How Obama’s Green Jobs Boondoggle Cost 1500 American Jobs

DuPont is one of the largest and oldest companies in America. For two hundred years it has been an American brand name and the symbol of the country’s energetic industrial base. But then DuPont jumped into the green economy and will now have to cut 1,500 jobs because just because your build solar doesn’t mean the market will come.

DuPont, whose electronics and communications division suffered a 28 percent loss last year, driven largely by “lower photovoltaic volumes.”

After GE and Siemens, a third major industrial powerhouse has warned the solar energy market is floundering. DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman said on the company’s Q3 earnings call this week that overcapacity will cause sales growth in the photovoltaic market to flatline next year.

As a result of its losses, DuPont will cut 1,500 jobs. That means instead of creating green jobs, the green economy is further destroying American jobs.

American companies were pressured into diverting their products into the green line. The money isn’t there and it’s not just fake companies like Solyndra or Fisker, kept up by government money for companies owned by well-connected donors, but even big companies like DuPont have lost a lot of money on green energy and that lost money translates into lost jobs.

Obama and the left keep talking about green jobs and getting on board the green economy. But the only green that can be seen is the money that Americans lost on the green boondoggle and the money that insiders like Al Gore made off the EcoScam.

  • texan59

    Aw come on. Uncle Joe and The Won told us green is good. Hundreds of jobs. I must have missed that part where they said it was gonna lose thousands of 'em. Were they just kidding us? If they keep this up, the only place people will be working is in DC.

  • Mary Sue

    Could it be that solar panels are too expensive for average people to even consider, plus they're delicate? And wind storms in vulnerable areas could damage them? And they don't pay for themselves for ages?

    No that couldn't be it. Has to be the anti-green lobby stifling the green energiez somehow! [/sarcasm]

    • objectivefactsmatter

      There are productive and effective ways to promote efficient use of fossil fuels and to encourage renewable energy sources. They haven't tried any of them that I know of. Why? Because it would be too boring and wouldn't face opposition, which would prevent demonizing conservatives as evil.

  • Marilyn Mazzeo

    Obama's 2.6 GPR at Columbia U. indicates his IQ is in the low normal, bordering on mentally challenged bracket. His plan to force his Green energy and technology projects on to the American People by passing laws and issuing Presidentail orders mandating certain outcomes , whether the technology exists or not, is an indication that he may be closer to borderline mentally challenged than low normal.

  • 김민우

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    • Mary Sue

      that's just great, but Solyndra went belly-up and solar panels are way too expensive. I don't know about Japan but here in the Pacific Northwest we get a lot of rain and won't get a lot of use out of Solar Panels.

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