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Hamas Terrorists Observe Ceasefire by Firing 20 Rockets into Israel

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On November 21, 2012 @ 7:07 pm In The Point | 14 Comments


A ceasefire with Hamas is like a diet with Michael Moore. Not only will it not be honored, but it will dishonored as fast as it’s declared [2].

Rockets fired from Gaza continued to land in Israel on Wednesday night following the commencement of the US-Egyptian brokered cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. Some “Code Red” sirens sounding in the South appear to be set off by celebratory rocket fire in Gaza, Channel 2 News reported. Israel Radio reported that some 20 rockets were fired from Gaza since the announcement of the cease-fire.

Prior to the announcement, Gazans fired over 80 rockets at various cities and communities in the South

So that’s down to a quarter. By terrorist standards that’s a ceasefire, which translates to, “We’ll shoot at you slightly less.”

Ceasefires with terrorist groups mean that you’re supposed to stop shooting terrorists. Not that terrorists are supposed to stop shooting at you.

Fortunately the UN has already sprung into action to urge MAXIMUM RESTRAINT. That’s right, not limited restraint, not marginal restraint or medium restraint, but absolutely total maximum restraint [3].

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement to stick to pledges under a ceasefire deal which came into effect on Wednesday to end the eight-day conflict around the Gaza Strip

“We urge the parties who agreed to the ceasefire to keep their promises. There may be challenges implementing this agreement,” Ban told reporters after talks with King Abdullah at the monarch’s residence in the Jordanian capital.

Ban urged the two sides to exercise “maximum restraint.

The UN. It’s slightly more useless than a top hat on a horse and far more expensive.

Hamas is naturally declaring victory [4].

┬áHamas reacted to the Egyptian-brokered cease-fire agreement that was announced Wednesday by declaring “victory” over Israel.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip reacted to the cease-fire announcement by taking to the streets to celebrate Hamas’s “victory.”

Palestinian gunmen fired shots into the air in Gaza City while others kissed the ground in a sign of jubilation.

“History will mention that Gaza once hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with rockets,” boasted a Hamas activist in Gaza City. “Today we triumphed. This is a victory from Allah.”

And by Allah they mean Obama.

Ahmed Bahr, a senior Hamas official, welcomed the cease-fire agreement. “The resistance groups have achieved an historic victory and paved the way for the battle of liberating palestine.”

That is Hamas’ idea of a ceasefire, just so you know. And so we keep moving on to the next stage of the war while emboldening the enemy.

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