence expect hearsay as the basis of your claims. But this site is home for this rubbish.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Is Qatanani's Hamas background hearsay?

      • Coptic John

        Don't bother yourself Mr. Daniel he's another brainwashed Muslim Terroristhood follower …

    • dave

      then maybe you shouldn't be on FB. see ya later, by!

  • John Spielman

    Christie has destroyed his chance at becoming president of the USA because his recent Obama love fest during Hurricane Sandy, which is good news because Christie is a traitor to the country.

  • Arlie

    Christie must have found out that the GOP is dead. He'll switch parties, no doubt. The Republican Party is dead. It died 30 years ago in a court case in NJ. The RNC signed a CONSENT DECREE that will not allow them to challenge voter fraud. It is time for a new party to challenge the Communist/Progressive/Islamists or we'll never see freedom, liberty or American greatness again.

  • Anamah

    What are you doing Gov Chris Christie? Why are you open the door to radical Islamists?