Hezbollah’s $100,000 Imam Extradited from Mexico

And best of all, he’s another Berkeley grad with a degree in mathematics. Because it’s vitally important that we pin green cards to any immigrant with a technical degree.

But let’s begin at the beginning with the story from Lori Lowenthal Marcus.

Rafic Labboun is a naturalized American citizen, born in Lebanon, who immigrated to the United States in 1986.  He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in mathematics.  Although born a Sunni Muslim, he converted to the Shia faith and became an energetic and charismatic promoter of Islam.  Labboun served as an imam for the Shiite Association Bay Area (SABA) Mosque in San Jose, California.  The SABA Mosque is considered by some experts in the counter-terrorism world to be strong supporters of both the Khomeinist regime and of the Hezbollah terrorist organization.  Labboun was the spiritual leader at SABA until he “suddenly” returned to live in a southern neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon, in 2002.  Until that time it is believed that Labboun was the highest ranking Hezbollah member in the San Francisco Bay area.

Labboun returned several times to the SABA mosque, ostensibly to preach, for short periods, but was arrested at the San Francisco International Airport on his way back to Lebanon on January 12, 2009.  Labboun was convicted by a jury on July 19, 2010, on  seven counts of bank fraud. The fraud involved the creation of false lines of credit between several US banks.  Credit cards and checks from those lines were then used to obtain more than $100,000 in gold from Saudi Arabia.  The money is believed to have ended up in Lebanon, and was allegedly used to finance terrorist activities by Hezbollah.  The money was never recovered.

Despite serving barely two years in jail, Labboun got impatient with his supervised release and decided to make a run for the borders over to Mexico where he encountered Los Federales and is on the way back to prison. Mexico, as some have been pointing out, has been subjective to extensive Hezbollah infiltration via Shiite businessmen and this may be a signal that the Mexican authorities are finally getting ready to do something about it.

Instead, he flew to Mexico on a false passport from Belize, the country of which the two men with whom he was arrested are citizens. The name on Labboun’s false passport was Wilhelm Dick. The FBI referred to the two men arrested with Labboun, George Abdalah Elders and Justin Yasser Safa, as known Hezbollah operatives.

But supporters of Labboun AKA Dick have unveiled a rap video denouncing the Great Satan for keeping the Hezbollah man down. They might want to change some of the rhymes though, now that Lebboun has become a Dick.

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