Gaza’s 600 Millionaires and Hamas’ Big Scam

Khaled Abu Toameh is the only investigative journalist working the Gaza side of the street and in his latest report he asks, “How Many Millionaires Live in the “Impoverished” Gaza Strip?

According to an investigative report published in the pan-Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, there are at least 600 millionaires living in the Gaza Strip.

That’s not bad at all. So how did all those fine 600 folks make their millions? By controlling access to supplies for their own people.

The Palestinian millionaires, according to the report, have made their wealth thanks to the hundreds of underground tunnels along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Informed Palestinian sources revealed that every day, in addition to weapons, thousands of tons of fuel, medicine, various types of merchandise, vehicles, electrical appliances, drugs, medicine and cigarettes are smuggled into the Gaza Strip through more than 400 tunnels.

Palestinians estimate that 25% of the Hamas government’s budget comes from taxes imposed on the owners of the underground tunnels.

For example, Hamas has imposed a 25% tax and a $2000 fee on every car that is smuggled into the Gaza Strip. Hamas also charges $15 dollars for each ton of cement, eight cents for a pack of cigarettes and 50 cents for each liter of fuel smuggled through the tunnels.

Now here’s the beautiful part. When Hamas wants to make money, all it has to do is carry out a terrorist attack against Israel. Israel tightens border security and Hamas cashes in on the tunnel goods tax while whining that Israel is starving Gazans to death. And then idiots come on a flotilla bearing goods that Hamas takes and resells at a massive profit.

Mohammed Dahlan, the former Palestinian Authority security commander of the Gaza Strip, further said last week that Hamas was the only party that was laying siege to the Gaza Strip; that it is Hamas, and not Israel or Egypt, that is strangling and punishing the people there.

Shhh no one tell the left.

This is why even a truce with Hamas is completely impossible. Hamas, like the Palestinian Authority, is a terrorist group. It is expert at making money from violence. It is in Hamas’ basic economic interest to keep the war going.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Is anyone surprised really?

  • Diane shammas

    Oh wow and I really trust Dahlan the biggest crook of all of them

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He can be trusted to rat out other crooks

  • Silver ScumbAG

    Ron Paul once referred to Gaza as a concentration camp and blamed Israel for the existence of Hamas and Hezballa.

    Even his own son dumped him for Romney. I guess Iran was not willing to pay Rand as well as Ron was paid.

  • Omar

    Why doesn't Occupy Wall Street protest against Hamas and its disproportionate wealth? Hamas elites are selfish and greedy and live in wealth while the rest of Gaza is poor and suffering from their leader's intended neglect and violent platforms. OWS doesn't protest against Hamas because both organizations are anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and anti-democracy. While Wall Street businesses donates a lot of money to charity and the needy, Hamas steals from others and engages in racist assaults against democratic Israel, a state which promotes tolerance among its citizens and other people and which has been trying to negotiate with its neighbors for peace in the region. While Israel wants peace, Hamas wants destruction and greed.

  • polnick

    Rabbits have no choice but to run or hide from hungry animals. Israel’s Jews cannot run or hide, but fortunately they can nuke 500 million Mujahedeen. A remaining option is to surrender and hope that Allah’s army will be merciful on the captured Jews.

  • gpride

    I agree. The new antisemitism is now obvious: Love and enable Hamas, and hate the small Jewish state ( who, by the way, has contributed tons of money to help with food and medical supplies). It's ridiculous but there are just incorrigible jew haters in this world and they can't even see it.

  • Florenco

    Why do these Palestinians need to smuggle goods into their own land? Because the Zionists blockade essential living material for them. Zionists, Israel has no right to be in Palestinian land, so please don't set yourself up with questions of an impossible nature like some hoax of Palestinians trying to live in their own land. Why does the dark side use depleted uranium on innocent people? Why are the Zionists continually stealing land? Why is the US the only country to have vetoed numerous UN sanctions against Israel? Why is the world community against the evil dark empire with its death star? Why didn't the evil empire declare its death star to the IAEA, yet falsely accuses Iran of obtaining the WMD? Why is Israel stuck in a conundrum, an enigma of which it will never, ever, never never exit?