How Susan Rice Covered Up the Kenya Embassy Bombings 14 Years Before Benghazigate

Before you read this, keep in mind that all this is just unjustified racism because Susan Rice had nothing to do with any of it. Except for the parts that she had to do with.

In the spring of 1998, Prudence Bushnell, the U.S. ambassador to Kenya, sent an emotional letter to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright begging for a more secure embassy in the face of mounting terrorist threats and a warning that she was the target of an assassination plot.

The State Department had repeatedly denied her request, citing a lack of money. But that kind of response, she wrote Albright, was “endangering the lives of embassy personnel.”

A matter of months later, on Aug. 7, 1998, the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were simultaneously attacked with car bombs. In Kenya, 12 American diplomats and more than 200 Africans were killed.

As in Benghazi, requests for more security were denied, warnings were issued, prior incidents were ignored and Susan Rice went on TV to explain it all.

Within 24 hours, Rice, then assistant secretary of state for African affairs, went on PBS as spokesperson for the administration — just as she was regarding Benghazi when she parroted the administration’s false narrative on five Sunday talk shows on Sept. 16, 2012, that Benghazi was caused by a flash mob enraged by an Internet video. Then, as now, she worked for a Clinton.

Also then, as now, she went on TV to claim, falsely, that we “maintain a high degree of security at all of our embassies at all times” and that we “had no telephone warning or call of any sort like that, that might have alerted either embassy just prior to the blast.” There were plenty of warnings and our East African diplomats were begging for help as Ambassador Chris Stevens was in Benghazi.

What, you didn’t think they sent out Susan Rice at random to lie about Benghazigate? It helps to have prior experience lying to the American people and covering up administration malfeasance.

There is a striking pattern of denial in Susan Rice’s press conference from 1998 where the operative phrase was, “I know nothing.”

ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: Did you have any warnings?

SUSAN RICE: We had no telephone warning or call of any sort like that, that might have alerted either embassy just prior to the blast. And beyond that, as we go through the investigation, we’ll look for other information that might have been helpful.

And who was responsible for the attack? Rice had no idea either.

ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: Have you gotten any calls, any information from groups claiming responsibility?

SUSAN RICE: We have not-the U.S. Government has not gotten any calls directly. A Cairo-based newspaper has received one claim. We have no further information at this stage, no reason to assume that it’s credible.

ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: Who was the group that claimed responsibility there?

SUSAN RICE: I don’t have the name handy. It was not a well-known group.

That unknown group was the Islamic Army for the Liberation of the Holy Places aka Al Qaeda. Now that name might sound obscure, except for the fact that Osama bin Laden had titled his declaration of war against the United States against “the Americans occupying the land of the two holy places.”

But Rice couldn’t even be bothered to remember the name of the group that took responsibility. And warnings that Bin Laden was planning to carry out an attack were similarly ignored.

On June 12, the State Department warned that bin Laden was reportedly threatening “some type of terrorist action . . . in the next several weeks.” And in a July 29 report, the Chicago-based Emergency Response and Research Institute quoted bin Laden as telling an Arabic newspaper, “We had thought that the Riyadh and Khobar blasts were a sufficient signal to sensible U.S. decision-makers to avert a real battle between the Islamic nation and U.S. forces, but it seems that they did not understand the signal.”

But again it’s not as if Rice could have known that.  It’s not as if she can read. Or remember.

ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: And what instructions are being issued now to other embassies?

SUSAN RICE: All of our embassies around the world have received warning of this, notice of this, and are taking appropriate precautions. We maintain a high degree of security at all of our embassies at all times, and obviously that high degree of security has been increased even further as a result of this information.

And no American embassy or mission was ever successfully attacked by Al Qaeda again while a Democratic administration sat on its ass. Nor did Susan Rice come out to lie to the American people ever again. And if you think otherwise… well you just might be racist.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    One of the most dangerous outcomes of this Arab propaganda campaign, is that it has convinced well-meaning people around the world (including some Israeli and American Jews) – that being pro-'Palestinian' means that you are for a peaceful solution that will give a people called "Palestinians" (who are not really culturally or historically separate from any other Arab group) their own country called 'Palestine' next to Israel, where they can live in peace.

    This entire belief is a deliberately conceived lie, – – that, from its inception in 1964, – – – was always intended to be used to destroy Israel.

    We cannot count on a person or government to be our friend if he also considers our enemy his friend.

    Ignoring the abundance of contrary evidence, even President George W. Bush and the entire US State Department remain some of the most powerful adherents to that false belief.

    Bush still speaks of 'occupied Palestinian land' and 'illegal Israeli settlements' from which he is determined to create the country of 'Palestine'.

    Both Condi Rice and Sec, Rice-elect undercut Israel.

    • cohen

      zionazi propaganda

  • Mary Sue

    So, Susan Rice lied once before about this kind of thing. Not surprising, really.

    Bush really SHOULD have fired ALL the Clinton people when he took office.

    • AdinaK

      Yes, she lied in the same realm before, as evidenced within this commentary too –

      And Susie Q is NO innocent bystander. She is part and parcel of the lying, anti-American machine, as they cover up all their incendiary mischief making to effectuate an Islamist outcome!

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Viet Vet

    The 9/11 Commission investigation also found that Bill Klinton got a PDB (president's daily brief) in Dec of 1998 saying that al Qaeda was looking at attacking the U.S. with airplanes. He and his state department, and his defense secty and his Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke, did nothing. They took no steps to put in place a program or stategy that would thwart such an attack.

    • Angela Towry

      that reminds me of the Pearl Harbor attack,both times we were caught with our pants down

      • oliver


    • Rey

      Clinton attached Al Qaeda but was accused of "wagging the dog" to distract from his impeachment. Clinton told Bush that defending against Al Qaeda would be a top priority. Clarke was dismissed as running around with his "hair on fire" by the neocons, who cut funding. The PDB "Bin Laden determined to strike in US" was treated as a "historical document."

      • bobklahn

        Thank you for saying what I was going to say. The Bush rehabbers are working overtime.

  • Questions

    This incident alone ought to disqualify Ms. Rice from any consideration for Secretary of State.

    • Raymond in DC

      Rice wouldn't be the first to be promoted or granted high position in this Administration despite a failed record. We used to call it being "kicked upstairs".

  • Arlie

    There is another time that Madeline Albright had information that bin Laden was in Sudan and he could have been captured. Susan Rice had some involvement in that capture not being accomplished.

    • Mary Sue

      Madeline was NotTooBright.

  • gerry

    What a bunch of criminals!What side are they on?It would appear that treachery is their trade.

  • Anamah

    Well Daniel you should appreciate this woman needs to repeat her TV appearances as a good exercise time and time again… so she never forget how to undercover and lie in front of the camera. But it seems to me, our criticism must be not because her suspicious (and as result in lethal) behavior but her skin color … and even, some say she is a woman…go figure out!!!

    • Doc

      If you are saying what I think you're saying, that is BS. If not, you should type correctly or express yourself better b/c it is not coming out well.

    • GodsOwn

      I have no idea what you just said. If you're saying Rice is being pointed out because she's black and female, you're full of crap. The point is her previous actions and present actions and lies show she's deceptive and a liar and knew help was asked for and people were murdered because BOTH administrations (Clinton AND Obama) didn't do ANYTHING to help prevent or protect these US Embassies.And lied publicly AND officially. Get a clue.

      • A 22 Year Old Man

        It's not her skin that's black. It's her conscience. Her heart.

        That's the only "blackness" we ought to be concerned about. (this is in response to the notion that opposition to Rice is racism)

  • Jay Diamond

    It is actually quite credible that it is in fact naked racism that accounts for the rightwing reaction to Susan Rice in the matter of Benghazi inasmuch as the same individuals braying on about Rice’s “lying” and “incompetence” after Bengahzi, are still giving a big fat PASS top Bush Jr., and his incompetent and lying crew in the matter of 9/11, when they never raised even a peep at Bushco’s blindness, incompetence and and mendacity in the case of 9/11 !

    According to wingnut America, Benghazi is the greatest national security “scandal” in American history, but 9/11 was totally “unavoidable”.

    You people are so full of it that you are blind to your own transparent BS !!!

    • A 22 Year Old Man

      Uh, if you read the comments–9/11 was avoidable. But Bill Clinton's administration took no action.

      • bobklahn

        Clinton was not in office. Clinton gave Bush a plan to stop Bin Laden, Bush blew it off. How would Clinton in 1998 stop an attack that won't happen till three years later?

        Clinton tried to kill Bin Laden with cruise missiles, and nearly got him.

        Bush would not listen to Richard Clark. Condi Rice ignored what Clark said.

    • Mary Sue

      nobody cares that Susan rice is either black or female. NOBODY.

      Oh so you're a 9/11 "truther"? ROFL. Your Credibility = 0

  • Spider

    If you are a lial you are a liar even if you are Black or a Woman or whatever

  • bobklahn

    The very fact that you have to deny racism twice implies it is racism. Or it would, but I am sure you would lie just as easily about a white man, if he spoke up for a democratic administration.

    You lied about what she said about the cause of the attack.

    In both cases she made it clear what she was saying was based on the most recent analysis, but an investigation was going on, and they would revise the analysis as more information became available.

    The fact that you mentioned racism twice does not imply that you are a racist, it does imply you know damn well your followers will take up that canard and jump into the fray screaming it. You may not be a racist, but you most certainly exploit it easily enough.

  • melissatx

    Of Obama abdicated is duty as CIC, he is derelict in his duty and must be impeached and brought up on charges as such. If, in fact, as has been asserted Valerie Jarrett made the decision to stand down, she should be facing the same. If Clinton, help to make that decision, and as has been clearly shown, ignored please for help and allowed the slaughter of 4 Americans while the CIA was on the ground, and sent Rice out to cover her fat a**, then she should share a cell with the other 2. Rice lied, it is proven fact. She should make 4 that should occupy a cell, until all 4 have been found guilty and none of them should ever see the light of day again. Un-freaking-believable this is still ongoing with no resolution…..bring up the charges and let them defend themselves.

    • dinkerduo

      and the beat goes on—————and on!!

  • Anamah

    What a miserable scam! We are living inside of this giant bubble of Progressive/Communist/Socialist/ Radical Islamic fraud.
    How can it be so grotesque as powerful?

  • Joy Beum

    That’s why we have a death penalty. They’ll do it again. Susan Rice has proved that. I am sickened by this, but I’ll thank you for bringing it to out attention. She (SR) and all the others involved need to be brought to justice for their sins.

  • Daniel Carson

    Why has there been a huge shush going on and the lack of intell on the finances and backers who they have present when things implode, Saudi’s?….