Future French President: “Anti-White Racism Spreading Through France”

Here we go.

Jean-François Copé, the man who wants to succeed ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy at the head of France’s main right-wing party has caused a furore with a claim that “anti-white racism” is spreading through the country’s towns and cities.

“An ‘anti-white racism’ is developing in neighbourhoods of our towns where individuals – some of whom have French nationality – express contempt for French people, calling them ‘Gaulois’, on the basis that they are not of the same religion, the same skin colour or the same origins as them,” he writes.

Claiming that he is “breaking a taboo”, Copé adds that “this racism is as unacceptable as every other form of racism – we must denounce it as we condemn all other forms of discrimination”.

“Copé can’t make his mind up whether to be the spitting image of Sarkozy or the parrot of Marine Le Pen,” tweeted the newly appointed leader of the Socialist Party, Harlem Désir, who started his political career at the head of the anti-racism campaign SOS-racisme.

Who’s Harlem Désir? Well he’s as French as burning cars and hip-hop. Also he served 18 months in prison for fraud related to an immigrants rights group he was with.

 The “anti-white racism” is manifested according to Copé “by the fact that there are areas where it is not good to be a woman, be white… some of our countrymen to flee the area where they live because they understand that they are not at home, it is unbearable,” he said.

Here is a more complete quote from the book.

Since this woman that feels like a stranger in this neighborhood where she lived for many years. An “anti-White” attitude develops in the neighborhoods of our cities where individuals – some of whom have French nationality – despise the French called “Gauls”, on the pretext that they do not have the same religion, the same skin color or the same origins as themselves.

I hear more and more people complain of Meaux and this racism is as unacceptable as any other form of racism and we must denounce it as we condemn all other discrimination. I know I broke a taboo by using the term “anti-white” but I do deliberately, because it is the truth that some of our citizens live this way and silence exacerbates the trauma.

These phenomena are impossible to see from Paris, in the media and political spheres where the vast majority of officers are French of white skin born of French parents. In these microcosms, the lack of diversity limits the presence of people of color or of foreign origin. But let’s face it: the situation is reversed in many parts of our suburbs.


  • objectivefactsmatter

    "I know I broke a taboo by using the term “anti-white”"

    Finally, a politician with guts. The French standing up again? What next, secession from Eurabia?

  • Chezwick

    Even Cope – a maverick who dares to utter uncomfortable truths – feels compelled to speak in code; everyone knows he's referring to Muslims and Islam, but he refuses to utter the actual words.

  • politicallyincorrect

    It things are as bad as described — why has France has been allowing them entry to their country for YEARS? I'm not disputing anything I've read about their barbaric customs…but how much can the French nationals take? They couldn't have been THAT blind. How about not allowing them citizenship, sending the current non-citizens back to their home turf, and arresting those who are breaking FRENCH laws (not Islamic) – and either jailing them or sending them back home as well.

    • Fido

      To answer your question the people letting them into France are the socialist who happen to be at least 89% of the French addministration, there letting them in for votes and that is what is putting France into the toilet, because about 78% draw off of the social help and very few work but alot of them have criminal records.

  • amano masamune

    well well well, I am 34 years old born and lived in France nearly all my life, everybody know there are Racism toward white people. Why do you think the FN growing? Its the same political view as the FN, so he is not that brave. But those who believe that muslims and Islam is the cause of it, think again.

    When you grow in council flat (HLM in French), you learn from being little that being Arabe or Black is not considered as French, hence why it'snot surprising to see anti-white racism. The police who like to target colour people did not make the matter better, I would say it even worst.

    All that to say don't look at religion but more of the way the Frenchs portrait themself. If you ask to the british people what is the typical French, they will tell you he/she is an arrogant white twat,who eat frog and smelly cheese as well as drinking good wine and champaign. in the British mind they will never see a Arabic or Black background as French.

    Just ask yourself why and you may start to understand why we end up with an increase of anti-white racism. I don't like cope and i would rahter see LePen talking about it. Why do you want a noob talking about a subject he uses for his own purpose when you have an expert doing it for decades?

    • Fido

      Tell that to a girl who was stabbed 13 times in a sub way all because she was not Arab, yes I live in France too, the news wont report about black and arab crimes, but they will report about white crimes.
      The jails in France are so full they drop cases under 20,000£ but guess what the majority of people in these jails are?
      Also it's not the FN thats growing ,it's the Extreme Right the FN is well known for useing ER's ideas just to get elected Sarkozy did that on his first election, it's also why Holland was elected because Sarkozy lied more than a rug.
      And I've talked with Arabs they don't want to be considered French they just want the papers and that is all they think of being french.

      • amano masamune

        Hi fido, the girl being stab is just one very sad case compare to the thousand of Black or Arabs being beat up either by white people or Police. Please note that I don't justify or agree with the stabbing (far from that).

        I don't think it's a matter of colour or ethnic but more a matter of education. If you are black or none-white background, everybody tell to those people they are not French hence why the reject of the french nationality. So no surprising the people you talked to don't want to be considered as French.

        Most of the people in jail you mentioned are the people who come from poor background it does not have to do just with Ethnic. FN is the presentation of Extreme Right's idea and this for decades and if you look at the poll in the elections this party growing stronger. Again that's just a fact France see at every election since 2001

        • Fido

          Actualy amano I've lived near Champnee for the past 15 years and there are alot more than one case like that there are thousands, problem is the cops are doing more anti French crimes than any other person in France, and there supposed to uphold the law._And further more the FN is more socalist than extreme rights, and the Extreme Right is going up, but that is mostly because of police officers not doing or refusing to do there job.__perfact exsample of a police officer being anti-white is samething girl was attacked and stabed ,when the police officer arrived do you know what he said?_Well here is what he said " See what you get for dressing like that", the girl was in a bussness skirt with jacket, so I don't see how she is dressed had anything to do with being attacked and stabbed._For the past 20 years there has been anti-white raceisum ,except only now are they talking about it, same for in the USA._The biggest problem is the media in France they are partly to blame just as much as the police are because if they were reporting on some of these crimes weather aginst arabs blacks or whites, prehaps the police and judicial systems would do there jobs instead of messing up 78% of the criminal cases

          • amano masamune

            Hello Fido, I think you misunderstand me. I never say anti-white racism does not exist actually I say quiet the opposite hence why I think Cope is not that brave. I won't go and quantify which racism (anti-white or anti-black or anti-arabic) is the most "popular" but we agree there are lot of ethnic related crimes or prejudice in France.

            As far as I know anti-white crime are reported in the news especially rape. but yet it would be a good idea to have more details statistic about ethnic related crimes.

            The police being anti-white…. that's very very new to me, I live in South-east in Orange and from my experience I never ever see that. Most of the time I witnessed when a black or an Arabic or Asian person drive a BMW or Mercedes or even walk in Street affront of the police. you can be certain that person will be stop, ID, search for drug, while being provoke (we know in France that insulting the mums and sisters don't go well). can you say the same thing for white people?

            Or another one, if that kind of people get his/her car stolen, the first thing the cops will say is: "it's not a car you should have bought in the first place" translation: looking at you I am surprise you can afford it and give where you come from it's not surprising your car has been stolen, like every black or Arabic person is a thief. And the second thing is: "I am sure is one of your "brother" must have borrowed it" … well no further explanation needed.

            when you say the FN is more socialist than extreme rights you really shock me. The FN is the equivalent of the BNP and the EDL united… The FN is very well known to be the most extreme right party in France and I don't see any other party more extremist than the FN, do you?

            finally Don't get me wrong I don't try to defend any ethnic, does matter if you are white, black, Arabic or Asian. if you are born in France, proud to be French, live in France, respect the law it should not matter. but for me the media, like the politic as well as the cop are the ones which always make the distinction between white and other ethnic background and this has lead to people hating each other instead of work and living together. hence why I think it more education even say French's culture related issue than religion or ethnic issue.

          • fido

            Sorry I missunderstood you, :(
            And as for me I face the most racisim no matter where I go, you see I'm native american married to a beautifull french lady :) , but I get lots of nasty remarks that all end with american.
            And for get about the cops ,cause there as usefull as shooting yourself in the foot.
            Me I have never hated any group of people than I do the police in france, and thats sad and true.
            Some of my good friends are muslim only thing they freak out about me is my religon,(cause you see for most native americans belive the "creater" is a woman).
            But the heart of all of France's problems are the police having too much power I could go into a story but it is way too long lets just say the police charged a victume of violence as a criminal.

  • Gar5

    If ALL and ONLY Black countries in 1965 let hundreds of millions of non-Blacks into their countries and encouraged the non-Blacks to assimilate. Then 90 years later, Blacks are expected to be minorities in those countries; that's not done by accident. It's obviously a plan to wipe out the Black race. AKA genocide.

    This is what's been done to my people, White people. It's genocide.