Hamas Joins Forces with Occupy Charlotte

The smart political analysis in the Muslim world is that Occupy Wall Street will shortly overthrow the Great Satan. That’s what Iran’s leaders think and it’s apparently also what Hamas believes.

So much so that Hamas leader Ismail Hanneya wrote a letter to be read by his favorite lawyer, Stanley Cohen, to Occupy Charlotte, which is protesting against the Democratic National Convention.

What does Hamas have to say to the Occupiers?

I send the heartfelt greetings of the Palestinian people, as we salute you in your fight against the American military machine, against its secrets and lies, and against its vision of an American world order maintained through coercion and control. You bring your protest straight to the heart of the political system, there in Charlotte, and we are there with you in spirit, we Occupy Charlotte with you!

Isn’t that great news. Hamas is now occupying Charlotte.

  • Omar

    We need to confront Hamas and Occupy Wall Street. Both organizations have been nothing but trouble. The U.S. government and the West needs to ally with Gaza and West Bank dissidents who want peace with Israel and who are tired and fed up with their corrupt governments of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. America and the West also need to ally with political dissidents from enemy countries like Iran, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Sudan and other despotic regimes.

    • Indioviejo

      In a different world, Obama could not be President, and the CIA would be doing it's job.

  • Indioviejo

    This story needs to go viral! I speaks volumes about who the Occupy people really are. No wonder Obama is such a fan of both Occupy and Hamas.

    • http://twitter.com/mbdexp @mbdexp

      The MSM won`t touch this with a 10` pole. Will upset the occupiers .

  • Sherrie

    Circle the wagon and pray.

  • marie

    I say to Charlotte, clean up you city of this ABOMINATION! Don't let stay hidden and fester and infect everything in and around you! Their Mosques, are places where terrorists are trained and law low safely inside the USA, WAITING, YES WAITING FOR THE APPEARANCE OF THE MAHDI, IE: 12TH IMAM , IE: LUCIFER TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE. You might think this is just a bunch of bunk, BUT ISLAM HAS WAITED MILLENNIUM FOR THIS TIME ON EARTH TO WELCOME THE MAHDI AT THE END OF THE AGE, WHICH THEY BELIEVE IS NOW, ESPECIALLY THE MONTH OF DECEMBER 2012

    • marie

      RULE 1: reference to above post, re-read before posting , lay low safely!