Gunter Grass, Red Flags and Anti-Semitism

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You do not come away from “Was Gesagt Werden Muss” having learned anything more about Israel or Iran than you did going in, but you learn something about what a fine fellow that Gunter Grass is, why he dares to say what no one else dares to say as he reclines on his own therapist’s couch and achieves a breakthrough in tackling the Vorherrschaft des Judenkomplexes that plagues the left.

Mein Kampf wasn’t about the Jews or England and France, it was about what a great man that Adolf is and why you should consider him for dictator for life. The European left’s Anti-American and Anti-Semitic hiccups have little to do with the red, white and blue or the blue and white. They have to do with how impressive all the speakers are in taking on the Great Satan and the Little Satan. Down with General Electric, down with the A-Bomb, down with the Synagogue. Up with whoever is shouting through a megaphone about boycotting Israeli walnuts or American rockets.

The current shouter through the megaphone isn’t just Grass, it’s Sigmar Gabriel, the head of Germany’ Social Democratic Party, a party that Grass has more than a passing affinity for. The elections scheduled for next year will determine a great deal and the attacks on the sale of submarines to Israel are aimed at Chancellor Merkel. Attacking Merkel for pandering to the Jews is a bit of 1930’s politics, but that’s just part of getting over the Judenknacks.

It’s not about the left being Anti-Semitic, it’s about it being socially acceptable for the left to be Anti-Semitic. And it’s about the “courage” of leftists who dare to take on the bourgeois post-Holocaust hangups and switch them around so that the Jews become the Nazis, the Nazis become the Jews and the Mullahs become the Uberjews. The Jews are irrelevant except as a means for the left to rid itself of all rules and morals on the path to total revolutionary commitment.

“Raise high the red flags,” the Battle Hymn of National Socialism went, “For German labor we will clear the path to freedom.” Those red flags have not changed much since. The Blutfahne, the blood flag covered supposedly in the vital fluids of dead Nazis killed during the Beer Hall Putsch under which Nazis swore in new recruits. Or the red flag of Soviet Union memorializing the blood of the martyrs of revolution. Or the red tulips of the Iranian flag which represent the blood of martyrs.

They are cheering Gunter in Berlin, in Moscow and Tehran, not to mention London, Paris and Boston. Not because he has said anything terribly daring, but because he has thrown a stone at a window. And it isn’t the size of the stone, it’s the breaking of taboos. And when enough taboos have been broken, then the red flags will freely wave again.

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  • Markus

    Thank you for this brilliant reflection about the underlying motives. The antijew ressentiment, Grass et al. speak out, meets a lot of resonance not only in the "left" part of the german society. And I fear, it will become worse, when the "liberal" antijew ressentiment meets the antijew ressentiment of the evergrowing muslim population in europe.

    Greetings from Germany (sorry for speaking disaster english ;-) )


    • Choi

      Your English is just fine Markus.
      The German People MUST KNOW that the Jihadis INTEND TO CONQUER GERMANY.
      The Muslims ARE guilty of EVERYTHING the Nazis FALSELY ACCUSED "Der Juden" of.

      • Markus

        Thanx for your very politely appraisal of my written English… I don´t believe you, but it gives me a good feeling ;-)

        apropos beliefs…

        Personal, but also social beliefs are primary not the product of a rational reflection of reality, but mostly the product of unconscious distortion of reality to satisfy deeper emotional needs und distresses…the suicidal behavior of parts of the western people is a symptom….the muslim movement is a wellcome tool for this western autodestruction…it´s not the primary cause…

    • esperantominoria

      The more you know Islamic history the more it becomes a telenovela,a soap opera a l'Amerique latine.

      Like in this case:

      "Dara Shikoh,Moghul Prince of India and Sufi,was Executed in 1659 by his brother Emperor Aurangzeb,as an Apostate of Islam"

      AND ALSO

      "Sultan Mehmet II invites Gentile Bellini,Venetian Painter,to Istanbul,and why Bellini left his Court"

  • Hank Rearden

    Gunter seems to be a slow learner. This socialist thing didn't work out very well for Germany under National Socialism through 1945 or under International Socialsm (Communism) in East Germany after the war. It almost broke the German economy to rescue the East after reunification and bring it up to modern living standards. One wonders where Grass wants to go from here. But at least he has found the integrity to throw off the taboo of criticizing the Jews. It must be good to get that out in the open!! Finally, he can talk openly about the source of society's ills – da Joos! Maybe he has a sequel in him…The Tin Pot.

  • Anthony

    Gunther Grass is a hot topic at Front Page lately. I read his writing and found it a stretch to consider it an actual poem. It seemed to be a type of short essay revealing his frustration with the reality of the Middle East.

    To Grass, the Jewish people are the reason for the instability in the region. For many Europeans of all EU member states, the Jewish people are a problem, not the great multitudes of Moslems who are championed by a brainwashed mass educated in lies consisting largely of stupid Gentiles who themselves, are next on Islam’s Greatest Hits list.

    Now, we all know that Israel is not the aggressor but the victim of twisted, evil people who, in Europe, took control of the societies and reeducated the younger generations who are adult today, sgainst the Jews, against Israel. Yet his model does not fully account for anti-Semitism which has been part of Europe’s history. Despite that, many non-Jews risked their lived to help save Jews in WWII. Even Nazi party member, Oskar Shindler did God’s work by saving the lives of thousands of Jews at great personal risk. He is buried today in Israel.

    But Grass, unlike Shindler, refuses to open his eyes and realize the great crime of once again scapegoating the good people of Israel.

    For Shindler, the better angels of his nature prevailed, for Grass, one Holocaust apparently wasn’t enough.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Daniel Greenfield and Frontpage are specialist in dividing the humanity in to Left and Right. Anyone who talks of justice, equality and human rights is a leftist and per definition an evil person while those who condemn and demonize these so-called leftists are champions of freedom and defender of democracy.
    What a childish way to look at such a complex world.
    The article; Gunter Grass, Red Flags and Anti-Semitism thus portrays Grass as an evil Nazi and then goes on to connect the whole thesis with German left terrorism, Muslim terrorists and ends up calling all of them anti-Semitic.
    Can there be anything more sinister than plotting such a fantasy about a man, the whole world respects. What is his sin after all. He has written a poem – “Was Gesagt Werden Muss”- or What must be said, in which he talks about justice for an oppressed minority in the State of Israel. He does not belittle the great Jewish people, their religion, traditions or even the State of Israel itself. He is taking an issue with the policies, this state has been carrying out. What happened to his freedom of speech and his and also mine right to raise an opinion? Is it not what Frontpage always does? I find this blog outright anti-Islam but still I do not question its right to say.
    As a friend of Israel and a person who has traveled there many times and admire the inter-cultural nature of the state, I sincerely believe that all those people who cannot tolerate legitimate criticism of Israel without jumping up and calling others anti-Semitic are doing a great injustice and actually damage to the interests of Jewish people. Because of such so-called supporters and friends, Israel has lost many dear friends and also sympathy around the globe.
    Besides, I personally know many lovely Jewish friends inside and outside Israel who are very critical of the policies of Israel towards Palestinians. Are they also anti-Semitic? My question to Frontpage and its readers is; Is there no difference between criticizing the policies of the state of Israel and being anti-Semitic?

    • Anthony

      Hello Mr. Quraishy,

      You sound almost likable here, almost reasonable.

      To your question about legitimate criticism of Israel vs. Carte Blanche defense of Israel, I think one must weigh the foundation upon which all criticism of Israel rests versus what you, and our enemies, the left, would agree is a “just” remedy.

      Since virtually all criticism of Israel is based on its legitimacy as a state, it’s right to its borders, it’s reason to exist, many with power agree that the remedy to this “injustice” is forfeiture of its own existence.

      Given what I think is a fair assessment of the reality of Israel, and the perceptions of so many to the contrary of Israel’s true identity and existence as a moral state, a state under seige, a people who love life and are mostly trying to just live in peace, much of what you would consider legitimate criticism of Israel is in reality mostly sinister, relentless attempt to wear her down unto her own destruction.

      If the criticism were not universally directed at refusing to accept Israel’s right to exist, then Israel’s criticism would be like anyone’s criticism of any given country.

      That’s the difference.

      • Sage on the Stage

        Another way to say this might be that there are a number of Christian countries, a number of Muslim countries, a number of Buddhist countries….so why can't there be Israel, the one Jewish country?

    • Ghostwriter

      I'm surprised that you even CARE about Israelis,since THEY'RE the one under constant attacks by your beloved Palestinians. You're about as much as friend to Israel as Adolf Eichmann was. You have never been sympathetic to Israel or to the Americans who have been killed by your beloved Palestinians. Why don't you and Mr. Grass meet up sometime? You can discuss how evil the Jews are because that's your favorite topic,you Jihadist shill.

  • Schlomotion

    I think there are a few more people left who did not write their scathing rebuttal of Gunter Grass. Where is the Robert Spencer rebuttal? Where is the Nonie Darwish rebuttal? Where is the Jamie Glazov rebuttal? Where is the Martin Solomon rebuttal? Where is the Daniel Pipes rebuttal? Where is the Hudson Institute rebuttal? Where is the Canadian Zionist Cultural Association of Toronto's rebuttal?

    I am still waiting for the Jayjg and RolandR sanitized Wikipedia description of the poem to come out.

    • Anthony

      Well Schlomotion, from a purely esthetic perspective, it is a bad poem. From a POV of analysis, we disagree with Herr Grass’ opinion.

      You Schlomie, have the right to view Jews as GG does, the greatest menace to mankind ever, but good God man, come to your senses…come to the light! The topsy turvey world you envision exists only in your imagination.

    • Anthony

      P. S. Schlomie, are you a follower of Islam?

      • Schlomotion

        No. I am not a follower of Islam. I am versed in all world religions, but I don't follow any of them. I don't subscribe to the belligerence of evangelical atheism either.

        • Anthony

          What is ” Evangical atheism? Did you invent it?

      • reader

        You're asking a lying Jew hating troll a personal question and expecting a genuine answer?

        • Schlomotion

          I can only assume you are defending your own article.

          • reader

            You can only troll, really.

        • Anthony

          The fact schlOmotion answered shows he is willing to talk. He may be redeemable.

          • reader

            No, it's not. It's a quintessential troll.

          • Roger

            Al taqiyya at best.

            Uninformed naivity at worst.

            In any event not to be taken too seriously.

  • Anthony

    Well, I think he is a Moslem. That he is pathologically disorderd against Jews goes without question.

  • Atlas_Collins

    More jewish whining on Frontpage. It gets kind of old.

    What's the deal, hasiheebs? Are you all feeling let behind in the victim race what with the whole Trayvon thing going on?

    • reader

      If it really did get old, the trolls as yourself wouldn't be flocking around. Can't even troll straight, eh?

      • stern

        Zap! Way to nail it, reader, nice one.

    • Anthony

      Dismissing genuine concerns as “whining” outs you as a person void of any real understand of the bigger picture.

      Go enjoy a beer, and leave serious concerns with those who are trying to understand and defend against people such as yourself.

    • Zionista

      hasiheebs??? I guess your post would be deleted if you called us what a Jew hating troll like you really wanted to. You sound envious and evil – like most Jew haters.

    • Andy Lewis

      Phuque off ya phuqin' KKKlown.

  • Marty

    Anti-semites bore people. They are always spewing out the same nonsense that has been availble for centuries. Do they have anything else to do with their time? Perhaps there is an anti-semitic gene that first originated in the middle east with islam and spread to europe during the islamic conquest of much of the continent. Similar to the black death, anti-semitism has its carriers. grass is obviously one of them. He's certainly infected and this is not a curable disease. Anti-semitism's symptoms include irrational thought and utterances that have no basis in fact. muslims are anti-semitic and in their case, similar to many europeans, it is a genetic condition (perhaps the result of generations of marriage to first and second cousins).

  • jewdog

    Whenever I hear the word "Grass" I reach for my lawn mower.

  • Touchstone

    This article is truly impressive. Greenfield has got to be one of the most insightful observers alive. I'd love to see him take on Grass in a debate. Gunter's ass would be Grass. (Sorry… hard to resist all the puns.)

  • Uwe Kemal

    Die verfluchten Drecknazis haben wieder einmal nichts gelernt! Die dekadenten Amis und die dekadenten Europaer machen mich krank; gottlose Judenhasser! Ich hoffe so sehr, dass Gott bald das ganze Theater zu seinem erwuenschten wunderbaren Ende bringen wird! Lang lebe der Gott der Juden und Israel!

  • findalis

    I've always believed that it was a shame that the US didn't get to nuke Germany. It would have done wonders for that land of barbarians.

  • wctaqiyya

    I could not make it past the first few paragraphs Daniel. You are a writer. A darned good writer. OK, I went back and read it all. Nope, I still have no words. I'm just, I mean, wow. Your words just kill me. Great piece of work Mr. Greenfield. Perfect.

  • Looking4Sanity

    To this day, I can not get past the fact that so many people think of the Nazi Party as a "right wing" organization. Sure…they were "to the right" of Communism, but what is to the LEFT of Communism? These two political parties are almost identical except in their idea of control of means of production. In that regard, the Commies are much more honest.

    All this talk of "marching to the left or right" is nonsense. ALL tyrants march to the Left. Right wing tyranny is a myth created by the Leftists for the purpose of muddying the water and assuaging their own nagging consciences. After all, it's not so bad if the "other side" does it too, right?

  • babyanng

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