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Half of Saudi Children are Abused

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On November 27, 2012 @ 11:35 am In The Point | 2 Comments


Yes I know you were probably thinking it was more like 100 percent, but it’s only like 45 percent [2].

“Child abuse in Saudi Arabia is steadily rising…….figures by the Ministry of Social Affairs show that nearly 45 per cent of the Kingdom’s children are suffering from abuse and violence by their families,” she said.

But those are just the official figures. The unofficial figures are probably much worse. And there’s a “Woman Explosion” coming [3] which doesn’t mean what that phrase usually does in the Muslim world. Instead it’s another symptom of a completely messed up Saudi society.

In an article in the mass circulation Saudi Arabic language daily Aljazeera, he said Saudi Arabia has the highest divorce rate in the Arab world and the number of its spinsters exceeds the combined native population of the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. His article, published in Al Jazeera and other newspapers in the Gulf kingdom this week, was titled “where will this army of spinsters go.”

Muhamimeed, citing figures by local social centres, said nearly 1.5 million Saudi spinsters are above 30 years old and that half of them could be above 35 years.

“What destiny will this army of spinsters face….it is known that most of them have completed their studies or do not have educational qualifications and that most of them have no jobs as official data show that unemployment among women in Saudi Arabia has reached 40 per cent,” he said.

“They have no husband and no family….so what can a woman without a family, without a husband, without a job do?

Saudi Arabia has a completely dysfunctional society. Let’s go back to that divorce rate. The region’s most conservative Muslim country also has its highest divorce rate. But that’s not surprising when women have very little autonomy and can be divorced with a text message while oil money funds polygamy.

Islamist societies are fundamentally broken places and not just in the obvious ways. They are broken even at the level of the family. It took one dysfunction family to produce a Breivik. How many dysfunctional families does it take to produce so many eager suicide bombers and martyrs?

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