Hong Kong Needs Muslims

With the number of visitors from the Middle East to Asia on the rise, Hong Kong is re-examining what it has on offer to entice more travelers to its sights.  The city already has a sizable Muslim population. Hong Kong boasts five mosques that serve the city’s Muslim inhabitants. The city of 7 million only has an estimated 50 or so halal restaurants. According to Mohammed Khan, one of 15 Muslim leaders of Hong Kong’s Islamic Council Union, there are no firm estimates of the number of Muslims in Hong Kong but at his “guestimate, it’s around half a million people.“

If the 500,000 Muslims in Hong Kong estimate is accurate, then 14 percent of the city is already Muslim. That is unlikely and it reveals the Muslim penchant for dramatically inflating their population numbers to gain influence.

Going by census results, there are over 100,000 Indonesians, some of whom may be Christian refugees, along with 18,000 Pakistanis. That’s nowhere near half a million. Add on some Chinese Muslims and it still doesn’t reach 200,000. Muslim religious participation also appears to be very low in Hong Kong according to Muslim sites. Hong Kong is a very secular place and a lot of those Indonesians probably take the chance to break away from the stifling atmosphere back home.

But Muslim cartoon rage did make a showing in Hong Kong.

In a rare show of public protest, Hong Kong’s Muslim community is planning to hold a demonstration next Friday, Feb. 17 to condemn cartoon portrayals of the Prophet Mohammed. The protest is set to take place at Kowloon Mosque in the heart of the city. More than 3,000 people are expected to attend the Friday lunch demonstration to join their voices in protest against the cartoons.

The Kowloon Mosque’s Imam is a Pakistani so the idea that Hong Kong can have its Muslims without the violence may be unrealistic.

  • tony

    yeah sure…they need muslims like they need a hole in the head.

  • SKIP

    OK! so maybe the numbers are not correct, the important thing here is that when the muslims start asking for things their numbers are around 1% of the population. When that percentile reaches 5% they start DEMANDING stuff, mosques and special consideration. When the percentile goes over 5% their demands turn violent, ruthless and murderous. Keep muslims out of your country Hong Kong if you know what is good for you, isn't the evidence from around the world before your eyes enough to know what to expect?

  • Chung King Insider

    Close to this Mosque in Hong Kong is a place called Chung King Mansions – This is where every person especially Indian Pakistani Muslims who illegally enter Hong Kong goes to find work, halal food and contacts and pray at the Kowloon Mosque.

    Chung King Mansions is full of money changers, tailors, traders, boarding houses, restaurants and canteens selling halal food.

    I have met Somalian economic migrants who have entered Hong Kong using African passports. Pakistanis who have entered China and then been smuggled across the border into Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong has very light visa regulation and is easy for many nationalities to enter and trade, exchange money, buy fake and 14 day mobile phones and trade them.

    A great place to launder and raise money if one were inclined.

    • oldtimer

      Is what you are saying, this is a good place to raise money and educate terrorists?

  • Jamie

    This article is hilarious in it’s use if stereotypes. When an article starts with “the Muslim penchant for dramatically increasing population numbers to gain influence” you know exactly how impartial the article really is…

    Not to mention “The Kowloon Mosque’s Imam is a Pakistani so the idea that Hong Kong can have its Muslims without the violence may be unrealistic.” Oh right , the imam is Pakistani therefore violence is on the way? Tar everyone with the same brush, why don’t you!

    The author of this article is clearly a bigot.