“Germany is a War Zone”, says Jihadist Rapper Deso Dogg

American rappers call for shooting cops. European rappers call for Jihad against the West.

Deso Dogg is the stepson of an American soldier stationed in Germany, which probably helped motivate his pathological hatred for the United States. He became a leading rapper in Germany, not a very competitive market when your competition is David Hasselhoff, and then converted to Islam and became a Salafi Jihadist. Since then he has apparently fled to Egypt, the warm cozy nest of Salafis, but as Austrian political online magazine Unzensuriert.at reports, he is busy making videos calling for war by Muslims against Germany.

“You are not going to live in safety. You employ millions and billions for the war against Islam. And that’s why this country is here, the Federal Republic of Germany, is a war zone.”

Deso Dogg’s new act, like his old act, is still derivative. But the violence is rising in Germany as Islamist terrorists gain a foothold there, as they have throughout Europe. And their key allies are the liberal judiciary.

On Aug. 18, Mr. Cuspert was tried here on charges of possessing illegal weapons. Prosecutors said that he held a gun in a video and that the police found rounds of ammunition during a search of his apartment. German security officials said they sought to jail Mr. Cuspert and stop his “video propaganda for jihad.” The trial judge convicted Mr. Cuspert, but spared him a prison sentence, ordering him to pay a fine of 1,800 euros, about $2,600.

If the judge had done the right thing, Cuspert or Deso Dogg, wouldn’t be on the loose recording love songs to Osama bin Laden.

  • Rebas Thgil

    I thought that a Jihadist Wrapper is essentially a white sheet that is supposed to be buried with its contents before sundown…..

  • tedh754

    My daughter lives in Germany. Be careful, Dogg