FOX News Confirms Benghazi Annex was Used to Hold Al Qaeda Terrorists

Benghazigate appears to be headed to strange new directions all the time. Earlier I had said that I didn’t hear of any report about the CIA annex in Benghazi being used to hold Islamist militia members linked to Al Qaeda. The FOX anchor doesn’t seem to be familiar with it either, but Jennifer Griffin mentions that she did make a similar report earlier, so it’s possible that Paula Broadwell was actually repeating a FOX News report that she heard, rather than sharing inside intelligence.

The CIA is denying any claims that prisoners were held at the annex pointing out that they don’t have the legal authorization to do so. However there are all sorts of ways around that, including using Libyans to do all the work, while the CIA provides the questions, and we know that is still a technique in use.

The impact that this new twist, if true, has on Benghazigate is that the CIA maintained a facility of this sort in a city controlled by Islamist militias with fairly light security. It was obviously unwise to maintain both the consulate and the annex in Benghazi at the same time.

One question that arises is why the consulate was attacked first and then the annex. One possible answer is that the attack on the consulate and the evacuation of personnel exposed the annex. Another is that the militias were not sure at which location any prisoners might have been held.

But all this does is highlight the irresponsibility of Obama and his cronies in putting US personnel into such a dangerous situation and then failing to provide them with support.

  • truebearing

    It still doesn't answer the questions about our president, and his minions, refusing to send help, while they watched our guys valiantly fighting to their deaths. It doesn't explain the reduction in security, or refusal to supply an escape plane. It doesn't explain much of anything.

    Is it possible that Obama had the State Department and CIA at cross purposes? Was he enabling jihadists to get weapons while the CIA was trying to stop the terrorists acquisition of shoulder fired missiles? Who knows? Nothing is too bizarre for this administration, but one sure bet is that whatever Obama was up to, it wasn't for the good of America. It never is.

  • Mary Sue

    wow this just keeps getting better and better (more like worse and worse).

  • robertsteele

    Consider the possibility that Benghazi was a microcosm of everything that is wrong with our government. I have posted a "CIA Tri-Pecta" piece at Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog. The way that Patraeus was politically executed leaves a very bad feeling with me — there is much more to all this than meets the eye, and in combination with the death by car bomb of a Lebanese general critical CIA's arms smuggling to the Syrian rebels, suggests that CIA officers world wide — most under official cover that is laughably light — are now in danger — it has become "open season" on CIA.

  • Paul

    I love FoxNews, the comic relief of the internet. First they say that they have 'confirmed' that the CIA, etc. Then, a couple of paragraphs later they said, " . . . if true . . " But, what can you expect from anyone who employs Bill O'Reilly.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      This article is mine. Not a quote from FOX News.

      FOX News claims to have confirmed it. I haven't.

      Liberals. The comic relief of the internet. But what can you expect from anyone who listens to Ed Schultz.

      • amused

        Answer – you can expect the same as hearing it from Hannity .

      • Sagemusings

        Daniel, see reports and their links on obama, an Oct. Surprise,
        iran and Valery Jarrett, and Benghazi. One is headlined something like " The Spy Who Came Into Obama." it's about Broadwell. I have no way of authenticating any of the reports.

  • popseal

    The smell about this is so rotten, I’m pumping Clorox into my nose for relief…………..

  • amused

    Daniel said in his last paragraph : quote-
    But all this does is highlight the irresponsibility of Obama and his cronies in putting US personnel into such a dangerous situation and then failing to provide them with support. -endquote

    And if none of this is confirmed , as you have admitted Daniel , then how did you reach your conclusion ??? How does it highlight ANYTHING ???

  • amused

    Hey popseal I really think you're smelling something else .

  • @IranAware

    Sorry Daniel. It's apparent some liberal Paulbot types inbetween checking their EBT card balance and getting high have discovered your fine article. This mess gets bigger and bigger and I can't wait till it blows up in all these tools that voted this moron back into offices face. Harry Reid can be ousted next wave and then Obama is sterile his last 2 years…