Hezbollah Leader Begs Al Qaeda for a Truce

The one good thing about Obama destroying American influence is that we get occasional entertainment from watching our enemies fighting and killing each other over the spoils.

When a terrorist leader puts out a message as whiny as this, you know that his boys are getting their asses kicked.

Hezbollah fatboy-in-chief Hassan Nasrallah looks uncomfortable, he mops his brow and admits the fighting is hard and long, which from a terrorist group that claims victory after every defeat, means Hezbollah has been getting its ass kicked in Syria.

Nasrallah, completely deaf to the irony, complains about Al Qaeda car bombs in Syria, when Hezbollah has been carrying out numerous car bombings on behalf of Syria in Lebanon, one of them very recently. Terrorists are adept at crying victim, but Hezbollah usually tries to avoid overt whining.

There’s a lot of talk about needing dialogue, which is yet another way of saying that Hezbollah is getting its ass handed to them by the Al Nusra Front. Terrorist groups don’t call for dialogue unless they’re losing.

“Between us and Al Qaeda there is no relationship,” Nasrallah says, “rather there is a form of disputation and sometimes animosity. If they make us our enemy, that is up to them.”

But who is Nasrallah really kidding?

Iran tried to make a deal with Al Qaeda before and after September 11. The policy of the Shiite Islamic Revolutionaries, going back to the old Ayatollah has been to find ways to work with Sunni terrorist groups in a region where Shiites are a minority. And Al Qaeda repaid Iran by massacring Shiites to begin a civil war in Iraq and went on killing Shiites in Afghanistan.

Salafis do not recognize Shiites as Muslims. To them Shiites are no different than Alawites or Ahmadis or Bahai. Worse even than Jews or Christians. Heretics who distort Islam.

Al Qaeda is not worried about making Hezbollah its enemy. There isn’t even an Al Qaeda any more. Just local Salafis, each one more violent and hateful than the last. And they’ve been fighting and killing Hezbollah for a while now. Maybe even as far back as Iraq.

Nasrallah has nothing to threaten Al Qaeda with and fatboy knows it.

“However, I would like to direct a call towards Al Qaeda today and say to them: the Americans, the Europeans, and some governments within the Arab and Islamic world laid a trap for them in Syria and opened for you a front so that you come to it from all over the world, from London, Paris and from Saudi Arabia and from the Emirates, and from Yemen, and from the world so that you kill each other in Syria and you fell for this trap,” Nasrallah says.

But again, who is Nasrallah trying to kid? In the terrorist game everyone uses everyone else. Qatar is backing Al Qaeda and both know that there will be a mutual backstabbing contest sooner or later, just as there is with Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda. Hezbollah and Hamas sort of work together and don’t work together in that same way.

Are the Saudis hoping that a lot of their problem children get blown away by Assad? Probably. Does Al Qaeda know it? Sure. Both sides hope to temporarily benefit from the state of affairs. Neither is naive.

In a notable act of restraint, Nasrallah waits 6 minutes before bringing up Israel. And then doesn’t mention it again in this excerpt, but does talk about the threat of Takfiris taking over Syria. But that’s a threat for Shiites, not for Al Qaeda, which overlaps and has made the usual clumsy alliances with them. Nasrallah announcing that he wants to negotiate because he fears Takfiris will wipe out Shiites is a show of weakness. And unlike Israeli, America and Europe whom Nasrallah has grown too used to dealing with, Al Qaeda does not reward weakness.

It punishes it.

  • http://iranaware.com Jeff

    I agree, let them destroy each other..

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I agree, let them destroy each other.."

      Never get in between jihadis and their virgins. Go see for yourself what Mohamed was talking about.

  • Not Ovenready

    May they both win…and lose….and win again….and ……and….

  • jakespoon

    I'll pop the popcorn.

    • Aussie Phil

      Yes, let them go for it. As long as they're wiping each other out, who cares.
      Just goes to show, Israel is a light among the nations.

      G-d bless Israel.
      Aussie Phil

  • slider 96

    So tell me Greenfield , what has Obama got to do with this ? Please be specific . I never knew the US had ANY influence over Al Queda , Hezbollah OR Syria .
    You got it bad Daniel …..Obama- Hate-Syndrome ……anything for a cheap shot eh?

    • jakespoon

      You mean like the blame Bush syndrome,or Palin dementia. The left would NE-E-E-VER suffer from a "hate syndrome." Slide on,jerk.

      • slider 96

        So …because those on the left are jack-asses , that makes you any better ? ….Childish man ….childish .

        • jakespoon

          What childish about about pointing out that every side has their prejudices, for good or ill. But I can tell you certainly have a superiority complex.

          • slider 96

            you can't tell anything .all your doing is attempting to rationalize your own hate mongering .

    • gerry

      Cheat shot,it was in Benghazi,no hate syndrome,just the facts.

      Obama lied,
      Four Americans died.
      Obama lied,
      Chris Stevens was sodomized.

      DEon't ever forget it!

      • slider 96

        Learn to spell / and Americans did not die because Obama lied …..sounds good , but grow up . The Benghazi Embassy was run by the CIA . The poor use of words or if at worst , the Adfmin lied over whether it was aterror attack is irrelevant to the FACTS .
        And speakingv of FACTS , Stevens was not sodomized , that was the take of the sickos on the right who saw the same picture EVERYONE else saw , a man being carried with his shirt off ….get your minds out of the gutter , [if that's possible ] . Most Americans with normally functioning brains [exclude yourself ] KNOW it was a screw up , unintentional ,perhaps avoidable , but nonetheless not the BIG BENGHAZIGATE SCANDAL you hate mongers are trying to make of it . Americans are aware of the loss ,they just dont buy the politicized baloney people like you , Greenfield , and your ilk are peddling . Dont you ever forget that .

        • jakespoon

          Note to slider; the State Dept. operates an embassy,not the CIA. The administration 's lies are always relevant to anyone concerned about the truth(obviously not you). How do you know that the Ambassador wasn't sodomized,did you get a cc of the autopsy report? The lame stream media reported that, and I have never heard it retracted.As for calling people hate mongers,you must be looking in the mirror..I do believe that you believe you are a smart person,but as in many things you put in your post,that just ain't so.

          • slider 96

            NOTE to Jakespoon – the CIA was operating at the Benghazi Compound . Good grief man , dont you ever get out of this echo chamber and gather objective information ? Get a CC of the autopsy ? Oh you mean like the Birth Certificate , and the Medical Report for Hillary ? You are a dufus , it's already been debunked and settled that the Ambassador was being carried to get him medical assistance . He was not sodomized ,although you and your ilk would love to believe that to further politicize the incident , but you need to get your factrs straight . You dont need to smart ace , all you need is to know how to read , and take your political lenses off .

          • jakespoon

            The cia was at the CIA annex a mile away,not at the consulate. As a cc of the autopsy report ,that was a rhetorical question, Do you not think there is a report,though.Who said that they were taking him to get medical aid. The very people that probably did it,that's who,real reliable. Why was the mans body just found lying in the consulate,if these people were so attentive to his welfare. As for as being politicized,let's see The RaceCard(don't leave home without it) has been played, the sexism card has been played,Hillary has had diarrhea and couldn't testify,she's had a head wound and couldn't testify,now she conveniently has a clot that will surely interfere with her memory(Whitewater anyone) when and if she is ever called into account for those mistakes that were made but thoa NOBODY made. Politicize, you can kiss my foot.

        • D-Boy

          learn to spell? what a chuckle head… Why would you come here to this site? you cannot have a life being this desprate to fight writers you love to hate. And yes there are more lies about what Stevens was doing in lyiba than we know. He was gay, why would a gay person go to work in a country that Kills gays? Kills Americans even. He was doing something big for his anti-american cause. I believe the gun running theroy. Obama is someday going to go down for TREASON, giving aid and comfort to our enemys, while we are still at war with them. oh don't forget what? ah I lost it already… chump go away.

          • slider 96

            D-Boy ….take an aspirin , and go seek professional counseling . The funny think about people like you is , you attempt to appear educated , but you're ignorant , so much so yopu contradicted yourself in your own dumb statement . I guess a dunce like you is privy to CIA operations huh ? You dont know what Stevens was doing there , BUT you do know what he was doing ? You're a jackass .
            P.S . Please hold your breath until " Obama goes down for treason " .

    • Brooklyn Dave

      Brother Bam Bam has everything to do with the whole so-called Arab Spring. The Syrian uprising is a part of the Arab Spring. Unlike Mubarak in Egypt, Assad was never an ally—–but at the same time, our administration saw the Syrian rebels as they saw the Egyptian protesters against Mubarak— freedom loving folks who want to get rid of a nasty dictator. Brother Bam Bam is not stupid. In Egypt, he knew that the strongest element of opposition in Egypt were the Ikhwan or Muslim Brotherhood. In Syria, although there may have been secular democratic in the Syrian Free Army, they were completely overwhelmed by jihadist, Salafists. Obama has something to do with this because he is being very dishonest in his take on the whole situation. And the MSM continues to feed us the ridiculous pablum that is the administration's line. Nasrallah has good reason to worry. Godfather Assad is getting weaker and weaker. The Russians want out. Iran has much more skin in the game, but what kind of deal will they make in the near future? It looks like Nasrallah will get all Hezbollah fighters out off Syria and back into the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Power vacuum

      • slider 96

        Power vacuum ? Where ? Whose ? Syrian Regime is allied with Iran , Iran supports Hizbollah , Hizbollah runs roughshod over Lebanon . Syria has been facilitating the supply of arms from Iran through Syria to Hezbollah in the Bekka Valley .No matter which way you shuffle this deck Israel remains threatened , but probably to a lesser degree , by the weakened link between Syria and Hezbollah .Hezbollah will make no attempt at another incursion on Israel's north with a preoccuped and embattled Syrian Regime , so too the flow of Iranian arms to the Bekka Valley .
        What power ? what vacuum ? There is a Nato ally to Syria's north unsympathetic to the regime ,the regime will fall , while both Syria and Turkey have Kurds to deal with . Al Queda will wear out its welcome , they are Sunni .

        • Daniel Greenfield

          The entire Middle East… and the world.

  • Sam

    There is a little too much ill informed triumphalism in this article.

    First of all, as an aside, the author doesn't appear to understand the meaning of Takfiri.

    'but does talk about the threat of Takfiris taking over Syria. But that’s a threat for Shiites, not for Al Qaeda, which overlaps and has made the usual clumsy alliances with them.'

    Al Qaeda are the Takfiris to whom Nasrallah refers, they aren't a separate organisation or ideology. Al Qaeda's mantra is the definition of Takfir. They cannot have a 'clumsy' aliance with themselves.

    The author's apparent delight at Nasrallah's perceived worry is ignorant to say the least. Compared to Al Qaeda, Hezbollah come off looking pretty good in just about every sense. Just one example being the fact that unlike Sunnis all over the world, Hezbollah don't persecute and slaughter Christians or destroy churches. Nor do they behead and slaughter civilians at will. In recent years they have generally been quite reasoned and pragmatic.

    Only someone with no understanding of the situation would delight in Al Qaeda's rise in Syria, suggesting that Shias wiill suffer while ignoring the fact that Christians and other civilised Syrians will be slaughtered and their relatively free way of life destroyed by the Syrian rebels (Al Qaeda), not Hezbollah. Don't draw equivalencies between two completely different groups.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Takfiris are separate, but they also overlap with Al Qaeda. Like so much of the terrorist world, the lines are blurred. Al Qaeda itself is not really a whole, but warred internally from the beginning, especially with its Egyptian side.

      Hezbollah hasn't gotten the absolute power to create its own Iran in Lebanon. When it does, then we'll see what it does. Takfiris running Syria would be worse than Hezbollah running it, but that's like deciding whether you want to set Charles Manson or Jack the Ripper free.

      Christians have been suffering in the Middle East ever since the Islamic ascendance. They will go on suffering under Shiite or Sunni.

      • Sam

        There is no doubt that Nasrallah was referring to Al Qaeda when he said Takfiris. Al Qaeda members are Takfiris by definition. There is no distinction to be made.

        That is specualtion. Hezbollah have not persecuted Chrisrtians even though they have certainly had the chance. That is a fact.

        Al Qaeda believe Christians must be slaughtered wherever they are found and they act upon those beliefs everywhere they get the opportunity.

        On current form, Hezbollah are nowhere near as bad as Al Qaeda. Christians are not at risk from Hrzbollah or Assad while there is no doubt that the Syrian Al Qaeda rebels wish to slaughter them. Besides, you should surely know that Christians under Assad didn’t suffer, they were accorded complete freedom to live their lives as they wished so long as they didn’t challenge the statuis quo – and they didn’t because they knew Assad was the best option.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Actually he was warning Al Qaeda about the impact of a Takfiri takeover and pretending that there was a difference.

          We're talking about a Hezbollah regime, not Assad.

          Al Qaeda varies in its approach toward Christians, depending on the location, as it does toward Shiites to some degree.

          Christians are persecuted by Islamists of any and all stripes because in an Islamist system, non-Muslims can only be 2nd class citizens.

          • Sam

            Takfir is the idea that 'Muslims' who don't adhere to the Sunni/Salafist interpretation of the faith are apostates and need to be killed. This is in practice a central tenet of Al Qaeda's ideology.

            Unless you wish to tell me that Al Qaeda don't rail against or kill Muslims of other sects as they have thousands in Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan before that then you have to admit that Al Qaeda are Takfiris.

            How does Al Qaeda's attitude to Christians vary? They slaughtered Christians in every single arena where they had the chance.

            Yes, that is the case, but Al Qada's vision and undoubtedlty their actions are much worse than Hezbollah's. My point stands, you are cheering on Al Qaeda when unlike Hezbollah they will destroy Christianity, in Syria and Lebanon. Can you not admit that it was wrong to act as if it doesn't matter how wins because I can assure you, the remaining Christians in Syria and Lebanon would strongly disagree?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Takfir is an idea, Takfiris are also a loosely composed group.

            Al Qaeda varies in its approach toward Shiites, though some Takfiri ideas are commonplace within Al Qaeda.

            I am not cheering on either terrorist group. I am displaying contempt toward them.

            Christians have no future under Islamist rule. They barely have a future under non-Islamist rule.

  • Cat K

    I'll let others respond-or not- to the one above ( troll?) who wandered in with no information nor perspective on the world he is living in.
    I have one strangely personal response to Nasrallah. He looks an awful lot like a former NYC professor of mine who was anti-American &anti-Israel &anti-Semitic. The anti-Semitism was overt. He managed to work it into his class lectures despite the presence of several religious Jewish students. Perhaps, he & Nasrallah were twins separated at birth?

  • slider 96

    I think you're right Cat K , you'd best stay out of this .

  • John Spielman

    Excellent article by Daniel. I hope that two negatives like Shiite Hezbollah and Sunni Al Qaeda will destroy each other -2 negatives make a positive.

  • Empress_Trudy

    They should exterminate each other to the last one standing and we can shoot that one in the face. We tried it their way now let's just practice child sacrifice into the consuming fires on the altar of Ba'al.