France’s New Burqa-Friendly Government

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The end result of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem’s appointment is that a woman who had represented the Moroccan government in France will now speak for the government of France. And a woman who opposed banning the Burqa will hold the ministry of women’s rights.

Of Hollande’s other two Muslim ministers, Kader Arif, has been vocal in blaming Israel for France’s foreign affairs problems, claiming that Sarkozy’s Mediterranean Union was blocked by Israel’s actions in Gaza. He signed a petition demanding that Israel open its border with Hamas run Gaza, expressed his support for the terrorist flotilla, calling for a “firm response” against Israel for halting it, and even signed a petition calling for a French-backed flotilla to invade Israeli territory in support of Gaza.

Kader Arif’s new position is only indirectly related to foreign affairs, but he has shown a willingness to exploit developmental issues within his purview in order to attack Israel; that pattern will likely continue as he takes charge of veteran’s affairs and blames French wartime casualties on Israeli policies.

The third Muslim minister, Yamina Benguigui, has made several movies, some like Inshallah Sunday, seemingly critical of the burqa, but at the same time she has also allowed others, such as Women of Islam, to serve as a forum for those who promote the burqa. Yamina Benguigui has also worked to perpetuate the myth that the problems caused by Muslim immigrants are due to French racism, rather than due to Islam.

Yamina Benguigui was a signatory to the petition against France’s national debate on secularism and Islam. The signatories to that petition included leading Islamist Tariq Ramadan, leftist pedophile thug Daniel Cohn-Bendit, as well as Laurent Fabius, who is the current Foreign Minister.

But the most devastating impact of Hollande’s victory on France and on Europe may be elsewhere. While Sarkozy had blocked Turkey’s bid to join the European Union, Hollande may be Turkey’s ticket into the EU. Turkey’s Islamist Foreign Minister has already expressed his hope that Hollande’s victory will open up Europe to Turkish membership, despite Turkey’s hostility to the West, its domestic political repression and its ongoing occupation of Cyprus.

Hollande certainly did not discourage the estimated 500,000 Turks in France from coming to such a conclusion. A few days before the runoff election he sent out a letter which stated that he was very attached to the relationship with Turkey and that if elected he would increase the closeness of that relationship.

“Europe,” he wrote, “which has agreed to begin negotiations for full membership of Turkey, remains true to its principles “to bring together different peoples, cultures and beliefs.”

Hollande, who lost the Catholic and Jewish vote, but won the Muslim vote, has not done that; instead his government reflects the Leftist-Islamic alliance that brought him to power. It is a government, that for all its assurances, is likely to turn a blind eye to the burqa, a knowing wink to the repression of women, and a blind eye to the preaching of Jihad on French soil. And it will do its part to open Europe’s door to Turkey, which will mean the end, not only of France, but of Europe.

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  • Chezwick

    From Sarkozy to Hollande….from dhimmitude to abject dhimmitude.


      From Sarkozy to Hollande…

      From Hope to Surrender…

  • truebearing

    Dark days indeed for France, and the rest of Europe. Have those people no survival instincts? There's no point in even asking if they're capable of rational thought.

    Another instance of the Left enabling a World War on Women.

    • Chris

      France, indeed all the major European countries including Britain, are now islamic countries. You can't have survival insticts in dead people. We are dead.

      • truebearing

        If you can write, you can fight. You aren't outnumbered yet, and even if you were, isn't freedom worth fighting for?

  • southwood

    Hollande will be a nightmare for Europe. He already is actually.

  • PDK

    Those who tolerate the intolerant will eventually become intolerant themselves. Better to understand this and become intolerant of those who are intolerant and remain tolerant of others who are tolerant, rather than become one with the intolerant and become intolerant of everyone else.

  • H&R_ Barack

    Très chic. – I think Michelle Obama's appearance would be enhanced by a burqa.

    Maybe they could cut some holes at the shoulders so she can still expose her arms. So féminine.

    • kafir4life

      There's nothing feminine about that thing. Perfect for Stinky (aka BO) tho', as the first gay president. That moochella looks like a baboon (not because she's African American, but because she looks like a baboon). To paraphrase the leader of the Democratic party, and Barrack's part owner, Bill Mahar, what did Stinks do to that thing to make TWO babies fall out?? Maybe he hired one of his straight friends to do it for him, as he prefers snorting cocaine off the members of the bros.

      • H&R_ Barack

        When I said wry humor, some thought I said HUMMUS on Rye, so they requested theirs with a side of Babaghanoush, and some Tzatziki …. my 'lil chick pea. :))

      • KarshiKhanabad

        To avoid any racial overtones, Michelle Obama is correctly referred to as the First Wookiee.

  • Anthony

    We can write off France as a Moslem Nation now. Demographically speaking, it’s a forgone conclusion. Kosovo in the Balkans is the other gift to umma for reasons explained by Bat Yeor in her work Eurabia.

    Turkey will become a member of the EU. It is obvious such is the objective of the socialist left.

    Why do I despise the French? Well here is a perfect example, a true experience I had standing next to a French family in New York. The father was a metro sexual man holding his son of about four years of age in his arms in front of him. His wife/girlfriend/partner/baby mommy was totally unattentive to the kid, and “oohing” and ” ahh-ing” at the wonderful diverse sights of the city. At one point, it became clear she behaved like the alpha male and he conducted himself like a mommy. The moment of realization of the reversal of roles was that the man clutching his child ( rather than mommy) kept babbling to him in annoying baby French. Then he kept kissing the boy on the lips repeatedly. This is odd behavior to me.

    Now the modern looking French feMALE was pacing back and forth chatting in French but stoped long enough for me to see she was wearing a gold “Peace” symbol around her neck, and a “hole” bracelet, you know, the “eternity” bracelets which also can have an implicit reference to the female genital area.

    SeeIng clear evidence of the proud liberalism of this family, I said something to the effect “Oh, tFrench”. I tell you, this dhimmi woman stopped what she was doing and look at me like she wanted to go fist to cuffs.

    Her male buddy clutched the boy tighter and continued with the on the lip kisses.

    She said something and walked away.

    What were my observations about this French family? First off, socialism reversed roles of the family. The mother thought she was the tomb raider chick, while the man literally looked and acted like a la femme. Then, to enshrine her liberal religion for the world to behold, she wore a gold. ” Peace” symbol ( not a cross for example) and a “hole” bracelet. She was in her reaction to my comment instantly offended and look ready to do battle. As for papa kissing the boy a lot on the lips, I regard that as improper and having the effect of femminizing him.

    I can tell you these people WELL deserve what they asked for. They once again are setting the stage for war in Europe. They have elected a socialist who will irreversibly entrench and legitimize Islam for the next 5 years. I really hope that his elevation to power expedites the fall of the perverse “Republique” because as Mark Levin said, only a total collapse of the system in France can MAYBE alter their horrific collision course with disaster. But of course, maybe there is nothing that can return sanity to a decadent, brainwashed bunch of lazy atheists and socialists.

    • M Hirsch

      Reading your horrible post confirms me in my choice to live in France rather than in that other part of the Anglo world where I was born and raised England. I have no desire to even visit Usa let alone live there. There are many things wrong with all countries but France is still one of the most civilised places to live in the Western world -we have wonderful cuisine and a very low rate of obesity,hundreds of pretty towns and villages and for the most part people are polite, welcoming and friendly and remarkably tolerant to those who come to live here and do not speak French. French children are much better behaved than English ones and although there have been some violent incidentd in schools we don't have the sort of high school shooting sprees you have. Better to live in a country of lazy atheists than hypocrite Christian moneygrubbers who seem never to have heard of the eye of the needle.Nor are we afflicted with the sort of political correctness that refuses to acknowledge the problem of Islamic terrorism as your government is. At least our president is a good old atheist and not a closet Muslim.

  • pierce

    It goes without saying that Hollande and Obama are cut from the same cloth, and if followed will lead their people to self destruction. Viva la The United States and France, as both have embraced Socialism.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Greenfield is whipping himself up into a frenzy to say over then next few articles that Mr. Hollande is a Jew-hating genocidal maniac. He has begun by saying that Hollande has deliberately thrown the Kultur war to the Muslims. He has said that Hollande has alienated the Catholics and Jews. In traditional style, Greenfield used the "blank and Jewish" format, placing "Jews" last after some human shield as grievance caboose. At his most foaming, Mr. Greenfield says Hollande "will mean the end, not only of France, but of Europe." Truly when the man disapproves of an election result, the sky falls.

    • Sage on the Stage

      If you would stop trying to shoot the messenger, and pay more attention to the message, you would see that in fact, the sky truly has fallen on Europe. Mr. Greenfield doesn't have to say that Hollande "is a Jew-hating genocidal maniac"(and WHERE does he say this?); because Hollande has appointed three Muslim ministers in the new government; one of whom is Christiane Taubira, who voted against the law banning the hijab in schools. Isn't it just possible that these Muslim ministers are the "Jew-hating genocidal maniacs?"
      So Hollande is an anti-semitism enabler. Hollande's election is a terrible defeat for the forces of freedom in Europe, and allowing Turkey into the EU will be the final nail on Europe's coffin. But if you can't understand this , just convert to Islam, or go live in France.

      • Schlomotion

        Jews hate Muslims. They hate Turks. They hate the French. They despise the Norwegians and the Americans. They view the Armenians as an obstacle and American Blacks as a competitor for sympathy. Why would these people turn around and love Jews when they are constantly telling people to leave their native countries and convert to Islam because they didn't want a Jewish spokesman?

        • Sage on the Stage

          How many anti-Muslim riots have there been in Israel, or America? None. How many anti-French, anti-Norwegian, anti-Turkish, anti-Armenian, or anti-Black riots have Jews started, or participated in?
          None. On the other hand, how many anti-semitic riots(the word is pogrom) have Muslims started, and/or participated in? Quite a few, to say the least. And as to your last question, HUH?

          • Schlomotion

            Jews don't riot because they don't have the numbers or the bravado to riot. They clamor instead. They intone. They badger. They scold. They vilify. They flip out. They bribe. It's like rioting but in a much more frail fashion.


            And Muslims have the disregard for human life to allow…

            – 9/11
            – 1993 truck bombing of the WTC
            – Bombing of Pan Am 103
            – 7/7 2005 London transport bombings
            – Madrid train bombing
            – Bali bombing
            – Beslan school hijacking massacre
            – Mumbai India massacre
            – 2012 Toulouse France massacre
            – Saddam Husseins poison gas attack on the Kurds – 5,000 dead
            – assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
            – richard reid sneaker bomber
            – Nigerian underwear bomber
            – Times Square SUV bomber
            – Death fatwa on writer Salman Rushdie
            – Death threats on Danish cartoonists over pen and ink drawings
            – Near nuclear war between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and India
            – Beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl
            – Various other kidnapping and video taped executions
            – $100 per barrel Oil – Thanks OPEC
            – $4 per gallon gasoline – Thanks OPEC
            – 8 year Iraq / Iran war
            – Genocidal death threats by the Islamic Republic of Iran
            – Death threats against Europe by Muslims living IN Europe – see British Muslism
            – Honor killings of Muslim girls over "family honor" in the US too
            – Murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
            – Fort Hood massacre
            – Assad kkklan of Syria murder of over 9,000 Syrians AND the absence of "anti-imperialist", "anti-war" protests outside the Syrian consulate
            – attack on the 1972 Olympics and murder of atheletes
            – hijacking of the Achille Lauro and the murder of a wheelchair bound innocent
            – Current Day Slavery in Sudan (Darfur) and Mauritania
            – Empire State Building observation deck murders
            – Muslim-Only city of mecca in saudi arabia
            – wahabbi / salafi fascism
            – Luxor Egypt massacre of tourists
            – murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt
            – synagogue bombings in Turkey
            – church bombings in Nigeria
            – church bombings in Pakistan
            – mosque bombings in Iraq

          • Western Canadian

            Again, this moron holds forth, offering up nothing but wind, and an ill smelling one at that.

        • Touchstone

          When you make so many damning generalizations about "Jews" as a monolithic collective, you're transparently trying to provoke a hostile reaction, much like a child shooting someone with BB pellets. Even your moniker was chosen to mock and offend Jews. Is this a hobby of yours?

          "Jews hate Muslims."
          This sentence is your crowning achievement of factual misrepresentation, a reversal of reality as profound as "the Sun orbits the Earth." Are you aware that endless multitudes of Muslims are relentlessly indoctrinated to hate Jews with a genocidal bloodlust not seen since WW2? Islamic antisemitism is as much a fixture of the contemporary world as the internet or the cell phone.

          "They hate Turks."
          Are you willing to look critically at the Turkish leadership, growing more despotic and imperialist by the day? Are you aware to what extent the Turks have been fomenting hatred of Israel and, by extension, Jews? Isn't it obvious that Turkish leaders have been growing more stridently demagogic of late?

          "They hate the French."
          Was it Jews who rounded up tens of thousands of innocent French people and sent them to death camps, or was it the enthusiastic Vichy collaborationists who did that to the Jews? Can you acknowledge that the French have been very sympathetic to Arafat and the Arab side?

          "They despise the Norwegians"
          Are you able to acknowledge the antisemitism common in Norway today, manifesting itself in attitudes expressed by academics, politicians, and media personalities? Does Norway's voting record at the UN represent a fondness for Jews or Israel? What about the French and Turkish voting records?

          "…and the Americans."
          Why would Jews hate Americans, except the bigots who blame current economic woes on "the Jews" and cheer the prospect of nuking Israel and deporting American Jews, as I read in online comments every day?

          "They view the Armenians as an obstacle"
          Huh? Israel sees the Armenians as a potential ally against Turkey. The Turks slaughtered more than a million of them, in case you didn't know.

          "…and American Blacks as a competitor for sympathy."
          Actually, more and more Jews see a growing percentage of blacks not as victims but as feverishly hostile to Jews, as exemplified by such highly refined paragons of civilization as Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. Once again, which side is the source of passionate hatred and scapegoating?

          You refuse to take an honest look at WHY these various groups of people are the subjects of articles involving Israel and antisemitism. Accusing Jews of hating the above is monumentally imperceptive and it completely misses the point: it's obvious that it's the aforementioned groups who are preoccupied with Jews and Israel, not the other way around. Why keep denying the blatant antisemitic obsession of a great many Muslims, American blacks, Europeans and others? You refuse to acknowledge the true sources of hatred because "the Jews" are, once again, such a convenient scapegoat. Just blame the Jews, and problem solved!

          • Schlomotion

            I would actually prefer if when discussing these types of things, people would not drag it into the "Jews" part of the Venn diagram from the Zionism, or the Israel, or the Hasbara part of the diagram. It can't be helped, sometimes. The Zionists know that they benefit by turning the conversation from one about Nations or Parties or Interest Groups, or Pressure Groups into a discussion about Jews. They know that there is an established set of guidelines when talking about Jews, where Jews allegedly have the upper hand and control who may say Jew, what they may mean by the word Jew, and when to say something is either Jewish or anti-Jewish. It is a time-built tradition of argument that it is my goal to destroy along with the War on Terror. It is an obstacle to peace and freedom, it has ruined our civilization, and should be swept away fearlessly. It is, however still useful to people with certain vested interests, so it gets ugly.

            Still, even the most novice person doing Jewish Apologetics knows that the goal is to make it not about Jews if a Jew is doing something bad, and to make it about Jews if a non-Jew is simply criticizing behavior. They substitute odium inimicitiae for odium abominationis wherever possible. One of the most basic components of Hasbara is brokering when "it" is a Jew and when "it" is not a Jew, "it" referring to case. An even simpler component to the game theory of Jewish Apologetics is to apply the truth table to whether one is a "friend" or an "enemy" to Jews. Once friend-enemy has been established, then Jew/notJew is applied. Another fun game is the assignment or revocation of validity such as "source is accredited/discredited." Frontpage is largely a game of Jewish sources claiming a network of Jewish sources are "accredited" and certain opponents are "discredited." Where possible, they avoid blatant self-promotion (sometimes). The goal is always marketing and promotion of Zionists and boycott, blacklisting, and destruction of anti-Zionists. David Horowitz invited me into this big NP complexity parlor game by attacking several prominent professors, writers and rap musicians. That's why I do it. It is a hobby, and it is part of my career. Look at Frontpagemag now trying to pull in a rap PR promoter who is also a Hasbara agency (Ron Torossian). This is the sound of Hasbara Zionism trying to stay relevant past its appropriate century.

            In the realm of cybernetics: I like that Frontpage and the DHFC are bound to a non-Markovian process of publication and that they can always be refuted or halted by a Markovian process. Their system is memory-based, and any simple memoryless process can defeat any individual writer or day's worth of bitter publication using only the current available state of their Hasbara machine.

            I am willing, and also readily able to acknowledge that the governments of Palestine, France, Turkey, and literally almost every government is grossly substandard. I even spent four years getting a college degree in that field to prove it to myself. I am American, 98% French Ancestry, not Jewish or theistic, not Democrat or Republican. I do not have inherent racial or religious biases against Jews. I have taken turns interacting with, and where necessary, verbally abusing members of every major religion and various media outlets, mainly for stamping on peoples' rights, pushing for wars or meddling in the promotion of art, music and literature. I feel even more tempted to be involved when these groups push into police powers, gang organization, issuing manifestos and exhorting assassinations and mass killings which they try to deny later.


            Schlocky must have shed tears over the passing of his hero, the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103.

            First Osama. Now Megrahi.

            IT'S A NAKBA!!

        • Western Canadian

          A profound example of projection, on the part of the resident/troll jew hater.


          Muslims hate everybody.

          That's why Muslims kill Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Bahais…

          And… Muslims hate fellow Muslims.

          Hence the sunni/shiite bloodfests.

        • Ghostwriter

          Schlockmotion,your idiocy and your anti-semitism is becoming tiresome. If you have nothing intelligent to say,I think you should go somewhere else where they would welcome your anti-Jewish bilge.

    • Zionista

      have you strolled (ran would be a better word) through any of the "no go" zones in France lately – ya know the hoods where muslims live and where it's unwise to wear a cross or star of David, and where even the police stay away from? Oh, I forgot – you don't have the balls.

      • Schlomotion

        I don't avoid "no go" zones. That's some white Jewish classist designation. I go wherever I want to. I am not worried about getting wiped off the face of the earth.

        • Zionista

          you're not just an envious, Jew hating gutless wonder, you're delusional and a liar.

          • Schlomotion

            Regale me with what there is to envy.

          • Zionista

            regale me with stories of all the muslim countries and mosques you've visited – after all, you claim to know so much about what's going on – but keep it short instead of putting us to sleep with your boring nonsense

          • Schlomotion

            OK, so nothing, then. I thought you were saying I envy Jews, and there was a big list of enviable traits that I pore over.

          • ZIonista

            chances are the computer, cell phone and other technology that even a knuckle dragger like you can use were created in Israel, then there are all those Jewish names on lists of Noble prize winners, then there are all the prominent doctors, lawyers, politicians, business owners who are Jews – I'd keep going but I've got a life buh-bye jealous, Jew hating pig!

          • Touchstone

            Wow. Are you implying that Jews have no admirable attributes? No achievements to be proud of? No positive contributions made to the world?

          • Schlomotion

            No. I am not implying that. Naturally, I know that they have admirable attributes. Zionista is positing that I am motivated by envy. I am saying that she cast a simulacrum at me. She said that I envy Jews, but she did not say of what. Her equation is: S[E(Jx)] , but she left x null (or infinity). I am S. I allegedly Envy Jews of something. So I want to know the short list of substitutions for x. Currently, it is clear she is able to make the accusation without there actually being an object, item, or quality.

            Do I envy the "tribalism?" No.
            Do I envy the "chosenness?" No.
            Do I envy the "scientific acheivements?" No.
            Do I envy the "networking?" No.
            Do I envy the "victim status?" No.
            Do I envy the "successful lobbying?" No.
            Do I envy the "Mediterranean waterfront property?" No.
            Do I envy the "snazzy outfits?" No.

            I am not saying that Jews have no enviable characteristics. I am saying that as Jews, categorically, epistemologically, in and of themselves, or as a set of perceived attributes, I don't envy them. The accusation is bunk, but I am curious as to what specific racial, religious, or social items she thinks are enviable about Jews. Her statement is false (zero) unless there are nonzero values for x. If she can find one innate value of Jews that is not common to other people, and it is enviable, then her statement may be true.

            It is of note that if Zionista assigned infinite attributes to Jews, then the definition of Jews is self-negating. I want to know if the vacuously true statement "I envy Jews," (because I envy Jews of nothing) marks the absolute limit of Jews' sense of self importance, namely that their chauvinism peaks out at transfinite induction.

          • Touchstone

            "If she can find one innate value of Jews that is not common to other people"

            Interestingly, in an earlier post you listed a number of NEGATIVE qualities you identified as being associated with Jews. Here's the link to the page containing that post, followed by an excerpt of what you wrote:

            "I think Shapiro tries to live up to the characteristics that people find odious about Jews … (e.g. smarmy, litigious, niggling, ultraconservative, obsequious, patronizing)"

            You clearly didn't have a problem naming what you consider to be Jewish failings, but you seem at a loss to associate any positive attributes with the same group. If Jews are indeed a group, after all, surely they must have some identifiable traits that are "not common to other people", and it seems unlikely that every single trait would be bad. Some might even be enviable.

            What if the "odious" traits you listed shouldn't be paired with Jews after all? It would be more convincing to argue that Jews have no unique strengths if you conceded that Jews have no unique weaknesses.

            Perhaps negative stereotyping comes more naturally than group exaltation.

          • Schlomotion

            I said that, but I don't believe those are innate characteristics of Jews. Of course they are stereotypes. In the 1980's people became fond of saying "do not stereotype." I disagree with this. I think stereotyping occurs out of necessity, how we process whole new categories. A stereotype is a probabilistic distribution of most likely expected behaviors based on what you observe. Do you think my stereotyping of Jews is based on meeting just a few Jews or very many Jews? The answer is very many.

            While it is unfair and inaccurate to frame a new person in a stereotype, that person normalizes over a few interactions and the stereotype is adjusted to one that is a close to exact replica of that person. So as you and I had several interactions, you can see we became less belligerent, less accusatory, and more willing to exchange beliefs and observations. You are different from Ben Shapiro who has a pariah strategy and tries to maximize alienation by embracing stereotype, if not enhancing differences at every interaction, that is, when he interacts with others. He is not very interactive.

            It is true that the "odious" traits should not be directly associated with the genetic profiles of Jews, or to consider Jews a different species of human being from all other human beings. It is valid, though to expect a certain combination of the social traits that have been observed from or assigned to Jews, because some Jews still identify as Jews and operate within a corporate social framework. We can call that a culture, but that is odd because Jews move freely between cultures. Again, all of this stuff is perfectly human. In my opinion people should shed their cultural baggage, and they can do so while still remembering their history and culture. I think it should be absolutely forbidden as tomfoolery to claim a 2000 year history of oppression. Black people were stretching it at 400 years. Who lives that long?

          • Touchstone

            It seems to be a huge challenge for you to accept that when Jews "claim a 2000 year history of oppression", they are indeed "remembering their history", or at least the most salient and hauntingly memorable features of it. Instead, you dismiss this claim as "tomfoolery" or "baggage" that should be "shed". You seem to think that any mention of the historical mistreatment of Jews is nothing more than the opportunistic playing of the victim card. I couldn't disagree more.

            It's not as though anyone is claiming that every year of that history was as terrible as a year of the Inquisition or the Third Reich. But it would be hard to find a century in that time period when Jews weren't falsely accused of authoring some calamity like plagues or poisoned wells, held to account for killing Christ, confined to a ghetto, barred from certain professions, denied various rights and privileges, had their property seized, forced out in an expulsion somewhere, massacred in a pogrom, and generally maligned, slandered, libeled, ostracized, picked on and scapegoated. I only wish it was nothing more than tomfoolery to claim such things. The historical record indicates otherwise. Railing against it or denying it won't change it.

            Blacks in America have also had a long sad history. It's true that when blacks and Jews and gays and any other minority aren't being victimized in any way, they shouldn't play the victim. But when it's relevant to bring up that history, people must not shy away from it in fear of being ACCUSED of playing the victim. It's really a matter of discretion. Sometimes it's perfectly appropriate to remind people of historical events, whereas sometimes it smacks of opportunism.

            It goes without saying that a black man who refers to the history of slavery isn't referring to his own personal history; the same applies to a Jew who for whatever reason refers to the Holocaust or the like. Don't confuse a purposeful allusion to one's heritage with an implied claim that one has actually been a part of that heritage. For instance, when Jews mention the Holocaust in the context of a debate over whether to strike Iran, those particular Jews don't need to have survived the camps in order to have sufficient authority to speak up. It's enough that they understand what fate could befall Israel, based on the impact their heritage has had on them, and how attuned they are as a result to the conditions favoring another attempted annihilation. In other words, a knowledge of history sharpens one's threat-detecting radar. Earlier you called this "overactive worry", but that's a lot more beneficial than stuporous indifference.

            You can't forbid Jews or blacks or anyone else from referring to their people's history to make points they feel they must make, just because they weren't personally around to have suffered through the history they're discussing. We're all told from an early age to learn from history so as not to repeat it. That's the main reason, not personal opportunism, why you keep hearing the same troubled histories come up in debate.

          • Schlomotion

            I agree with this:

            "Don't confuse a purposeful allusion to one's heritage with an implied claim that one has actually been a part of that heritage."

            Conversely, it is appropriate to say, "You are not an actual part of that heritage, you are part of the current trend which is that of an empowered people annexing an inhabited territory." Or, "You are just some dude from Canada." Or, "You are an American who wants to be an Israeli, why don't you go there?" All of those seem valid to me because the recipient of such statements has the option of not identifying with ancient history. I would not pose the same statements to someone whose grandfather died in the Holocaust, or anything like that, in the same way that you don't tell a nun that she has nice legs. But the fact of the present is that Jews are some really rich really powerful Western white people. They should be reminded of that when they harp on being oppressed as a bulwark against criticism.

          • Touchstone

            "the recipient of such statements has the option of not identifying with ancient history"

            This is where you err. Jews DON'T have the option of not identifying as Jews, and with all the baggage that entails. The Nazis proved that better than anyone. Our enemies periodically force us into a painfully identifiable collective, whether we like it or not. You do the same whenever you make a sweeping generalization like "Jews hate Muslims" or "Jews try the patience of nations" or "Jews overstay their welcome" and the like. Jews get lumped together. It's not a unique fate. It's shared by every minority, or even by every race, religion and nationality.

            "Jews are some really rich really powerful Western white people"

            That may be true for some Wall Street bankers or the ones at the top of the Hollywood food chain and a relative handful of others, but it's simply not true of most Jews. And if it was, it's surprising you don't find Jews "enviable".

            "when they harp on being oppressed as a bulwark against criticism"

            It's not so much "being" oppressed at it is "HAVING BEEN" oppressed for eons, or more accurately, being descended from Jews who were both recently and distantly oppressed. The history of oppression doesn't lose relevance just because there are successful Jews in the world. It's the CYCLE of oppression that matters. Jewish power in Weimar Germany didn't insulate them from being oppressed along with their poorer cousins across Europe. Similarly, a handful of powerful Jews today could very well join the oppressed masses tomorrow if the ancient pendulum of antisemitic persecution (alternating with periods of prosperity) swings again on cue once again.

            I don't know the future, so I look to the past as a guide. You dismiss the past and look to the present for guidance. That's folly. The present tells us very little. It yields no pattern for study. But the past speaks volumes.

          • Schlomotion

            Eons. Do you know what happened over eons? The eohippus evolved from a small beast the size of a fox into a large beast with hooves that wins equestrian competitions. Jews have not been oppressed for eons. Jews have not existed for eons, and really, 2000 years is not a lot of time unless you are waiting for a bus. Had Jews been oppressed for eons they would have developed large armored foreheads, giant spiny forearms, tails with stingers, venomous sacs in their necks, or the ability to leap 40 feet into large trees, not simply Hasbara media. Let's scale this down. The reality is that most of the nations on earth have citizens of Jewish descent and it is punch and pie all the time. They haven't been oppressed in every nation, and as Israelites, they oppressed the Baalites, as Communists, they oppressed one another and Eastern Europeans.

            They have also scrupulously avoided inhabiting most of Africa, China, India, Indonesia, Portugal, Serbo-Croatia, Sweden, Iceland, or Finland. They don't complain about those places being "judenrein" or "judenfrei" only the two specific strips of land they are trying to annex. They only whip out the fear of genocide when people criticize this.

          • Touchstone

            Devoting most of your post to a critique of my choice of the word "eons" was a silly digression. It should have been clear that I chose the word for dramatic effect, not because I truly believe Jews have been around since the Cretaceous Period. 2000 years of scapegoating is long enough and doesn't have any counterpart in history, as far as I'm aware.

            Jews as commie oppressors? Soviet communists oppressed Jews and for many years made it very hard for Jews to leave the country.

            As for the countries on your list, Jews expelled by Romans weren't exactly in a position to waltz into distant lands like China, India, Indonesia, Iceland, or the far reaches of Africa and Scandinavia. Naturally they didn't roam that far initially, and just as naturally, they settled where they had more in common with the inhabitants (with respect to language, custom, race, etc). They didn't "scrupulously avoid" places like India and China; such places are obviously much more exotic and alien to someone of Semitic, Middle Eastern descent. As for "judenrein", isn't that what most of Europe is today, rather than the West Bank?

            You always couch things so negatively so as to portray Jews in a harsh light, while concurrently managing to make points that don't bear scrutiny. Impoverished people desperately fleeing the Roman sword didn't "scrupulously avoid" exotic lands thousands of miles away. They didn't have any such luxury.

          • Schlomotion

            You think the Jews has it bad because of the Roman expulsion. Look what it did to the Roman Empire. It collapsed. Twice! Rogue elements of the Jewish Faith took root all over the Mediterranean and into Asia Minor. Rome fell to the Germans and Christians, (then called Jews), collapsing under the ideas of a former Pharisee inquisitor turned evangelist. Then the Holy Roman Empire fell to the Germans again, this time to Martin Luther and his Jewish opponents, Joseph Joselmann of Rosheim and Pseudo-Messiah Solomon Molcho, who even then was trying to wage war with Iran. Romanism became Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholicism became Protestantism. Protestantism became Kantianism and Soci.alism. Zionism was born. Zionism and Soci.alism and Germanism again became Nazism. Jews took a beating under Nazism and then that became the pretext for Zionism getting carte blanche to exert cruelty. It's not just Jews that get to complain about being distributed through the Roman beacon into every nation state. In truth, culturally, they are an integral part of every civilization. When Jewish Separatists want to decry those civilizations, it's practically comedy in this day and age. Look how FPM is now trying to merge with Evangelical Christianity and Nazi Skinheadism to get its message across. They don't get to play the role of abused outsider. They are us!

          • Touchstone

            The Romans reached their maximum point of geographical expansion not long after they massacred the Jews (in such great numbers that it should truly be dubbed Holocaust 1) and expelling the remnant. Rather than deteriorating, the Roman Empire hit its peak right around the time of the expulsion.

            One can't say that Rome fell to the Christians because the Roman Empire became officially Christian after Constantine.

            Try convincing Catholics and Protestants (especially in Ireland) that "Roman Catholicism became Protestantism".

          • Schlomotion

            What's funny to me is what a big deal people make about Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finkelstein, or George Soros when King Herod's grandson was minting "Judea Capta" coins in Greek after said Holocaust.

          • Touchstone

            Not sure if you're conceding the other points, but…

            You're combining two unrelated things and suggesting that there's meaning in the combination.

            Who would you expect Jews today to be familiar with, prominent Jews notorious for making outrageous comments or obscure historical figures?

            The only Jews you champion are the ones who have enraged their fellow Jews in some way. They represent a tiny percentage of Jewry. That suggests you disdain all the rest. No wonder you're always being accused of bigotry. It's a perfectly logical accusation.

          • Schlomotion

            You think the Herodians and Agrippa the Second are obscure historical figures? Are Masada and the Second Temple Expansion obscure architectural achievements? Is the Hellenization of Israel an obscure fact of history or one of their famous last chances at modernity? OK. Yes, you are right. The only Jews I champion are the ones who enraged their fellow Jews in some way. I even named my son after Simon bar Giora. In the same way I prefer Socrates and Epictetus over run of the mill ancient Greeks. Judaism, like Islam, or Mormonism, or Catholicism is a worldview that deserves to be outraged. Have you read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court? I hold the same views toward Zionism as Hank Morgan holds toward the Chivalric Code and Primogeniture.

            But look at Frontpage trying to endorse the Skinheads of Luton with their Luton Chivalric emblem. Look at them trying to extricate themselves from Anders Breivik's neo-Templarism, though it is part of the English Defense League. Look at how they still peddle Peder Jensen. Look how Barbara Walters fawns over the Queen of England and the Shah of Iran. Israelism is like a big trip backwards into the Middle Ages. If Hitler was a last pathetic death throe of trying to have an Atilla's Roman Empire, then Israel is Netanyahu's pathetic death throe of trying to have a Herodian Kingdom under the American Empire, complete with a new temple and a walled city.

          • Touchstone

            Nobody's obscure if you've studied them. My point was that more Jews would have heard of a prominent, contemporary Jew with controversial opinions like Norman Finkelstein than Agrippa. It's relative: compared to Moses, Agrippa was indeed obscure. To a historian, nobody's obscure. But most people aren't historians or even students of history. So I stand by what I wrote.

            "Israelism is like a big trip backwards into the Middle Ages" — Only if you insist on taking such a callous, condescending, condemnatory view, and only if you cherry-pick the facts, such as highlighting the EDL as Israel's ally, while conspicuously omitting other allies like Harper's Conservative Party in Canada, to name just one. (By the way, I doubt FPM was endorsing the EDL; it was interested in showcasing the intolerant Muslims in the street). You seek to portray Israel as medieval (while denying any Fordian prejudice, of course), so you're careful to include only notorious entities like Breivik and "Skinheads" on your list. That's one very, very selective list you've got there.

            A less mean-spirited view is that Israel's Jews must be thankful they have a place of refuge after terrible events like the Holocaust, the awful years of 1945-1948 (a period seldom discussed in Jewish history), and the expulsion of a million Jews from Arab lands. But a Fordian would always refuse to look at things from any perspective that dares to suggest that today's Jews are anything less than medieval barbarians. Maybe they're just relieved to finally have a state of their own and they're clinging to it for dear life, Fordian hecklers be damned.

            And yes, I don't recall you championing any Jews besides Gilad Atzmon and other hated figures in the Jewish community. You've praised him numerous times. One would logically conclude that you endorse his severely anti-Jewish views. But perhaps you support Atzmon the same way you support Ford: only until you're shamed into denying it.

          • Schlomotion

            The "less mean-spirited view" makes it sound like a wildlife refuge for homo-sapiens on the endangered pseudo-species list, or like a convalescent home for World Jewry. Under that paradigm, it makes sense that Irving Moskowitz is handling the settlement financing out of Miami. An equal paradigm to that is that Israel is a colony of the American Jewish Diaspora, or a Theme Park for Judaism, or an offshore overseas gated community. When you look at Israel like that, as a West Palm Beach/Cayman Islands/Eric Estrada timeshare condominium for Jews only, it makes a lot more sense. If I were black, and somebody called me n****r once, I could retire to a Club Med Penthouse in Tunisia on that basis.

          • Touchstone

            I'm not surprised you would disparage the very notion of not looking at something related to Jews with a "less mean-spirited view". If you can't put that filter on your lens, what's the point, right?

            "Israel is a colony of the American Jewish Diaspora"

            Yeah, right. I forgot that Herzl, Ben-Gurion, Dayan, and everyone else that paved the way for Israel's creation in the early-to-mid 20th century (including the Jews who were massacred by Arabs in pogroms, or expelled from Arab lands) was an American Jew. How silly of me to forget that Israel was created by Americans and for Americans. How could all those history books I read have omitted such a salient fact?

          • Schlomotion

            The further back we go, to Ben Gurion, and Herzl, as I have said, Israel is a nobler idea and a David. The closer to the present we come, Israel is a decadent and corrupt idea and a sneering Goliath. The less mean-spirited view is appropriate to 1948. The more mean-spirited view is appropriate to 2012.

          • Touchstone

            Israel is the same idea it always was. Its Arab and Muslim enemies hate it now no more than they hated it in 1948. The difference is that the Arabs have succeeded in recruiting many more rabid haters across the globe. The sneering Goliath is the massive aggregate Israel faces: the UN, the EU, Russia, China, Iran, Arab nations, Muslim nations, and so on.


            Looks like Schlocky is suffering from

            low self esteem.


          Schlocky, Go to "no go zone" Mecca openly proclaiming that you are not a Muslim and gay.

          Lets see how you are treated.

  • BS77

    Hollande to France: "This is going to hurt." France, Sweden, England etc etc have invited the Trojan Horse into their gates and are now moaning in despair….but keeping up the idiot "happy face", one of liberalism's habits.

  • Linda Rivera

    Islam-loving, Hollande, will NOT protect the human rights of non-Muslims!

    Centuries ago, REAL MEN (how beautiful you were, guys! And how beautiful all the REAL men and women are today, who fight for our freedom against Muslim conquest and the imposition of Sharia law!). REAL MEN fought desperate battles to keep the barbaric Muslim invaders out of European countries. In our day, our Western leaders HATE their own people, HATE their own PATRIOTIC, law-abiding citizens. HATE Christians and Jews (and Hindus and other non-Muslims).

    Western leaders have deliberately brought in MASSIVE numbers of Muslims, provided Muslims with free housing, free health care, free money and other free stuff, all at taxpayers expense, to DESTROY our freedom; to DESTROY our human rights, to deliberately bring about Muslim conquest of our countries and the excessively cruel imposition of barbaric Islamic Sharia law.


  • Linda Rivera

    Why is WARMONGER, Turkey, a member of NATO?

    End Muslim Turkey's ILLEGAL Occupation of Cyprus!

  • Basil

    Get a free book on how to make use of a burqa.
    The Burqa Master, an exploration of the sharia and all things irreverent. A satirical novel play about penalties and secret hypocrisy.
    With irony and humour a fundamentalist Koran thumper comes face to face with the devil when his son-in-law converts to Buddhism and becomes a vegetarian.
    And what to do with a son who's an unrepentant adulterer and dresses up in a burqa? In the end he has to face his own hypocrisy and past crimes, which ends in religious anarchy.
    A combination of a young Muslim man's exploits and his old man's fundamentalist religious beliefs entwine in an enthralling tale that
    mesmerises and makes it hard to put down. I was Initially skeptical on the novel play format, yet I found it an easy read and the style lent
    itself to the comical story line. With endless laughter in relaying this family's quirks and idiosyncrasies as so many of our own families contain.
    So often we see the the outside of Muslim families, rarely do we have such a unique view of the inside. I loved it for the juxtaposition of comedy and realism.
    A family portrait in fact, to remind that desire doesn't have a morality neither religion.
    The Burqa Master is in paperback or for the next few days you can get the ebook for free on Amazon.



    • Ghostwriter

      Right! And I'm Mickey Mouse. The burqa is little more than a way to oppress women. You're an idiot if you think you're winning any fans here. Your nonsense is nauseating and insulting.

    • Mickey Oberman

      We have for years now seen a great many examples in all media of Muslim women's freedom to be raped and mutilated and stoned and beaten.
      We have seen even more examples of the peacefulness of Islam, of the real love it extends to Jews, Christians, all infidels and even to their own brethren whom they keep safely ensconced in refugee/concentration camps and to fellow Muslims with whom they are constantly warring.
      We know that Islam is a peaceful religion because it is involved in only a little over 90% of the conflicts in the world, not 100%.
      We have seen the love that Muslims have for their children whom they adoringly turn into living shields and human bombs and whom they murder for even a suspicion of disobedience.

      A piece on you too.

    • sneed5


      If you are a peaceful Islamist, why is it there is no outrage when the radical Islamists commit their heinous crimes. Until you "peaceful" Islamists can be more convincing in your attitude about fighting radical Islamists, we will have to maintain our belief that if the Islamists in the United States were to launch an all-out attack on us, you would be on the side of the "radicals"!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Jamil, if a Burqa is so liberating, why don't you wear it too?

    • BobbyFR94

      Hey "ENNEMY", why don't you put your burqua straight where you know ?
      Precision : I'm a frenchman living close to Paris…

      ISLAM is not a religion, it's a political-religious system, a TOTALITARIAN SYSTEM !!

      It has commun points with NAZISM – let's remember that the "eatshxt" (mufti) of Jérusalem allied with hitler !! :

      – You're the "best" communauty your chief or god made
      – You want to eradicate all Jewish people on the planete
      – You want to RULE the WHOLE world and IMPOSE your IDEOLOGY to ALL !!
      – You will kill anyone, any dissident, and reeducate "non-beleivers"

      So, DUCON, tell me, what, on 2012, continue spreading by murdering, raping, torturing, razzaing (keeping people and sell them as slaves), robbering, without forgetting pedophilia ?

      In France, we're more & more to be fed-up with yours "buddies", and I predict France will be the first to revolt, and against NAZISLAMISTS, and AGAINST MONDIALISTS (politics, banksters)

      As time goes by, we are more & more to think to hang high & short any mé-rat (terrorist assassin at Toulouse Town), and our politics !!!

      Your peers invade Andalousia for 8 centuries, but they were finally kicked off on 1492, and you should remember 1789…

      When financial world will collapse, do you think that french people will continue viewing duffy duck on TV ?

      MONDIALISM uses NAZISLAMISTS because they didn't find more stupid to rule on !! you were imported in my country only for this reason, and certainly not because of your intelligence…

      An article to read, and you will learn who betrayed French and, in fact, european people : hamiltonmore


    • wctaqiyya

      Jamil is as much a Muslim as my excrement is the original golden Koran. No, I meant to say he isn't a Muslim.


    Jamil, The burqa is as "beautiful" as a grave.
    The burqa is the "freedom" of a prison.
    Islam is the religion of peace as terrorism is peace.
    Islam "honors" women as slavery "honors" freedom.

    BTW Jamil, Infidels know about taqiyya and 9/11. Your lies only impress fools and socialists.
    Mecca will one day know the the love of Nakba.

    Jamil, Nakba be upon you.

  • Arius

    France, as well as Europe, is on its death march. Let Europe descend into dhimmitude – why should I care?

    • sneed5

      I say start pulling out of all the countries in which we have our noses and U.S. taxpayer money. Cut off the funds we give them, reinforce our defenses here at home, get busy drilling for oil and natural gas, produce more coal, and strive for more renewable energy(with no taxpayer subsidies)! To a man, all countries of the world hate us!! All they want is our abundant resources! Let them go on their own and let's take care of our own people.

      We've been supporting all of those nations since WWII, with our 800+ military bases in about 135 nations of the world!

      NATO members refused Obama's proposal to give money to Europe so that they would not have to suffer any austerity! He will certainly give them U.S. Taxpayer money! Better we suffer austerity than them!

      The only nation out of that G8 group that is standing on it's own two feet is Germany, and they are able to do that because they have been austere in their entitlements. You may have see Obama with Merkel, trying to con her into easing up on the austerity!

      The United States is nearly in the same condition as Greece!!!!

      • Arius

        Right! Germany is still holding firm on not easing (monetizing).

  • wctaqiyya

    Say what you want about the French, but they do seem to have the uncanny ability to know when they have been defeated. Good on them. I'll bet they already have 500 years of wine and stinky cheese buried in the catacombs to tide them over. After all, you have to figure it may take that long before the Mongol hordes come back to drive off the Arabs.

  • Jimi Belton

    I am so thankful that i have been saved and given the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ…This earth is moaning and groaning in its last Throes of Life…..She is dead, spurred on to the final gasp of life by Satan, The father of lies and deception…..My Bible tells me that God will send a strong delusion that all the wicked of this earth will believe a lie….Romans 1:28……And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not [convenient]…Seemly…..v.29:,..being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wichedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder,[strife], deceit, malignity; whisperers, v30, backbighters, haters of God, despiteful,[ or insolent], proud boasters, inventors of evil things, disobetient to parents, v. 31;..without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful; v.32..Who, knowing the judgement of God, that they who commit such things are worthy of death, not only do such things but have pleasure in them that do such things….back to verse28, God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things…..Yes i have been SAVED from the judgement of God thourgh the atonement of My Savior, and the Paschel Lamb of Jehovah, The Lord Jesus Christ…..friends it is time to get off the fence and seek this same atonement for every sin you have ever committed { or ever will }…..i read on these sites where people that are truely in fear of what the world is rapidly coming to and ask for an answer to what they can do to escape it….Turn your heart to God and ask for the atonement for your sins that Christ has already provided for you…..Come to The Water of Life and Satisfy your thristy soul….He will in no way refuse anyone…..Come just as you are, and ask Jesus to come into your heart and save you from this awful hell that is coming upon this sick earth, There is not one thing that you can do to earn this forgiveness, just receive it as a free gift from a kind loving Father….He will then cleanse you and His word, The Bible can help you on your way to eternity….I am not sinless, as neither the Polp of Rome, nor any other human on this earth…, But i do not enjoy that life anymore…With His help i will seek to not fall into sin….You can see my my name all over a few of these websites, please contact me, if you need more info……God bless

  • Raymond in DC

    "Hollande, who lost the Catholic and Jewish vote, but won the Muslim vote…"

    There's a growing community of French Jews now in Israel. Reports are that some 90% of their votes went for Sarkozy. My assumption is that a similarly high proportion of Jews still (for now) residing in France also went for Sarkozy. However disappointing Sarkozy had been, the alternative was deemed far worse.

    As France betrayed their Jews during WW II, now they've betrayed *themselves* by voting in a regime that will change France forever. It's the beginning of the end.

    • Arius

      It their death march.

  • Ronald Johnston

    We, the American people, need to invite all theJews in the world to immigrate to the U.S. Most of them would immediately accept and they would be the most productive people in this country. This would almost instantly reverse the 100 years of progressive communist marxist socialism. Our GDP would grow by leaps and bounds. The Arabs, who claim to be religious, but are ideological only, will have to fend for themselves and they will fail because they have never known freedom and cannot accept it!!! The ignorant countries of Europe who do not recognize the value of their Jewish people, will starve to death!!!!