Hamas Turns Charity Boxes into Rocket, Shoots it at Israel

There are moments where you get a glimpse of not just evil, but the big throbbing heart of darkness beating rottenly underneath it all, and this photo which shows charity boxes there to raise money for children stolen, and turned into a weapon, that was then fired at civilians, is 0ne of those moments.

It’s as if Hamas terrorists tried to think of the worst and ugliest possible thing they could do and then carried it out.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Jews are civilized and after the Arabs kill the last Jew in Israel they are expected to collect money to make yet another memorial dedicated to the memory of murdered Jews THIS TIME at the hands of fanatic MUSLIM Arabs with genocide on their minds.

    If Israel does anything to avert this second Holocaust upon Jews, someone from the MEDIA Coliseum will scream…


    Israel first became a nation in 1312 B.C., two thousand years before the rise of Islam!

  • fcallen

    That looks like Hebrew writing on those charity boxes. You sure this isn't a photoshop? How would that thing even fly with those attached??

    • trickyblain

      It would fly. Just not more than 50 yards, and in a totally unpredictable direction.

      • fcallen

        Actually, just looking at the picture, you can see it just *looks* pasted on. Pretty dumb/obscure idea for a photoshop anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/Kenrick66 @Kenrick66

    Yes, it looks Photo Shopped. In fact, I can't make any sense of the boxes, or what purpose they served, or whether the writing on them is Hebrew or Arabic. Are they glued on, or screwed on, what? I think you were in too much of a hurry with this one, Daniel. It looks a little too contrived.

    • trickyblain

      Just like the fake election results he was posting as fact last week. He wasn't in a "hurry." He's a liar with no shame.