Hezbollah Threatens America over Mo Movie Release

No one had been paying attention to Nasrallah lately, and with all the Sunni terrorist groups clotting up the headlines, the leader of the biggest Shiite terrorist group in the world had to do his part to remind the world of why he needs a visit from a friendly flying drone.

“O Prophet, we die for you, my soul and my blood are for you,” he said, urging the crowd to repeat the words after him for the whole world to hear.

Nasrallah, whose Lebanese movement is blacklisted in the United States as a terrorist group, has called for a week of protests across the country over the film, describing it as the “worst attack ever on Islam.”

Hezbollah supporters wave flags and shout slogans during a rally denouncing an anti-Islam film that has provoked a week of unrest in Muslim countries worldwide.

“America must understand… the US must understand that releasing the entire film will have dangerous, very dangerous, repercussions around the world,” he told yesterday’s rally.

We probably shouldn’t worry though, because according to prominent academic and bigot, Judith Butler, Hezbollah is actually a progressive member of the left, whose threats of dangerous, very dangerous repercussions, don’t involve bombs, but some slamming small poetry.

But wait

“The world must realize that our rage will not subside. This is just the start of a wave of global protest sponsored by all the Muslim peoples. The aim will be to defend the Prophet Mohammed’s name,” Nasrallah told the masses, who marched through Hezbollah stronghold in southern Beirut.

“They didn’t understand,” he continued, “that the way they depicted the Prophet would insult us. They need to realize that on behalf of Mohammed, we will spill our blood.”

Yes, that’s definitely very progressive.

  • chowching259

    It has become trendy to poke the Muslim beast; the more it howls to more it gets poked. The beast can get angrier than a junk yard dog and devour every joker and poker. From a distance the game of poke is lots of fun, but the neighbors of the beast live in fear.

    • tagalog

      Judging from the failure of any website except "Bare Naked Islam" to publish the cartoon that appears in the French comedy magazine, or even simply publish a link to that cartoon, it appears that fear of the beast is now in the heart of that distant poker.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        Is that where it's at? I've been wanting to see it!
        Now, if I could only find it with translations into English.

  • texasron

    Hey Muslims, wait until the film showing how Bin Laden was killed is shown. That film got its information from the Obama administration. Don't forget to spell his name correctly on your banners when you protest.

  • chowching259

    Crazy Muslim mobs are giving the orderly citizen a migraine. Hitler’s disciples wish crop dusters would be used to gas Muhammad’s followers. But Jews with memories of Auschwitz would never allow it to happen; they are sure they will be next to inhale the toxic fumes. It would be a life saver for Muslims and Jews if Nazi`s take an aspirin for their migraine headaches.

  • http://twitter.com/nb2d @nb2d

    The best way to limit or to kind of defuse hate is for Muslims to stop committing the violent acts and justifying them by Islamic teachings. Those who do not commit violent acts should be directing their energies to those who are, and trying to convince them to stop. As well as working with non-Muslims to root jihad terrorists out of their communities.

    If Muslims did that, they would find non-Muslims would have significantly less of what they think of as "hatred" for them, but which is actually a normal impulse for self-defense.

    I believe very strongly in free speech and free expression. It is one of the building blocks of this great republic in which we live. And any attempts to abridge or diminish it are serious matters.

  • FPF

    Let's see who in this administration has the courage to stand up against the aggressors who promise to kill infidels (i.e. people who don't submit to Islam) ?
    Or let's see if anyone in this administration has the courage to fulfill the will of their 'death' wish?