Freedom from Islam

In 1941, FDR proposed his famous Four Freedoms. Some seventy years later it may be time to add a fifth freedom to that list. Freedom from Islam.

Freedom from Islam would have seemed like an unlikely candidate back in 1941 when the worry was over secular ideologies, but as the West and its ideologies have fallen into a soporific state of decline, the fascism that concerns us no longer wears a military uniform or any of the trappings of nationalism, but instead wraps itself in the turban of religion.

Of those four freedoms, three are directly endangered by Islam. We have seen Freedom of Speech being burned in effigy across the Muslim world, and even in the urban centers of Western nations. The Muslim bomb plots aimed at synagogues and the specter of America’s first, albeit unofficial, blasphemy trial, warns us that our Freedom of Worship is also under threat.

Coptic Christians, who for many centuries were forced to live in an atmosphere of terror, subject, like all Christians in the Muslim world, to blasphemy trials as tools of persecution, have found that their land of refuge here is not so different a place from their old homeland after all. As Coptic Christian churches are patrolled against the threat of Muslim violence and one of their own is on trial for offending Muslims, they cannot help but wonder what happened to the vaunted freedoms to worship and believe, to speak and be free, that first drew them to this country.

And third, Freedom from Fear, not a right but the outcome of a well-managed system of government, has been under attack by decades of Muslim terrorism whose purpose is to terrorize the non-Muslim into surrendering to its demands. Instead of freeing us from Muslim terror, government authorities have universalized it, spreading it about as much as possible to avoid offending Muslims by drawing attention to the motives and religion of their terrorists.

Finally, there is Freedom from Want, which like Freedom from Fear, was an example of positive rights being snuck into a national compact based on the negative rights of minimal government, and yet it is interesting to note how the liberal mega-state has failed to uphold even its own four freedoms.

Domestic drilling is banned, while the oil wells of Saudi Arabia and the other backward monarchies, that fund terrorists with one hand while slipping bribes to our officials with the other, go on pumping day and night. Gas prices in America keep climbing and the terrorists draw out those record profits to expand their sphere of terror.

Despite all this wealth, created by non-Muslims for Muslims, where Islam goes then poverty soon follows. Even with wealth, the Muslim world remains a place of great poverty where powerful families and organizations control access to the economy and women are kept out of the workplace. Muslim economic failure has been chronicled elsewhere and yet it is worth noting that Muslim immigration fills up not only the prisons of the West, but also its social service centers.

When Islam has the freedom to undermine freedom of speech and freedom of religion then no freedom is safe. And when Muslim immigration is unleashed on the free world, then freedom from fear and even freedom from want also become distant memories.

Why discuss the Four Freedoms at all? Perhaps because they remind us that the freedoms inscribed into the Bill of Rights are meant to protect us against the abuses of government authority. And yet there is a more primal form of freedom that must first be defended if those freedoms are to have any meaning at all.

Before the American colonies were free of British rule, the Bill of Rights could have no function. The first freedom, before all freedoms from domestic government authority, is the freedom from rule by external oppressive forces. Only when a people are free of foreign dominance and alien rule and are able to lift their heads and make their own laws without fear of their oppressors, can there be true freedom.

The first freedom in the days of the American Revolution was freedom from British rule. The first freedom in 1941 was freedom from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The first freedom during the Cold War was freedom from Communism. The first freedom in our own time is freedom from Islam.

The freedoms of our Constitution express a relationship between us and our government. But when a third party invades this relationship and imposes its will on both parties then the relationship can only be rebuilt by banishing this external oppressive force. When that oppressive force is comprehensive enough, when like Nazism, Islamism or Communism it represents both a physical means of conquest as well as a political ideology with its own cult, then freedom comes to be defined in terms of being free of that external force.

Islam is not a subject for civil liberties debates. Those only address the relationship between a people and their government. It is not a constitutional issue because Islam already has its own Constitution, its own government and its own set of laws. It is a wartime matter.

There are two kinds of wars: wars of survival and wars of choice. The war of choice is optional; it may be fought or it may not be fought. There may be compelling moral, political or economic reasons why it should be fought, but if it is not fought then life for most people will still go on much as it has before. And then there are wars of survival. Those wars are no more optional than fighting off a shark circling you in the water is optional. A war of survival is a conflict where an external force is determined to conquer the United States and eliminate the rights, freedoms and identities of all Americans. And in a war of survival, freedom is defined by remaining unconquered.

Freedom from Islam is the fundamental freedom of our time. It is the freedom in whose shelter America can still be America.  It is the freedom on which all other freedoms depend.

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  • sugar

    Obama will have to get back to you on that war of survival. He is busy with wars on women,the unborn,dog whistles and math problems.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Obama is also ensuring there is no future for those who slander the holy prophet of islam.

  • Chezwick

    When he mentioned the Copts of Egypt, Daniel reminded me of an undeniable truth that would send the average university humanities professor into a red-faced hysteria,…and that is that the apex of religious freedom in the Muslim world was during the bad old days of colonialism. For example, when Britain ruled Egypt in the 19th century, Copts were momentarily freed from their long nightmare of abject dhimmitude, they could practice their faith unfettered, and they were finally free to repair old churches and build new ones.

    • Spider

      The same goes for Africa – after the colonial powers moved out most of those countries turned into genocidal hell-holes run by people like Idi Amin.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Idi Amin wanted for genocide in Uganda, but given safe haven and a government stipend in Soddy Barbaria.

    • curmudgeon

      thats heresy. you cant say that. get the fire burning.

    • WeeWillie

      Actually under the Monarch the copts has great religious freedom. In fact, the British installed Monarchs in the various Arab countries provide the people with far greater freedom than under the conditions post Monarch. Note Jordan. Likewise, how many Iranians prefer the Rebublic over the Shah. American viseral discust of the Monarch has lead to much grief both for the US and thexpecially to the peoples who lose their Kings. Note, Wilson. The distruction of the great historic Monarchys of Russia and Austria and the more recent Kings of Germany lead to the mess tha we have in

  • Schlomotion

    Quick replacement:

    a) Freedom from Islam is the fundamental freedom of our time.
    b) Freedom from Judaism is the fundamental freedom of our time.

    Know Daniel Greenfield for what he is: a bigot.

    • Indus Valley

      Troll !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • avantibev

        I have never had a rabbi insist that as a Christian I observe kosher law, cover my head with a wig as Orthodox women often do or insist I and my fellow Catholics not take part in religious processions or ring our church bells. I have never had my Jewish friends insist I pay a special tax to their synagogue as a price for not molesting me. NO EQUIVALENCY whatever between Islam and Judaism.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Sharia-moron has a tough time defending islamofascism, but he tries. You're not supposed to look behind his grand facade of ten dollar words and notice the empty fallacies of argumentation it hides.

        • Schlomotion

          That is simply because you do not live in a Haredi enclave.

          • Ar'nun

            "That is simply because you do not live in a Haredi enclave. "

            Israel is a Jewish majority. No one in Israel is forced to live under slavery of Jews or given convert or die orders. And don't tell me Jews persecute Palestinians. They withdrew from Gaza and the West bank, any persecution comes from the PA and Hamas. In Muslim

            In Muslim Countries even Muslims are persecuted against if they are not the right type of Muslim. To defend these people is disgusting at best, and I am sure you only have the guts to do so via the Internet you Bigoted hate-filled fool.

          • Schlomotion

            They withdrew from Gaza and West Bank… and yet, some students wanted to go to school as part of a US government run Gaza scholarship program and it just had to be cancelled because Israel wouldn't let them travel.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Yeah, your source has all the integrity of the PA, or Press TV.

          • Western Canadian

            It is a pity you don’t live in a muslim enclave….. Or maybe you do…… and love it.

          • Kufar Dawg

            LOL, I'm willing to bet the Bahais, Druze, Christians, Jews and Samaritans who live in Israel are far happier living there than being raped, persecuted, forcibly converted to islam and murdered by your fellow islamofascist vermin in the rest of the Mid-East and N. Africa.

    • Chiggles

      I don't know what you're talking about, Schmo. I personally am free from all religion. Sorry if you aren't.

    • Ghostwriter

      Schlomotion,you're not fooling ANYONE here. Daniel Greenfield isn't the bigot here,you are. Your constant attacks on Jews is proof. Why don't read something else BESIDES "Mein Kampf?" It'll make you a better person,if that's even possible.

      • Kufar Dawg

        He doesn't need Mein Kampf, the holey trilogy of islam has more antisemitic passages than Mein Kampf and pre-dates the existence of the German language.

    • Drakken

      Know sub human unter mensch for what you are, an effing moron who openly sides with the wests enemies. The one thing I can always depend upon is human natures proclivity for medieval brutality when survival is at stake. Mark my words, you will rue the day you turned against your own.

      • Schlomotion

        I mark that you used the word "proclivity." That must have hurt. Again, when is that "collective wrath" coming to punish me? You never gave me a timetable.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Is your inner struggle more like a long, drawn out bout of constipation?

  • Jordy

    well said

    • curmudgeon

      before feeding the schlow learner, you might get aquainted with his posts. he is 100% jew hating, and comes off as islamophilic. you may not be that way. lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. if youare already familiar with schlow's posts, dont worry. you already got fleas, and mange.

  • curmudgeon

    one of the main obstacles in the fight against islam is the care that religionists must take in debunking islam lest they debunk their own belief system in the process. the similarities between the other "abrahamic" religions and the "ibrahamic" religion are too great for the promoters of the other religions to risk pointing out that "allah" is a total fiction manufactured to control the behavior of the gullible. successfully sell that truth to the gullible, and they will soon question the validity of the other "god". just two questions for you believers: 1. if allah is real, why dont you get your prayer rug, beat your women, and sacrifice your life while killing as many infidels as possible,for the glory of allah? 2. if allah is not real, what is the probability that your god is real? this dilemma is why believers in the other "abrahamic" religions have been winking at the depradations of muslims all these centuries. they just dont see that much difference.

    • kid bertha

      This is because they are ignorant of Islam and it's teachings. All one must do to get familiar with Islam is read the Quran and hadiths. I will warn you though, it's some of the worst and most incoherent literature ever written. My opinion is that people are apathetic regarding Islam because they see them as Arabs residing in the ME,too far away to impact their own lives. It's ignorance for sure.

      • curmudgeon

        i tried to read the holy book. could not do it. too boring. i tried to use it as tp, but it made me dirtier than i was without it. so i tried it as kindling. had to stop–the stench was overwhelming. so i threw it into a well used latrine. it blended in with its environment there.

    • Rebas Thgil

      Your first error is to assume that islam is actually an Abrahamic religion. Then it all goes downhill from there for you in your equivalency rational. Nobody is 'winking' here, your Ignorance.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Exactly, just because some psychopathic, child molesting, mass murdering, self proclaimed prophet claims his is an Abrahamic faith doesn't make it so.

    • heapologia

      Comparing Islam to other Abrahamic religions is like comparing "Mein Kampf" to Martin Luther's "95 Theses." Islam is a bastardized, plagiarized, twisted shadow of the truth written in the Tanakh and the New Testament. It's more comparable to David Koresh twisting the Bible to justify himself marrying multiple women, standing off against the US Government, and getting most of his followers killed in the process. The only difference between David Koresh and Muhammad is that Muhammad won his battles (unfortunately).

      • heapologia

        wow, who knew 'bastard1zed' was a bad word? I think the censors need to crack open a dictionary.

        • heapologia

          ugh. ba5tardized.

      • curmudgeon

        on the contrary. the differences between david koresh and islam are these: 1. koresh and his followers ever murdered anyone. mohammed (pbuh) and his minions have killed hundreds of millions of innocents. 2. the us government murdered koresh and his followers. the us government is head over heels in love with islam.

      • curmudgeon

        in this instance i am accepting the muslim doctrine that they are descendants of abraham. i actually think it is all a crock of baloney, in as much as all religions are invented to serve the purposes of the inventors.

        • Kufar Dawg

          What did Yeshua and Buddha ever get out of their religious philosophies — aside from a painful death? Yeshua and Buddha weren't self-aggrandizing slave owners, unlike muhamMAD.

  • PAthena

    See Robert Spencer's two books: An Infidel's Guide to the Koran, and Did Mohammed Exist?

    Curmudgeon says that "believers in the other "abrahamic" (Jews and Christians) religions have been winking at the depradations of muslims all these centuries," but Jews and Christians have not been "winking" at them at all. Has Curmudgeon ever hear of Charles Martel or the battle of Lepanto (not to speak of the Crusades)? Has he ever heard of how Thomas Jefferson dealt with the Barbary pirates?

    • Kufar Dawg

      True enough, tens of thousands of Jews weren't winking in Al Andalus when they were slaughtered by muslimes offended at having a Jewish governor appointed to rule their province. I'm sure the millions of Christians slaughtered by muslimes (collectively) in E. Timor, Armenia/Turkey, Sudan/Darfur (in the 20th century) weren't winking much either.

    • curmudgeon

      curmudgeon is well aware that the crusades and the battle of tours were a long time ago, and were isolated events in a long string of uncontested victories by islam over infidels. thomas jefferson, i believe, was a deist, and as such does not belong in this discussion. all victories achieved by the crusaders have been negated by muslim successes, and it wont be long before the frankish victory at tours is negated by the craven french surrender that is occuring now. the french should take the name charles martel out of their history book–they just arent anything like him. the british should delete winston churchill from their memory–they have nothing in common with him. us americans can forget about thomas jefferson. we arent like him at all. he resisted islamic aggression. we welcome it, invite it, place them on our welfare roles, and pay them to breed until they are ready to genocide us. our descendants, if we have any, will hate us for selling them into islamic slavery for a barrel of oil.

      • curmudgeon

        i invite pathena to find a recent article posted at this (TROP) site, regarding the lamentable resuscitation of islam by various western powers at times when islam was on the ropes. consider the fact that persian-byzantine hostilities were continued until both were weak enough to be conquered by islam. as mohammed conquered outlying areas, the persians and byzantines winked at islamic conquest when they could have prevailed. when it was the turn of persia and byzantium to be islam's victims, noone from the rest of the world went to their aid, in fact, it was a hungarian christian in the employ of mehmet II who manufactured large cannon for the muslim aggressor. the sorry tale of complacency is not complete without mentioning the byzantine inaction while alexandria was being beseiged by islam. then when alexandria fell, it was due to a christian who, for pay, opened the gates and allowed the murderous hordes in. winking at islamic aggression would be an improvement on outright treason.

        • curmudgeon

          speaking of treason, however, would be incomplete without mentioning the deplorable crime committed by bill clinton and his eurowienie allies, who actually sent our armed forces to aid in the muslim supression of serbia, and ethnic cleansing by muslim genocidists in bosnia and kosovo. our own "watchdog" media did not just wink at this crime against western civilization, they positively applauded it, dishonestly presenting that evil aggression as aiding poor innocent peaceful muslims being abused by evil serbs. nothing could have been further from the truth. winking, indeed! our descendants, if we have any, will have plenty to hate about this cowardly immoral generation of westerners, who are, as we sit idle, selling our grandchildren into islamic slavery. even the pope who, in a moment of candor, quoted the words of paleologus, who knowing a lot about islam, described it as evil. the pope, when facing opposition to his honest statement, quickly backed down and apologized for telling the truth about evil. shame on him! winking indeed! i suspect "winking" doesnt even nearly describe the efforts of foolish westerners to be enslaved by evil.

      • Drakken

        As much as I agree with you, to a point, you forget the least common denominator when it comes to survival. We will protect our own by whatever means neccessary(look to the Serbs and Croats for example). Which means that whatever rules were dreamed(ie Geneva Conventions) up by us will no longer apply and the total war concept with no quarter will come back with a vengeance. War will come to us sooner rather than later and once again western civilization will be forced to fight.

  • riverboatbill

    Respect Freedom. Use it or loose it.

  • Ar'nun

    Freedom from Islam is kind of hard when the POTUS is a Muslim, the Sec of State is under control of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the MB has infiltrated all levels of government.

    The only way to be free of ISlamic opression is to go off the grid. Luckily this country is big enough that people can disapear. Problem being that many have lost the necessary skills to survive with out Trader Joe's, McDonalds, Cable TV etc

    • Kufar Dawg

      I suppose it's possible to live in caves w/goats like the Taliban, but is that really living?

  • rssg

    One effective way of obtaining freedom from Islam is to stop Muslim immigration into our country but both left and right are unwilling to stop or even slow the immigration invasion that's been going on for about two decades now.

    The more Muslims who settle in a country, the more mosques that go up and Sharia Law is slowly introduced. Don't believe me? Well you should. I live in Dearbornistan, Michigan.

    • Goldbug36

      In the U.S., we have been practicing population growth zero for decades, while the Muslims breed like rabbits and account for the majority of population growth in the last two census periods. Population growth has been their means of taking over Europe.

  • Felsen Stark

    Enjoy all Mo has to offer all ye believers and dhimmis, meanwhile it has been and remains a wonderful time for myself and millions of others personally, breathing and enjoying the sweet air of life that is free of islam.

  • Drakken

    It is always darkest before dawn, and I am one of those that believes firmly that we are not done by any means, we have only just started and events will push things to it's enevitable conclusion, economic collapse and open tribal warfare that will make the Serbs look like innocent schoolboys. Nobody wants to think of it because it is too horrible for the human mind to comprehend and fathom, untill it shows up on your doorstep, where it will bring out the primitive instinct to survive no matter how peaceful and pacifistic someone tells you they are. At the end of the day, western technology with a ruthless instinct to survive will carry the day over our islamic colonizers.

  • bikinis_not_burkas

    Great article! Freedom from Islam is clearly the overriding right that guarantees all others. Without it, none of of our other liberties can be achieved. It is truly the "First Freedom" as you so perfectly put it.

    Hopefully a 50-100 million of us or so can get together, declare independence, and put that at the top of the list. Secession is the only way out as far as I can tell. The rest can live in their islamic/multi-culti/socialist hell which they so richly deserve.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I've found a quick way to shut up the lieberals who constantly try to equate islamofascism as being no worse than Christianity or Judaism — I tell 'em to move to any one of the marvelous islamofascist states of the OIC, where they'll never be bothered by Christians, Jews, Bahais, Buddhists, Hindus or SIkhs ever again.

  • dan cooper

    islam is a crime against at least half the world's population; i.e.: women

  • Sunbeam

    Thank you Mr Daniel Greenfield for defining what freedom truly is in its actual context I love every letter of it. I hope the people of this planet and those who are also ignorant will get to read this beautiful writing produce by our patriot citizen for the sole purpose of bringing awareness among the people and society to educate them of the impending threat to this nation America by the uncultured civilization of the Medieval time. We do not want to be force back to that era, do we? We need to do more so that the world would open their eyes and search their own hearts before we fall victims of this brute. Under its authoritarian rule, every citizen is like living with a gun at their throat without choice with no fundamental rights whatsoever. And this is hell.

  • zionit

    Dialoguing with Islam is about as useful as having snooze-button on a fire alarm.

  • Pirzadadinali

    You want freedom from Islam, and have referred four freedoms. Mind it that man is not born free, to act free, to do something free. If you read the holy book Quran, you will find what the REAL FREEDOM IS. See this – the nations of holy prophets when became aggressive and denied the writ of prophet, they were destroyed by God Almighty. Because they crossed the limits of the society. And see this – the adultry, the sodomization, drinking, eating swine meet is forbiddin in Islam. These are henious social crimes that disbalanced the society. And at present times, see that, the Western countries are PRON CULTURES. They have crossed all the limits of humanity. They are just like animals. And take it granted that the time is not far away WHEN ISLAM WILL DOMINATE THE WHOLE WORLD WHERE THERE WOULD THE WRIT OF ISLAM, THE WRIT Of GOD.- Pirzada Din Ali
    This is the word of God in the holy book of Quran. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE DO NOT EXPLOIT ISLAM which is the true religion of God that brings peace and tranquility on the earth.

    • Felsen Stark

      It is wonderful to be free of the sin of Islam, it is a great blessing to be free of the Quran, the Haddiths and Sira and the evil of Mohammad who millions worship, with his IMAGE in their minds and thus breaking the first commandment of God. So it is not a matter of wanting freedom from islam, I have it and will always have it and you are powerless of course to change that.

    • Drakken

      You muzzy savages really believe in your hypocracy don't you? Well I have news for you sand ape, we in the west will not submit nor give in to you savages or your abomination of a false evil cult. Give us jihad and sooner or later we are going to return the favor with a Crusades on steroids. Keep pushing us infidels, the result will be your demise.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Funnily enough Pat Condell found out that Pakistain leads the world in google searches for rape sex, child sex and animal sex. Funnily enough buggering little boys (with or wthout their consent) is a time honored tradition in the muslime states of Pakistain (google pakistan truckers), Iranistan and Afghanistan. Here's to a nice, tall, drink of steaming healthy camel urine Ahmed!

  • Margaret K. Martin

    I honestly hope that I live to see a not so thinly veiled attack on conservative Christians from an American president some day. Narrow-minded idiots who believe in the childish concepts of heaven and hell should have no place in the public debate or policy making. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have free speech, but they really should be ignored like the children that they are.

    lenjerie intima dama