From Monica Lewinsky’s Rabbi to Obama’s Rabbi

It’s hard to miss how much the Obama Administration is beginning to look like the Clinton Administration. Even the big draw at the convention wasn’t Obama giving another listless address on why we need to give him another four years to redistribute the wealth to his supporters, but Bill Clinton. And it seemed almost fitting that Rabbi David Wolpe, famously known as Monica Lewinsky’s rabbi, delivered the benediction on the expected social justice theme.

Wolpe’s strange benediction seemed frantic to reach for Obamaesque poetry, instead it achieved a mannered surrealism, like an English professor trying to reinvent the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. After all the usual calls for social justice, came this

May our souls be enlarged by empathy and uplifted by leaders and thinkers and teachers who believe in strength of soul and wild, wonderful visions; so together, with right and left worshiping the same God, our nation, this nation, this strong, blessed nation, filled with spirit and called to noble cause, will become more passionate, more purposeful, more burnished and bright through the warmth of your embrace and the extraordinary power, dear God, of your love.

Wolpe may not have gotten the memo, but the left doesn’t believe in G-d, it does however believe in leaders with soul and wild, wonderful visions. That’s what got us into this mess in the first place.

  • Bob

    Unfortunately Wolpe is just another Jewish liberal shmuck who is hurting the cause of Jewishness all over the world. Dragged out by a manipulative Obama just to show people that he really doesn't hate the Jews, Wolpe fills his role as a (yet another) useful idiot in the big push to secularize and Islamasize this country. Liberal Jews like Wolpe continue to spout this multicultural crap while Jews AND Christians are constantly being slaughtered all over the world in the name of Allah. It's disgusting to see on so many levels. Wake up folks. Get off your politically correct asses and take this country back in November. This will be our last chance.

    • Questions

      That's a new one — a rabbi helping to "Islamicize" the economy. Fact check: Islam is a religion, not an economic system. Wolpe is a lightweight, but hardly a villain. I don't see in his words a single thing that could be construed as an endorsement of Islam or anti-Americanism.

  • poetcomic1

    Reading that quote was like eating cheap cake frosting right out of the can.

    • melaw

      Rabbi Wolpe in no way intended his remarks to support Obama or any political cause. No reason to impute this to someone who is not advocating liberal policies, when there are plenty out there who should be properly assailed for their specific positions.

  • judahlevi

    Rabbi Wolpe is the 'typical leftist American Jew' who tries to interpret the Torah by reading the Democratic Party Platform. The fact that Obama clearly leans towards Muslims and away from Jews, American Jews put on their liberal blinders and try not to notice. Sticking your head in the sand never helped the Jews.

    The DNC refuted G-d three times as well as Jerusalem, but American Jews never notice. They think social justice trumps social responsibility – equal outcomes trumps individual merit. They follow the path of the Soviet Jew who virtually disappeared in favor of the party.