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Getting Through the Next Few Hours

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On November 6, 2012 @ 7:51 pm In The Point | 14 Comments


This will be a night of numbers. Many of them. Some are numbers based on exit polls and early turnout votes. Sites will run with these even though they mean very little because they’re looking for the other kind of numbers. Traffic numbers and pageviews. The real numbers will take time and if the election is close, then they may take even more time.

The early numbers will favor Obama for two reasons. One, because the media favors Obama. Two, because in key places the absentee and early votes go Democrat. That doesn’t mean the election is over. It means that we’ve only begun to fight.

Romney is nothing is not a dogged competitor. He has gone into this committed to winning and by announcing that he hasn’t written a concession speech [2], has in essence burnt his bridges. That means that he will not make the same mistake that Nixon did with JFK and will almost certainly insist that every vote be counted. And that means we might be here a while.

Turnout appears to be good and that’s the big news. The ground game has been in place and voter enthusiasm is still on the side of the revolutionaries. The revolutionaries have voter fraud and freebie voters on their side. Only time will tell which group has the numbers on their side.

This battle will begin with Virginia and we aren’t sure yet where it will end. And however it ends, remember that the real war has only begun. This isn’t a conflict between men, but between movements and it will not end until freedom or tyranny triumph for good.

Just as every state is a set of numbers in the election war, this election is a set of numbers in the wider war for this country and that too is a set of numbers in the war for the survival of civilization. The left got this far by playing the long game. To beat them, we’ll have to play the long game too.

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