Global Warming, Natural Disasters and Politicians

As readers of The Point probably noticed, the Front Page’s blog was only sparsely updated this week. That’s because it’s hard to update a blog with no power. While I wasn’t able to update The Point, I was able to listen to numberless public officials citing Climate Change aka Global Warming aka EcoScam 2000 as the cause of hurricanes and all weather events larger than could be blamed on a butterfly winging it in China.

The same politicians blaming Global Warming/Climate Change/Technology is Evil, had absolutely failed their constituents before and after the hurricane.

New York and New Jersey were subjected to the same poor response with Hurricane Sandy as New Orleans was after Hurricane Katrina. The difference was that the media chose not to politicize this hurricane.

Living in a dead zone, I saw people left without food or water for almost a week. Some are still that way. I saw neighbors helping neighbors. And I saw municipal, state and federal politicians taking photo op visits while doing nothing. But they didn’t do precisely nothing, they blamed Global Warming and urged everyone to educate/indoctrinate themselves about the causes of Climate Change.

Let’s talk about what that really means.

When politicians blame global warming, they are exonerating themselves and blaming the people affected by their incompetence. Instead of the government taking the blame for the poor response, before and after, a natural disaster, the natural disaster is now the fault of all the carbon-spewers who have no food or water, because they drove their cars too much, ate too much meat and had too many kids.

Environmentalism is a crushingly totalitarian and anti-human ideology best fitted for such elites, who tax the people to death and then blame them for their own sinful carbon lifestyles.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday endorsed President Barack Obama for a second term, citing the importance of his record on climate change, particularly in the aftermath of the devastating blow dealt to the New York area by storm Sandy. Bloomberg said Obama has taken significant steps to reduce carbon consumption

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo chimed in early and often, offering Sandy as evidence “that climate change is reality.”

Christie also made it clear that he isn’t interested in discussing political issues. When asked if he believed the extreme weather was caused by climate change, he said he had no opinion “because I don’t have time to think about it,” adding. “My day is consumed by a million different details right now, none of which involve global warming.”

  • Marlene

    Has anyone seen Neil Cavuto's phone interviews with Staten Island Residents? Three bodies were found by sanitation workers, FEMA has done nothing. Staten Island is a disaster!!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Bloomberg kept the National Guard out of Brooklyn against requests from Markowitz. Some Nat Guard have finally made it in to do food drops, but not to provide security.

      FEMA was supposed to have 500 generators. Apparently they had only a handful.

      • pagegl

        Is Bloomberg hoping the situation degenerates into violence? What rationale does he have for keeping the NG out of the area?

        It seems to me that rather than help his constituents, Bloomberg is nothing but a self serving jerk. I guess that's just being a politician.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          He hates guns. Apparently.

          • Mirjam

            With all the warnings about the super/monster storm coming, you would think that they would be better prepared with generators, and other relief supplies well in advance.

          • pagegl

            I think he hates anyone/anything that isn't at his level in society.

      • Mary Sue

        They should have been doing food drops like RIGHT AWAY. I was sitting here watching Sun News wondering where the blazes the Army Food Drops were. If I were Prezident, I'd be like "OK, THIS IS WHAT WE DO. FOOD DROPS, NOW. Get on the phone with the National Guard, load up some pallets, land in designated food drop zones. AND GET SOME RUDDY GENERATORS IN THERE. AND I WANT THIS DONE FIVE MINUTES AGO."

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Food depos began only on Fri Sat. Still no generators for the most part. FEMA out to lunch.

          • Mary Sue

            I know right! It's like geez, *I* could do a better job than those idiots. When crap needs doing, I freaking DO IT.

            I bet BO didn't even have a PLAN. Even though they knew the hurricane was coming. I at least would have had some sort of outline of a plan by Tuesday. And I don't make outlines! (Unless I absolutely have to).

            So why is it an average person is quicker on the draw than the jokers running the show? Do they have tranquilizer shots on Air Force One?

  • Mary Sue

    well at least you've got power now. I heard some places in New York and New Jersey won't have power until the 11th of November? Freaking ridiculous that the union idiots of NJ were claiming that crews coming in to help were DEY TERK OUR JERBS, TERK A DURR.[/south park]

  • Sandy Bush

    So Gov Chris Christie has certainly buried the hatchet after being overlooked for the Veep position, right in poor old MIttster's skull. If he'd got the call, and not the talented but green Ryan, who has gone from one rock and roll concert to another and had his plans tossed into the election furnace, it might have been so different. Hard to imagine the roly poly one not devouring that buffoon Biden at the Veep's debate, and whose arm would have been around his shoulders and a dusky lady on his beat after the storm? As things stood, if you've used climate change as political tool to raise your popularity with the MTV viewers and taxes, and forgotten to observe that we are in a period of extreme weather events, you've likely spent all your state cash on social concerns, like the new bingo hall for the old ladies, or free nappy rash cream for the kids, and failed to build up your flood and storm defenses like any practical govenor worth his salts would. So when the storm breaks, you fall into the arms of the guy with the biggest blank checkbook you know to save your own skin, and pray he gets in for a second term. At least Mayor MIchael Goebbels can crawl back down into the subway when the water recedes, and gnaw away at the fresh detritus with his fellow rodent Cumo.

  • Joseph Hoydilla

    Well another case of a political extremist looking to get attention at the expense of common sense. You are right about the politicians throwing blame and not being properly prepared, but to dismiss the hard work of the overwhelming majority of climatologists and listen to such a small number of non peer reviewed data is mediocre. What we know for sure is that many extreme storms everywhere on earth have been rising fast. we know the earth, regardless of human influence or not is warming. We also that experts in the 90% range tell us to get our house in order and do the right thing. I try to listen to both sides of the arguer and I get turned off by extremists on the left and right. I do support nuclear power to reduce our CO2 imprint which is not popular in the environmental community. I support finding bipartisan solutions to address climate change and have discussions on this……I just don't appreciate folks talking in generalities with no understanding of the science to sink to this level of drama that serves no purpose but to sell a story. I'm sorry, but you are easy to see through and the word nuance should be added to your vocabulary…