Hezbollah Chief Financial Officer Defects to Israel

Hussein Fahs, Hezbollah’s CFO and head of the organization’s communications network, has apparently fled to Israel along with 5 million dollars in Iranian money.

According to official Hezbollah sources, Fahs took with him maps, classified documents and a large sum of money. According to the report, seven women and one man are charged in absentia with collaborating with Israel, entering Israel illegally and obtaining Israeli citizenship.

Why would Fahs flee to Israel?

One possibility is that the story was made up to discredit him within Hezbollah. But the second possibility is that there are few other options. As a Shiite, there are few places that Fahs can go that are outside the Shiite or Sunni axis. Israel is religiously neutral in the Muslim religious civil war and it has a definite interest in gaining intelligence on Hezbollah.

Fahs’ defection suggests panic in the upper ranks of the Shiite group, which has committed manpower to Syria, but fears a Muslim Brotherhood takeover there. With Iran under pressure and Syria at war, Hezbollah rightly fears being isolated. Some of the upper rank rats are now trying to figure out how to scurry off the Shiite Islamist ship.

  • ruth

    oh please god may this be true. wow a great day for israel if this is true. and a great hit for hezbollah and iran. so far our media here is not reporting it. i hope its true.

  • Amused

    The intelligence gleaned if any is an advantage to Israel . But Sunni or Shia , makes no difference both want Israel destroyed .

  • Amused

    Israel's destruction is the common goal amongst all muslims .

  • Raymond in DC

    Assuming those "5 million dollars in Iranian money" were actual US dollars, I'd still be double- and triple-checking any intel he provided. Hezbullah operatives aren't inclined to shift to a "stronger horse"; they're true believers and this one shouldn't be trusted. Recall a certain "double-agent" who'd allegedly penetrated Al Qaida, but turned out to be a "triple" who managed to kill seven senior CIA officers in Afghanistan.

    If Iran and Hizbullah were able to penetrate Israel for a piddling few million dollars and some questionable intel, I'm sure they'd consider that a bargain.

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    Offer full asylum for fat boy in the bunkers location.

  • truth seeker

    Israel (once upon a time Palestine) should have been in Europe…..wtf did Muslims have to do with the holocaust. If your trying to be a smart ass and use judaism and the promise land from Moses as an excuse to occupy a country and kill it's occupants…then my response to you is that if Moses really wanted you all to receive the promise land, he would have been on the front line himself attacking Palestine's army..but you don't see that so either: 1) your religion is fake 2) He doesn't want you to take the promised land by force. Sine im an agnostic theist, ill go with 2). I don't care if it was the Zionists behind it or the whole Jewish population, you people make me sick.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Israel has been in the same place since long before Muslims existed.

      Study fact-based history so you don't get caught up in lies.

    • Yorick Hunt

      "wtf did Muslims have to do with the holocaust" ?
      The Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj al Husseini, had meetings with the Nazis and an audience with Hiler to discuss the extermination of the Middle Eastern Jews after the Germans had won the war.
      The same guy blocked many applications for thousands of Jews to be relocated there which resulted in them being sent to extermination camps.
      Do some agnostic theist research intead of just bumping your gums.

    • LibertarianToo

      Yes, Israel should be in Europe, right next to Jordan –the other country created out of the British Mandate. Why do the anti-semites never whine about Jordan occupying Palestinian land?

    • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

      Jews always lived in "Palestine" through the last 3600 years. Arabs are the invaders there. There is no "P" in Arabic, so how can Arabs call themselves in such a Latin name? Americans should go back to Europe and create their their 50 states…. why do blow the native Indians…. btw, as I have said the Jews are the native "Indians" of "Palestine" and not the other way around. If Judaism is fake then Christianity is multiplied fake. The Jews justification to their land in not solely build on faith but on nationality too. Moses ordered the Israelis to re-occupy their land back in 13th century BC. I hope that the Jews make you really sick, very sick, incurable sick.

      • jjs110

        You are so corrrect. When you talk to "Palestinians" and other assorted Arabs, all they can say is "the Beoble of Balestine". They can't make the "p" sound, but that doesn't stop from clamoring that they are the original "beoble" in the region. One more fat lie to add to a long list.

    • fritz

      You ever heard of the Grand Mufi of Jerusalem and Muslim SS Soldiers?No?Then go and read a book.

      Also the Grand Mufti told Arafat to keep up the fight.

      Jews always lived in Jerusalem.Do you know where the name Palestine came from?It means INVADERS!

  • John P.

    It might be best to strip him of the money and then deep six him.