Global Warming to Destroy Washington DC

This news almost makes me want to believe in Global Warming. But no, sorry. It’s still a scam.

The Washington D.C. area and surrounding government infrastructure will be virtually destroyed by global warming over the next century, according to the latest study financed by American taxpayers.

At the very least climate change will cause billions of dollars in damage to city and federal property in the District of Columbia, say researchers

Faster please. If we have to wait till the next century, the place will look like a cross between a post-apocalyptic Detroit and the last days of the Roman Empire. Well more so than it already does.

But finally the EcoScammers have found a selling point for global warming. Anything that can destroy Washington DC can’t be all bad.

To stop this tragedy from occurring, they recommend that the government get involved.

Isn’t that the cause of most of the apocalypses coming out of DC?

  • Mary Sue

    Boy have they got it wrong! Anything that destroys Washington, DC has to be a good thing, considering how corrupt the place is.

    This reminds me of Mars Attacks!: Some little old lady bursts out laughing, "They blew up Congress! Hahahahahaha!"

    • pagegl

      If we're lucky Mars will attack. :-)

  • JCS

    I thought Obama said his election in 2008 would be the time the sea levels would begin to fall.
    I hope his servants in NY and NJ still believe that.

    • Mary Sue

      Maybe he'll part the straits of Hormuz while he's at it. ;)

  • riverboatbill

    There sure is enough hot air in DC to do the job.

  • pyeatte

    More nonsense from the far left eco-wackos. No matter what the claim, the disaster is always a hundred years in the future, so they will not be around to prove they were sniffing glue. I am afraid witchcraft will always be with us – there will always be people who will howl at the moon.

  • Deanr

    Human caused global warming is a hoax.
    All good students know that the Earth's climate is in constant flux.
    How did Yosemite Valley get it's U-shape?
    How do you explain the Little Ice Age at the turn of the 18th-19th century?
    How do we stop volcanos from erupting?
    Hey, Chicken Little, gw is the wedge issue for control by the aristocracy of the merchants.

  • Mary Sue

    Irony: When a minister or some other religious leader says that a disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake is the result of displeasing God (or Allah, as the case may be), they're laughed at.

    When a high priest of the environmental movement like David Suzuki or someone from Greenpeace says that a natural disaster such as a hurricane means that Nature is mad at us, they're taken seriously.