High School Principal Claims Indians Were Scalped at Thanksgiving

We need to spend more money on educating our children so that they don’t turn into High School principals. Meet Amod Field who offered students the following history lesson in sensitivity for Thanksgiving.

“We must very, very, very, very understanding to our Native Americans, who lost and sacrificed because of the scalping that took place on Thanksgiving. They were invited to a dinner, and then their lives were taken from them.”

Apparently some High School students had a better grasp of history than their idiot principal and began circulating a recording, which Field claimed had been altered.

When first contacted by a reporter on Thursday, Field said, “There’s been altered tapes sent out,” but that he hadn’t heard them. After the recording was emailed to him, he said he hadn’t had time to listen to it, but he did remember telling students in an announcement to “remember the need to be sensitive about what took place” at an early Thanksgiving celebration and that “lives were lost” at the event.

He said in the second interview he did not recall using the word “scalping” in the school announcement, but he cited several websites — including a blog post titled “The Truth About Scalping” on the Tumblr site Rarely in History — that he said offered evidence that Native Americans were scalped at the second Thanksgiving.

The source of that Tumblr appears to be Sovereignty or Death, which has since been erased, but based on leftovers was a black nationalist hate site featuring the Nation of Islam and Baraka.

“There’s different variations in history,” Field said. “My thing is about being informative to young people. … I stand for love and caring of people of all kinds.”

Field stands for love and hating America.

Grace Giglio, the Paterson school district’s representative to the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association, described Field as a “nice guy” and said the district has yet formally to notify the association about the nature of the complaint filed against him.

I think we’re all waiting for Amod Field’s September 11 announcement. And his Holocaust Remembrance Day announcement.

  • Mary Sue

    Just another Identity-Politics incident of their own version of taqiyya, lying for the sake of the race.

  • Lady_Dr

    I would not mind seeing this principal received a little love with a sharp knife to the scalp. What a shmuck. Another reason to home-school. What an idiot.

  • Patscholar

    This principal should be summarilly fired for his ignorance – and the spreading of untrue propaganda whether he is "a nice fellow or not." We don't need him polluting the minds of students.

    • Mary Sue

      Nice guy on the outside, Black Panther in the closet.

  • JacksonPearson

    HUH? And no doubt we'll soon hear from Islamic apologists that pilgrims faced Mecca, knelled, and prayed to Allah/MO five times a day. /Sarc

  • Reis Kash

    Look at this porch ape – would you want this teaching your children let alone supervising other "teachers" and influencing whole generations of young people? Diversity and affirmative action have got to go – but will be increased under the strange monster in the White House who hates White America.

  • Terence Brown

    This is ridiculous! SoveriegntyorDeath was my blog before I deleted it sometime early 2012.