Hitler Would Be Proud: Austrian Muslims Chant Death to the Jews

And this kind of talk isn’t just theoretical.

Top members of the Austrian government were in attendance Monday at Vienna’s Great Synagogue, the Stadttempel, on the 30th anniversary of a terrorist attack by Arabs against Jews who were celebrating a Bar Mitzvah.

Security officials said at the time that the terrorists were aware of the event, and chose to attack the synagogue on that specific day in order to kill as many Jews as possible.

A gun battle ensued, with two Jews on their way to the synagogue for the Bar Mitzvah killed in the crossfire – a mother trying to protect her baby, and an elderly man – and 21 injured.

It was the second time in two years that the synagogue had been attacked by Arab terrorists.


Minutes later, at the Schwechat Airport (Vienna International Airport) in Vienna, Austria, three terrorists carried out a similar attack. Hand grenades were thrown into crowds of passengers queuing to check-in for a flight to Tel Aviv, killing two people instantly and wounding 39 others. A third victim died on January 22, 1986, of hand grenade wounds sustained in the attack. After the attack, the terrorists fled by car, and Austrian police gave chase. They killed one terrorist and captured the other two.

In all, the two strikes killed 19, including a child, and wounded around 140.

There have been a number of arrests of terrorist plots broken up in Austria. So these aren’t, as Obama would say, just words.

Anti-Israel demonstrators gathered on Friday in the heart of Vienna, protesting Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense and chanting slogans calling for the murder of Jews and bashing the Jewish state.

A “mix of Austrian leftist radical extremists and Islamists” appeared at the protest. He estimated that at least 400 anti-Israel protesters, including Salafists, Muslim Brotherhood members and Palestinians, took part in the demonstration.

The demonstrators marched to the federal chancellor’s office.

The anti-Israel activists yelled “Freedom for Palestine” and “Down with Israel,” and a group of Austrian Muslims blasted repeatedly in Arabic “Death to the Jews.”

Hitler would be proud.

  • Mary Sue

    Isn't there some form of anti-semitism hate crime legislation in Austria? These demonstrators should be arrested on those charges. " Death to the Jews" is a death threat and should not be tolerated.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Remember that sharia law according to Western law application only restricts non-Muslims. They are free to say anything they want as long as some other Muslim has no reason to accuse them of anything. The laws and their enforcement are consistently inconsistent, which is why they are always free to cause this kind of incitement with the protection of the police rather than any fear of some stupid infidel actually trying to stop them from treason against their adopted homelands. Meanwhile in most of the EU, referring to someone as an Australian or something like that will get you arrested and fined, or worse.

      • Mary Sue

        yeah but IIRC Austria hasn't allowed that Sharia crap yet.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          I don't know about explicitly, but they've gone at least as far as the USA has in bowing to sharia expectations.

  • http://twitter.com/Kenrick66 @Kenrick66

    Austria has been dhimmified. Its government knows that if a single arresting hand is laid on the shoulder of a Muslim for having shouted, "Kill the Jews," all hell would break loose. Cries of "no freedom of speech for Muslims," "Persecution!" "Discrimination!" would echo throughout the land as Austrian cops tried to contain the mayhem. "Freedom of speech" is selectively enforced, favoring the Muslims, whatever their affiliation.

    • Jim

      "Kill the Jews" picks out identifiable class of existing people.
      When a wife hires an murderer to kill a husband Her directions are considered under law to be criminal.

      The same criminality follows even if it is a class of people, especially if the class is specific and easily identifiable.

      Kill a twit does not qualify as a direction to commit a crime. Twit is not specific and easily identifiable.

      Thus any one yelling "Kill Jews" in public is trying to induce a crime.

      The state is remiss in not coming down hard on the "Kill Jews" public shouters.

      The state must point out that directions to commit a crime are criminal acts and the arrest of the shouter is not suppression of free speech or even suppression of hate speech. but the arrest of one who has committed a criminal act.

      A man who slips a robbery not to a bank teller is not committing free speech but is committing an attempt to complete a crime.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Jim is correct. Our government leaders are not.

  • Jim

    What we need is an in depth analysis of the non Muslim leftists thinking processes. What is the origins of the leftists and how is their origin related to the formation of their attitudes.

    Their views seem to be powered by emotionalism based on some emotion provoking instance or a back ground of events.

    While opinion is supposed to be rational and if considered mistaken it's critics would infer that the opinion was in error because of missing information of disinformation.
    On the topic of Israel and it's origin as a refuge against genocide
    Yet with the leftists opinion counter information . may be well known. They chose to deny it by a mix of techniques.
    .Denial : it never happened. Or that it happened but it is being used as an excuse to commit very bad acts.
    Israel can not claim to be a refuge against Genocide because
    The leftist professes that the State of Israel is as brutal as the Nazi state.
    The emotional impetus to create an equivalency of Israel with Nazi Germany
    is apparent because the equivalency is a stretch too far..
    There are no death camps for Arabs. No trains taking them to death camps.
    The Stern gang committed atrocities but not a war of genocide rather ethnic cleansing.
    To try and make an equivalency of Israel with Nazi Germany need a stretch to far;it is thus an act of desperation that could only satisfy a person who had a deep emotional need to condemn Israel.

    So what instance created such an emotional need?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "What we need is an in depth analysis of the non Muslim leftists thinking processes. What is the origins of the leftists and how is their origin related to the formation of their attitudes."

      United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror http://www.amazon.com/United-Hate-Romance-Tyranny

      United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror (discussion) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP8jNwvvLJo

      It's not what I'd call comprehensive, but it's a very interesting start if you want to have the real answer.

  • PaulRevereNow

    Where's John Sobieski when you need him?

    • Mary Sue

      Or for that matter, Simon Wiesenthal…

      • objectivefactsmatter


        How about Robert Wistrich? Google his name and you'll get some good references for articles, and I can point you to some videos if you want. He's not an exciting speaker, but he's very effective in teaching IMO.

        There are others too. While Wistrich doesn't hunt for Nazis, he's just as effective as Wiesenthal as far as I can see. We assume nobody is trying to teach because there are so many ignorant people I guess.

        • Mary Sue

          Well he still has a Center, even though he himself has passed on. Which has people in it chasing Nazis. They should be chasing and bringing to justice the Islamist anti-semite Nazis too.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Well he still has a Center, even though he himself has passed on. Which has people in it chasing Nazis. They should be chasing and bringing to justice the Islamist anti-semite Nazis too."

            Good point.

  • Marc R

    This story can't be! Islam is the religion of love and peace! We see Islam for what it really is, by much example. We, in this country, better wake up to the reality of the jihad and the fact that we do not want to have our national language as being Arabic as it will be in Europe.

  • Save The Twins

    I am Jewish and share the view that demonstrations of this kind are unacceptable. However, Austria is a country that has a long way to go if it wants any credibility at all. Look no further than the case of the Schlesinger twins. An Austrian court made the horrific decision to take two twin boys aged 2 years old away from their mother under the guard of armed police. This kind of chilling behaviour echos shameful Austrian history that should never be forgotten, yet it seems little progress has been made: http://www.heute.at/news/oesterreich/wien/art2365… and a short film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&amp

  • Samir S. Halabi

    Many Austrian jews should now keep either Black Russian Terriers (Ruskiy Tchiorny Terriers) or Caucasian Shepherd Dogs ( Caucausian Ovcharkas) Both are very large or even Giant dogs they can stand up to or even over 77c/m to the shoulders and weigh up to 65kg or in some instances over 70kg.
    I was attacked by three North-African Arabs in Paris, France. Those Jew-hating slime didn't forsee what would happen to them, my dog knocked two of them easily down to the ground and i knocked the third down, they then got the beating of their lives, we left them before the police and Ambulance services arrived. To hell with any muslim that lifts his hand up to any Jewish person.