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Global Warming, Natural Disasters and Politicians

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On November 3, 2012 @ 10:07 pm In The Point | 12 Comments


As readers of The Point probably noticed, the Front Page’s blog was only sparsely updated this week. That’s because it’s hard to update a blog with no power. While I wasn’t able to update The Point, I was able to listen to numberless public officials citing Climate Change aka Global Warming aka EcoScam 2000 as the cause of hurricanes and all weather events larger than could be blamed on a butterfly winging it in China.

The same politicians blaming Global Warming/Climate Change/Technology is Evil, had absolutely failed their constituents before and after the hurricane.

New York and New Jersey were subjected to the same poor response with Hurricane Sandy as New Orleans was after Hurricane Katrina. The difference was that the media chose not to politicize this hurricane.

Living in a dead zone, I saw people left without food or water for almost a week. Some are still that way. I saw neighbors helping neighbors. And I saw municipal, state and federal politicians taking photo op visits while doing nothing. But they didn’t do precisely nothing, they blamed Global Warming and urged everyone to educate/indoctrinate themselves about the causes of Climate Change.

Let’s talk about what that really means.

When politicians blame global warming, they are exonerating themselves and blaming the people affected by their incompetence. Instead of the government taking the blame for the poor response, before and after, a natural disaster, the natural disaster is now the fault of all the carbon-spewers who have no food or water, because they drove their cars too much, ate too much meat and had too many kids.

Environmentalism is a crushingly totalitarian and anti-human ideology best fitted for such elites, who tax the people to death and then blame them for their own sinful carbon lifestyles.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday endorsed President Barack Obama for a second term, citing the importance of his record on climate change, particularly in the aftermath of the devastating blow dealt to the New York area by storm Sandy. Bloomberg said Obama has taken significant steps to reduce carbon consumption

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo c [2]himed in early and often, offering Sandy as evidence “that climate change is reality.”

Christie also made it clear that he isn’t interested in discussing political issues. When asked if he believed the extreme weather was caused by climate change, he said he had no opinion “because I don’t have time to think about it,” adding. “My day is consumed by a million different details right now, none of which involve global warming.”

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