France’s Lost Multilcultural Generation Speaks Out (VIDEO)

Revolutionary youthful manifestos are supposed to post-national multicultural calls for tearing down borders. Youthful energy is supposed to be dedicated to waving red flags, not yellow ones. But Generation Identitaire‘s declaration of war is a call for a revival of a French identity.

With phrases such as, “We no longer believe that “Khader” could ever be our brother, we have stopped believing in a “Global Village” and the “Family of Man”, “We are 25 percent unemployment, social debt, multicultural collapse and an explosion of anti-white racism” and “We discovered that we have roots, ancestry and therefore a future”, its Declaration of War challenges the policies of immigration and integration and strives to recapture a France based on a national identity, rather than a post-national identity.

  • Deerknocker

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The French are apparently beginning to manifest that reaction. The reaction may not be pretty, but it is likely inevitable, brought about by those who under the delusion of multiculturalism have tried to mix Islamic and Western civilizations, civilizations that have been at war through most of the past 600 years. There is a lesson for us in this, if only we are realistic and clear headed enough to see it.

  • fritz

    Id like to see what Paul Berman (flight of the intellectuals) has to say about the attack on his beloved 68'ers.

  • CharlesDickens99

    Much as I sympathize with French who do not want their venerable civilization destroyed by Sharia, there are some downright racist statements here which I find disturbing. So down with Sharia but three cheers for the French liberal tradition which includes incidentally, anti-racism.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "So down with Sharia but three cheers for the French liberal tradition which includes incidentally, anti-racism. "

      It also includes a bit of denial. Perhaps you have some too.

    • joe get

      I don't see any racism in here. Please point it out.

      • CharlesDickens99

        Disturbing racist statements? How about:
        “ethnic fracture, total failure of coexistence and the forced mixing of the races.”
        Criticising someone for their belief system is one thing, hating someone on account of their skin-colour is something else.
        I think you should be more upbeat on the values of the French Republic, similar to those of the American Republic.
        The French Revolution and American War of Independence are, of course, two inter-related events.

        • GaryJohn

          does black skin help blacks run faster?

          • CharlesDickens99

            What a stupid comment.

        • Arkanos

          People of the same culture tend to mingle and have sex between themselves; people who have sex between themselves tend to have or develop the same culture. It's not about skin-color. That is nature's gift and yes, a statement about the culture—larger family—that one is a part of. One can't escape it. One can only keep it or forge it (or have it forged) into something different. "Skin-color" isn't about aesthetics. It is a badge about what was and what is. Let people congregate and value (and love) as they will, and if they look at their similarities and say, "Look what we have made!" then let them not shy away from saying, "Look where we reside, " which is to simply honor and strengthen the values that forged them.

        • Cicero

          "The French Revolution and American War of Independence are, of course, two inter-related events. "

          And both highly overrated, though there are a couple of redeeming features in the latter.

        • Hugh Maguire

          Their Skin color is not French let them go back to their homelands and fit in perfectly then they won't have to deal with "Racism".

  • Thomas Wells

    Remember the battle of Tours.

  • Murray

    If this video goes viral, then there may be a wisp of hope. "Khader is not my brother" is not racist. It is acceptance of what Khader himself has been proclaiming all along.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Khader is not my brother" is not racist."

      It's about culture and ideology, NOT RACE!

      "It is acceptance of what Khader himself has been proclaiming all along."

      About ideology and hate derived from it.

      • GaryJohn

        If racially diverse societies are full of racism, and hatred, and bigotry, WHY SUPPORT DIVERSITY?

        Are Whites the only race celebrating diversity as they become minorities in their own societies?

        No other race would celebrate diversity if they were becoming a minority in their own society.

        Why are Whites celebrating their own ethnic cleansing? (Paying taxes to allow their own society to become flooded with non-Whites is a form of self-cleansing). Hitler cleansed other races, but White Liberals are helping their OWN RACE become a minority!

        The financial burden of non-White immigration, AND constant wars, PLUS feminism is causing Whites to have less kids.

        Whites are paying to become a minority in a country founded and built by Whites. This must be a sickness.

        Why are Whites allowing themselves to become minorities in their own societies?

        Are non-Whites are taking advantage of Whites weakness of being too generous?

        Non-Whites have a strong racial consciousness. They put their own racial interests first. White Liberals don't. White Liberals hate on White Conservatives, but other races stick together. Have White Liberals lost their racial consciousness?

        • akneyboy

          Thats Marxism for ya

      • Hugh Maguire

        Culture and Ideology are about Race, stop defending yourselves from the charge of Racism…..

  • angrywhitewoman

    Violence against white people is rampant, these anti-racist leftists don't care about white people it's simple as that. It's so sad that whites are doing to this to themselves and future generations. How can we educate them?

  • Tod

    There is mass grooming of whites by Pakistani males in the UK, these Asians and white leftists say it's not racially motivated. Well it's easy for them to say that when it's not their girls being abducted and raped.

    It's time we educate whites on what is going on, as long as the likes of the Guardian exist generations of white people will be brainwashed.

  • Leonard Hartley

    Its a spiritual battle…France and its history of the crusades and faith in the living God of the bible and Jesus Christ his son now rejected by the leftist liberal "enlightened" fruitcakes who cozy up to evil in the form of the followers or the dead prophet of Mecca a known murderer, liar, rapist, thief, extortioner, child molester and worshipper of an old arab moon god. True moslems obey their prophet and when in power will behead the liberal dimmahwits first. No surrender to their domination. Run them out and viva France!

  • Odakyu-sen

    Japan will be watching with interest.

    • Captain Obvious

      I am proud of these kids. They want their country back and it is impossible without pointing out the racial differences. There are differences between the races. These kids understand the obvious. There has to be a racial element in their fight because it is about well…..race. Yesreligion also but my children will always be my race they may pick another religion, party, ideas but they will always be my race. News Alert….France cannot survive if not occupied by French.Race is the problem stupid.