George Galloway Finally Finds a Terrorist Group He Opposes

Too bad it’s in Syria.

The ridiculous thing about the Syrian civil war is that it calls on Western useful idiots and collaborators to choose sides between the Sunni Axis of Evil and the Shiite Axis of Evil.

George Galloway was committed to Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party, presumably because of its Socialism. He transferred that allegiance to Assad’s Syrian Baath Party. But his RESPECT Party is tied up with Sunni Islamists who do support the Syrian Sunni rebels. Galloway however still supports the Assad regime and its Shiite axis. A Shiite axis that appears to have shrunk down to Iran, with even Maliki in Iraq slinking away from his support for Assad.

Galloway has also been playing a part-time Muslim and seems to have mastered some of the rhetoric. And he keeps trying to shift the topic to Israel and American imperialism because that’s where he’s comfortable. But he’s still stuck having to side against Sunni Islamists and that will cost him at home. The argument boils down to a silly debate over who is feeding the Palestinians.

George Galloway: Whether they have their own project or not, there is food in the bellies of the Palestinian people, [coming] from Iran. How much came from Qatar, from Saudi Arabia, and these other traitor countries, who collaborated with Israel to starve the Palestinian people?

As a matter of fact, Saudi Arabia has probably donated more to the Palestinian Authority than Iran. But the bulk of the food comes from Israel and the United States. If feeding Palestinian Arabs is the true test of Islamic revolutionary legitimacy, then America and Israel are the vanguards of the Muslim world and deserve Georgie’s loyalty.

Finally Galloway begins his confused rationalization for supporting Saddam and now Assad.

I am not with the Syrian regime. I am against their enemies, because their enemies are worse than them. I was not with Saddam Hussein, but I was against his enemies, because his enemies were worse than him.

Sure Georgie, sure. The money had nothing to do with it.

  • couchtripper

    "I am not with the Syrian regime. I am against their enemies, because their enemies are worse than them. I was not with Saddam Hussein, but I was against his enemies, because his enemies were worse than him."

    Your only answer to that logical position is petty, ignorant, sarcasm? Pah.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      My answer to it is that Galloway did not criticize Saddam and took money from him. He's not criticizing Assad now.

      If Galloway really thought that Saudi Arabia was worse than Syria, he would be speaking out constantly against Saudi Arabia.

      • couchtripper

        What money did George Galloway take from Saddam? Didn't you know that the Daily Telegraph lost over a million pounds in court for saying such things?

        And by the way, he has criticised Assad as a dictator. But don't let facts get in the way, eh?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          How's that Marian Appeal going again?

          • couchtripper

            Is that all you've got? I'm asking you for evidence that Saddam Hussein gave money to George Galloway – per your accusation.

  • CJGait

    “…I was not with Saddam Hussein, but I was against his enemies, because his enemies were worse than him.”

    And those enemies were the UK, the US, Italy, Germany, etc. These are Galloway’s enemies who are ‘worse’ than the genocidal maniac Hussein? Wow, nice guy. Maybe he should consider treatment options. Better yet, people who vote for him should seek help.

    • couchtripper

      I imagine you're the sort of person who'd rather be dead and 'free'? You know, like the million + people your pals 'saved' in Iraq?

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Oddly Syrians don't seem all that enthusiastic about the Baath Party even without George W. Bush. Perhaps the Iraqis weren't in love with your favorite dictator either?

        • couchtripper

          "3. No ad hominem attacks. "

          but as you've decided to ignore your own rules, what possible reason could a desperado like you have which would justify accusing me of having a 'favourite dictator'?

          I'm fully behind the people of Syria in their fight for equality. I realise that will probably confuse you, but your stunted knowledge (as displayed so far) indicates a life full of confusion, so a bit more won't hurt.

  • Omar

    The United States was not and is not an "imperialist" country. In reality, leftists and their Islamist allies use the words American "imperialism" to discredit America's efforts to bring freedom and stability to the world and because the unholy alliance despise America's efforts to bring freedom and democracy to countries in need. America is not an imperialist country, but it is a country that had brought freedom and prosperity to the world. There are many countries in the world that are imperialist countries, but the United States and its democratic allies are not one of them. There is Russian (or Soviet) imperialism, in which Moscow had swallowed up Eastern European (and other regions in the world) countries and set up puppet regimes friendly to the Kremlin's agenda. There is also Chinese imperialism, in which Beijing had forcefully and illegally annexed a sovereign country (Tibet) and has killed a million people from that annexed country (Beijing has also killed another 70 million of its own people too). In addition, Chinese imperialism, like Russian imperialism, also has puppet states around the world too, including North Korea, Burma/ Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Assad's Syria (shared puppet state with Russian imperialism) and other despotic puppet regimes. In addition to Russian and Chinese imperialism, there is also Cuban imperialism and Venezuelan imperialism, both of which try to destabilize and destroy democracies in the Western Hemisphere and set up puppet "democracies" which violate the right to have the freedom of the press in those countries. Also, the two imperialist countries in the Hemisphere are also trying to force a Caribbean island territory (Puerto Rico) to secede from the greatest, freest, democratic country in the world (the United States) in order to install another puppet regime in the Caribbean region, despite the fact that the majority of people living in that island territory enjoy being a part of the greatest country on Earth, enjoy their citizenship with that great country and favor either full integration as a state of the Union (statehood, my preferred choice as well as the territory's governor's choice), or remaining a territory (commonwealth). In addition to the four imperialisms mentioned above, there is also Islamist imperialism, which is a coalition of Islamist groups and countries (led by Iranian imperialism) that seek to destroy Israel and other democratic countries in order to impose Sharia law on the world's population. But the largest threat to democracy and genuine world peace is Totalitarian imperialism (a.k.a the Unholy Alliance), which is the combination of all the imperialisms mentioned above, plus their supporters in the far-left and Islamist individuals and groups, which all share the same goals of annihilating democracy and the free world (U.S., UK, Israel and their allies) and imposing Marxism/Sharia law on the world's population. It is now time for the U.S., UK, Israel and the free world allies to stand up and combat the massive threat that the world is facing today.

  • Omar

    George Galloway=King George III. Both wanted to destroy the United States.

  • GG Nemesis

    A real relief to read this piece. More and more people are onto GG, hopefully, finally, his electorate who are ramping up their nasty anti-Shia rhetoric day by day, as its coming rather into vogue in the British Islamist movement. Very nasty people. George unfortunately for him, has picked the wrong team there, he is on the payroll of the Iranian state and is jolly good chums with Hezbollah. Poor George, stuck between a rock and a hard place.