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Hamas Warns Gazans of Seduction Threat from Israeli Soldiers

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 7, 2012 @ 12:18 pm In The Point | 1 Comment


We’re talking about female soldiers, not male soldier [2]s, though considering this is the Muslim Brotherhood we’re talking about, male soldiers would probably work better.

Security sources belonging to the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip disclosed that the “Karkal” Israeli unit – predominantly female – intensified its work on the eastern border of the Gaza in order to blackmail the Palestinians.

The resistance sources pointed out that they observed many soldiers in this unit trying to draw the attention of the Palestinians who returned to work in the lands adjacent to the border by showing parts of their bodies and inviting young people to talk with them.

Sources reported that 33 soldiers serve in the “Desert Cats” battalion, two-thirds of them female. They operate openly on the border with the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

This cooperation with the predominantly female Desert Cats are a means of attracting young people and citizens to entice them sexually, where the girls intentionally show parts of their bodies and do things that are not moral in order to excite young people and get them to collaborate.

Stories like these are ubiquitous in the Muslim world for a reason. They come from the same source as all the tales of Gitmo female interrogators coming on to Muslim terrorists.

Besides the “collaborators” that Hamas executed last time around were their own Islamist rivals.

But the Israelis are well known for their cunning moves. Just look at their eagle spy program [3].

Sudanese media reported Thursday that officials had captured a bird carrying spying equipment for Israel.

The Israeli outlet Walla news said that local Sudanese media reported that the bird was identified as Israeli because it was carrying Hebrew labels that read “Israel Nature Authority” and “Hebrew University Jerusalem.”

In May Turkish authorities claimed to have caught a European bee-eater that, they said, may have had Mossad spying equipment implanted in one of its nostrils. The bird had an ostensibly incriminating band on its leg marked “Israel.”

In 2011, Saudi Arabian media reported the capture of a griffon vulture that had Israeli “spying equipment,” marked “Tel Aviv University,” attached to one of its legs.

Between all the dancing soldiers and spying eagles, it’s a wonder that the 1 billion Muslims have still survived.

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