Free Syrian Army Now Fighting the Kurds

If you believe the media, then Syria is in the throes of an “uprising” by freedom fighters against a dictator. If you believe reality, then Syria is in the middle of a civil war between Sunni Islamist rebels and a neo-Shiite government, with Turkey and Qatar backing the Islamists and Iran backing the regime.

The Sunni Islamists aka the Brave Syrian People aka the Terrorists Obama is Backing are either allied with or actually linked to Al Qaeda. They are murdering Christians and now the Free Syrian Army, which we’re supposed to be supporting, has picked a fight with the Kurds.

The Kurds are a sizable stateless minority in the region and they have been aiming for a homeland. The Free Syrian Army is heavily backed by Turkey which routinely massacres and persecutes the Kurds, so it’s not exactly surprising that the two groups are clashing. But it is another reminder that the Syrian rebels are not fighting for freedom or equality, but religious and ethnic supremacism.

Assad has managed to fight the rebels to a near stalemate, but the Sunnis have more recruits and money to throw into the battle because they can draw on the resources of a global Sunni majority.

The Kurds however may be a potential gamechanger. In North Africa, the Tuareg rebels were easily beaten by their former Islamist allies leading to the current disastrous situation in Mali. But the Kurds have generally been tougher and have a long experience of being fighters. The question is how will the PKK do against the Jihadists?

Syria’s best armed and most powerful Kurdish group, the Syrian Democratic Union Party (known by its Kurdish initials, PYD), which controls the Kurdish districts of Ras al-Ayn, says it feared retaliation from the Assad forces if it was seen to connive at their expulsion, so it asked the Syrian rebels, who are said to have been Salafists, to leave. When they refused, the ensuing battle left at least five Kurds and 18 rebels dead. Thousands of angry Kurds are said to be heading for Ras al-Ayn to offer support to their kinsfolk.

Turkey remains hostile to both Kurdish parties, which say that it helped plan the Syrian rebels’ attack on the PYD in Ras al-Ayn. Barzan Iso, an independent Kurdish Syrian journalist, says the Syrian rebels used Turkey as a base from which to bash the PYD on November 8th. “The operation wasn’t about kicking out Assad’s forces,” he says. “It was to dislodge the PYD.” A Turkish foreign ministry spokesman disagreed: “There is now a pattern of Free Syrian Army forces liberating towns [in Syria], doing the job, and the Kurds then trying to move in and take over.”

The twist in the story is that Assad has been turning over territory to the Kurds because the Syrian military is overextended and he would rather deal with Kurdish rebels later, while hoping that the Salafists and the Kurds begin fighting each other.

It looks like he may be getting his wish. The question is what will this mean for Iraq, where Kurdish plans for an independent state have put them at daggers with the Shiite national government, but loosely allied them with the Sunnis?

It may not be too much of a problem because factions in the Middle East routinely former complex byzantine alliances leading to betrayals.

  • AdinaK

    It has become increasingly, and incontestably, clear that the so called Syrian opposition is as blood thirsty as Assad's henchmen.

    And it is not as if this hasn't been self evident for quite some time. And if one knows that Islamists of all stripes are one and the same, then whether they are called 'free' this or that doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

    So, understanding the following is ever more urgent –

    And six of one and half a dozen of another is how best to view the unfolding regional nightmare –

    It is imperative to understand what is really playing out in the Middle East. And it is not as if western media, and the Islamist-in-Chief (surrogates too), will be any more forthcoming than with Benghazigate.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • jin dandy

    to adinak kinda late to tell us now

  • Dave Tribble

    It's refreshing to see an article like this one, which tells it exactly like it is, instead of most of the articles you see which portray the opposition Free Syrian Army, or as I like to call them, Jihadists or terrorists, as freedom loving people. They are no better than Assad. As soon as they take over Syria, I can assure you that they will be coming after the U.S. and Israel next, right after they suppress and try to kill off anyone who isn't Sunni. We should not be supporting these terrorists. Let them and Assad kill each other. If anything, we should be supporting the Kurds. The only thing the Kurds ask is for their freedom. If the FSA wins against Assad, I assure you they will be no better than him. They will be persecuting the Kurds, just like Assad did. Just like the article says, they have already been going after and killing unarmed Christians and Kurds and they're not even in power yet. Just wait until they are in power, they will wage a full scale genocide on these people. The only logical solution is to let Syria be broken up into 3 parts, one part for Sunnis, one part for Alawites (Shiites) and one part for Kurds. If we try to force Syria to stay together as one country, either the Sunnis or the Shiites will try to dominate and kill the others. Let's not pretend that they can live together under one government. This has been tried for the last 100 years, and it's lead to nothing but bloodshed.

  • tanstaafl

    There is no freedom in Islam.

  • PKK

    we Kurds have been killed by ,Muslims.
    now we are alone against the Islamic Free Syrian Army, really we didn't understand you Europe and US>
    you don't want them and you support them how is this.
    Support the Kurds they will be only nation in the middle east which can accept you!!!!!!
    so do not lateeeee

  • ernesto

    Kurds are the only nation whois after true freedom but they have no support any where