If Muslims Can’t Eat Pork, No One Can Eat Pork

There’s a difference between accommodating the religious beliefs of employees by allowing them to pray or take time off on holidays and forcing everyone else to accommodate them by preventing them from having a ham sandwich. But that’s what BooHoo clothing , a UK online retailer of trashy outfits, has done by declaring their workplace a Halal environment where no one is allowed to eat pork.

But it can’t end there. Muslims consider pigs an impure abomination, but they also consider dogs an impure abomination. That means Boo Hoo clothing outlets, like so many Muslim cabbies, will have to discriminate against the blind to accommodate Muslim superstition and bigotry.

The entire Muslim demand that other people be repressed and restricted is a symptom of Islamic intolerance and another reminder of why Islam is barely compatible with even variant versions of itself, let alone any other religion.

But considering many of the immodest non-burqa like clothes that Boo Hoo sells, the objections can’t stop there. If Muslims can demand that other employees at Boo Hoo clothing outlets not eat meat, why not force them to wear burqas too>

Boo Hoo clothing online stores were co-founded by Mahmud Kamani  (Yes, there’s always going to be a Mohammed in there somewhere) and Carol Kane. Unfortunately rather than choosing to display tolerance toward his non-Muslim employees, Mahmud Kamani has decided to harass and discriminate against them instead.

And if you’re wondering what it’s like to work for Mahmud Kamani, here’s a glimpse from a posting by one of his employees.

I am currently working for a fashion company. It is owned by a Mr Kamani, and his sons are the managers. Now, these sons are arrogant, ignorant, rude and demanding to their employees. And they did absolutely nothing to gain this position of very considerable wealth and power, other than claim it by being related to it’s creator.  And yet, they enjoy and indeed exploit their privileged position.

Mahmud Kamani, the most arrogant man I have ever met, strolls into work at about 11 or 12, and throws his weight around shouting at employees, and leaves about 3.

Mahmud Kamani’s son, Umar Kamani (aka UmarBooHoo, no seriously it’s his Twitter handle) is running another online fashion trash store called Pretty Little Things.

Neither of the Kamanis have enough religious scruples to prevent them from selling clothes that Islam deems immodest, yet they feel that they can dictate what their employees eat in the name of Islamic law. But if they could make money selling pork, they would do it. And that is yet another reminder that Islam is a hypocritical religion. It is not about faith, but about power over others.

And when it comes to ethics, Mahmud and Umar Kamani don’t appear to treat their customers any better than they treat their employees based on some of these complaints.

Name: Laura Harris
Date: 03/11/2012
I ordered off the sister website Pretty little things. After receiving a “size 5″ pair of boots they were more like a size 7. Sent them bak to 21three ltd in burnley as stated THREE WEEKS AGO and still no refund after numerous attempts of emailing. So far I’m down £34.00. Pathetic scummy robbing thieves I am NEVER shopping with pretty little things/boohoo ever again. U think ur gettin bargain but seriously don’t bother with them as u will receive poor service. It’s ok for one of the directors umar kumani recently jetting off to Dubai isn’t it whilst ppl like me who fund it!!!!SCUM!! Dodgy as!!

Date: 22/10/2010
I then went about trying to receive a refund, and where are they? NOWHERE to be found. Not a single reply to any of the emails sent. It’s not even that their customer service is bad, it’s just non-existent! Once they have your money, it’s clear they want nothing more to do with you. Awful company, would not use again.

Name: Hooboo
Date: 02/11/2012
Hey, In regards to your previous emails BOOHOO are known nationally as Pinstripe, They have been conning out people for the last 15 year’s making people bankrupt and taking loads of money through tax fraud!
Now that they have conned out over 40 companies they are living the high life driving rolls royce phantoms with people’s hard worked money!
I would strongly suggest anyone who wishes to view there products NOT TO PURCHASE anything! as they will only scam you and take your money! they feel they can do so as there is no third party to over look there books! or service!
They also have a new website called PRETTY LITTLE THINGS! Do not purchase of them also as you will only get the same service!

They are based in Manchester and are the biggest crooks in the Industry! they will do this eventually to everyone! people who have had good service off them before im happy for you but as I know them personally I would recommend you not to put money in their filthy pockets!

The owner can be found on twitter!

If you are to ask anybody in the fashion industry they will tell you the real truth about these scum bags!

Also I would strongly advise people to go to watchdog! or some other big firm which can look into this company!
Reading the above comments only shows a small handfull of people who have been robbed! many other customers have probably not even bothered to find this site! as they have given up hope

Everybody who commented above should create a flash mob and post a comment on their facebook page at a set time and date!
As poor customers posting one thing at a time will only get deleted!
This should be taken to newspapers!

As I have just recently read they made over £139,000 Profit in the last year meaning all these refunding items are being declared as sales and not refunds!




  • http://www.facebook.com/fred.dawes Fred Dawes

    Normal in a world of fools. Will we eat what the doss Obama orders.

    • Sansgawd

      haha, this is the supidest one-liner I have ever read. Is this sarcasm? Or are you really this stupid?

  • drivesguy

    I am gonna get a Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig as a Pet. That combined with my three rifles and semi auto hand gun ought to keep unwanted visitors off my property.

  • riverboatbill

    Pork that.

  • Mary Sue

    I feel like I should make a "personal lubricant" (cough) fashioned from pig lard, and probably make a killing selling it where muslim rape gangs are pervasive. Just tell the rapists that the parts they want to invade are defiled by the subcutaneous fat of the Evil Pig, maybe that'll deter them? And don't forget to mention you just had bacon or ham.

    I would so not go to work for a company like that. You know what's ironic? The general antisemitism found in historical (and modern) muslim attitudes would have you believe that Jewish merchants are this bad!

    I intend to tell any Muslim that demands my conversion that I've eaten pork so often that there is no point for me to go Muslim. Just look at this belly roll. It contains pork fat RIGHT NOW! I'm probably banned from Muslim Heaven forever.

  • pyeatte

    Odd, but strict Muslims remind me of pigs…

  • Richard Of OZ

    Has "amused" lost his sense of humour?

    • Mary Sue

      he never had one to begin with…

      • amused

        I wouldn't expect anything else from you Mary Sue , you can't read beyond the next sentence you type out in your posts . Judging by your posts , I would magine you can't read anything before it neither .

        • Mary Sue

          meaningless miss the point statement is meaningless.

    • amused

      Stop speaking out your rear end OZ , everyone on this blog knows my position on Islam . .

      • Mary Sue

        Yeah, you don't like it but you still bend over for it…

  • JCS

    Well, the filmmaker was jailed (in effect) for daring to slander the profit of Islam. Can outlawing ham, pork and bacon be far behind? Not to mention dogs as in the article.

  • amused

    The Brits of all people by this late date in time , and given their apparent bending over for their muslim guests [a.k.a. FREELOADERS ] should know better than anyone else what it will entail working for muslims . Since the Uk is not showing any signs of cultural or social backlash against these barnbarians in their midst , I would give Brits the same advice I would give the whining muslims in the US who complain in supermarket jobs they wont check out pork products ….go find another source of employment . Atleast in Minnesota the muslim cabbies who refuse a fare because of a seeing eye dog , packaged alcohol or some other muslim B.S. – loose their place in the que and/or face suspension / And of course there's the boycott .I wouldn't buy a thing from any firm in the US that was Halal …PERIOD . To muslims working n places where the cafeteria serves pork prducts ? Bring a box lunch or get another job .

  • amused

    JCS , not in this country , theres always zanax for your anxiety . Your analogy is not a good one since the "filmaker " duped all his associates , potentially putting their lives in danger albeit , such offenders would be jailed , but that would be too late wouldn't it ? In addition , the "filmaker " was on probation , with prejuidice in that he was not allowed on the internet for the purpose he employed , he was not allowed to use aliases , as he did , and whether you nor I LIKE IT OR NOT , he acted irresponsibly knowing full well the inevitable implications of what his actions would cause . Benghazi was not the only US asset that came under fire , American lives lost [no matter what was done wrong in Benghazi ] were put at risk including our soldiers and civilian personnel in muslim lands .

    • Drakken

      So in other words, give in to every muslim demand and by God don't offend the little savages right? Get an effing backbone and take a stand.

    • Mary Sue

      oh so you're still going by the "it was the video!" claim that it was what caused the things in Benghazi, even after it's been proven that it wasn't? It appears you don't read anything past what the drive by media puts out.

      The idea of capitulation to claims that the filmmaker put lives in danger just by uploading the video is disturbingly anti-freedom. Why should we capitulate to insane people?

      Maybe the Christians have been doing it wrong all this time. All they needed to do to get their way was be violent and threaten to murder people to delete abortion and gay marriage and whatever! Thanks, amused-bouche! You've told them what they need to do to get their way!

  • amused

    JCS , if you think this a vital matter of free speech , then I suggest you make your own Mohammed film , a realtively easy task , then upload it to you tube . If you feel you're morally right , then the results shouldn't trouble you at all . And if the filmaker thought he was being such a stalwart of Free Speech , then A) why did he use an alias B) why did he dupe his entire cast C) WHY does he cover his face ???
    I'm not siding with muslims whom I despise , I'm siding with common sense .
    In addition the added stupidity of violating your parole on the public stage . As I stated before , there's no law that will get you thrown in jail for not paying a traffic ticket on time , but if you happen to be on parole you get violated ,and sent back to jail . So dont worry about your bacon for breakfast , it ain't going nowhere .

    • Mary Sue

      unfortunately that which you profess to be common sense, is not. You are only teaching people that to get their way they have to act violent and kill people, then you'll let them.

  • popseal

    This story demonstrates why DHIMMI cowards are ill respected by everybody.

  • BS77

    pretty amazing when tolerance is a one way street. Be tolerant of my freakin beliefs, but don't expect me to be tolerant of yours. England is toast.

  • https://www.facebook.com/joe.thepimpernel Joe ThePimpernel

    "A quick reminder to everyone, on religious grounds we request that all employees and agency workers refrain from having abortions or ingesting abortifacients on any company premises.

    "We kindly ask that everyone respects this rule. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know."

    What's good for the goose…

    • Mary Sue

      a muslim owner of a dress shop is not the Catholic Church.

    • Mary Sue

      also it is hypocritical of the shop because they sell clothing that is immodest under Islam so they don't have a leg to stand on.

  • Aiooda12

    Its good to not eat pork. Yes I know im a muslim so all you porkieworkie lovers should quit porkyworkying and stop eating pork. it is haram and very filthy animals. They are very cute, but also are very filthy.

    • Sam

      Aiooda12: they may be "filthy animals", but they're a lot smarter, cleaner and more pleasant than any of the numerous Muslims that I know.

  • Gaziger

    If you don’t like your employer, then leave! Are you working there under an indentured servant agreement? And if you don’t agree with the company’s policy toward pork, then don’t buy their trashy clothes. We all operate under the assumption that we are powerless. That is just not true. We have ALL the power, the power to decide WHERE and with WHOM we spend out money!

  • NIM

    Dude, your article is full of hate. Just because some Muslims are like that, doesn’t mean all/most of them are like that unless you’re suggesting that Christians (crusades) and Jews (war in Palestine) are all terrorists too.

    • Moe Rosenhek

      The Jews as you put it (meaning Israelis) are not doing anything but DEFENDING themselves from muslim terrorists. Take your hatred of Jews and Christians elsewhere.

  • tundrfoo

    The Jews created the biggest liar and it was believed by the Muslims that pigs are dirty and their meet not suitable for human consumption. The Christians been cheated by this liar for 50 years and the Mulims are cheated for 1434 years until todays.

    In fact when the Jews said pigs are dirty, it was due to the Arabian situation. If you rear cows or ships, you can simply let them eat grass. Can you rear pigs in this way ?. No, you should find something for them to eat.
    At that time many Jews had nothing to eat, you want to let your pigs to eat.
    Worst of all, pigs are animal had no sweat hole to evaporate their body heat and need to let them bath twice a day. My God, In Arab, human being had no water to take bath, you pigs take bath twice a day.
    Therefore, the Jews had to find a way to stop the people rearing pigs.
    The best way is to invent a storey that pigs are dirty animals, their meat is not suitable for human consumption. So they recorded in their Bible by saying not to take pork.
    When no body eat pork, who is going to rear pigs ?
    This is God told me. How you people think ?

    • alphadoggggg

      Islam is not a race. quit calling it racism. also islamophobia is a bullshit term. people are not afraid of islam, they despise it.

    • Moe Rosenhek

      You’re an imbecile.

  • Laura M

    Whoever wrote this has clearly no knowledge on boohoo’s work environment. I am a current employee at the boohoo and have never worked in such a friendly and respectful environment. The director of the company walks through my department every now and then and greets everyone with a smile and a friendly hello, which is more than can be said for most companies.

    As for the halal reference i have never been told that pork is not allowed at work and even if it’s not I have never heard anyone complain, I can go without a bacon sandwich at work if I have too, some work places ban outrageous things. I once worked at a place where you couldn’t go for a glass of water when you wanted and the toilet was never cleaned. You have also completely contradicted yourself as muslims cannot use a plate that has been use to eat pork or non halal meat so is this not ‘accommodating’ religious belief?

    Basically what i’m trying to say is that everything written in this article is complete bullshit and the comments written my a previous/current employee are blatantly written by a person sacked for being unprofessional or just a made up rant by someone trying to run a company not as well established as boohoo.

    As for the selling of ‘trashy’ clothing and it being against their beliefs, i’m not sure if you are aware that around 90% of Manchester based fashion companies are run by asian or muslim people? So point your insults at the entire manchester fashion community.

    I am aware this terribly written, it was written in anger by someone with very poor writing skills.

  • Hannah B.

    This article is complete bigotry. I found it looking for information about Boohoo’s ethics in order to decide whether or not to shop there. Instead, I found this horrible article. There is no reason to make such awful generalizations about Muslims! And where is this information coming from? Banning pork is one thing, but claiming that the owners of the company, and all Muslims, are hypocritical and bad people is ridiculous. The only “facts” you have are that pork is banned and an employee and a few customers weren’t happy. The conclusions you have drawn are simply ridiculous–you chose negative comments about the company, and exaggerated them far too much. Do NOT call the Islamic faith and people ‘hypocritical’. Some of the kindest people I have ever met are Muslim.
    Calling the clothing “trashy” isn’t OK either. Wearing clothes that aren’t “modest” is NOT something for you or any one to judge. Women can where whatever they want, and their clothing choice doesn’t make them “trashy”. In the future, please think, and do some research, before you say things like this. This is yellow journalism — there is nothing worth reading here.

  • Zi

    lol clearly Mahmud sounds like Mohammed. This article seems to have hidden agendas!

  • Kelly

    So much hate in this article. The person who wrote it is an absolute hater and racist!

  • min

    Whoever wrote this is just making themselves look like a silly racist, islamophobic idiot. What a hateful society we live in.