Illinois Democrat Running to be Palestine’s Congressman (VIDEO)

Whatever happened to running for office to represent a district or a community? Well to be fair to Brad Schneider, he is running to represent a district. The district of Palestine. And I don’t mean any of the towns or villages in the United States by that name.

Schneider fully endorsed J Street earlier this year and stated that he hopes to “stand in the well of the Congress speaking on behalf of the Palestinians,” according to a previously unreleased video of the Democratic candidate.

To no one’s surprise, Brad Schneider, like Tammy Duckworth, is a J Street cretin. But does Congress really need more people standing there and speaking on behalf of the Palestinians?

There’s a small number of Congressmen who don’t endorse the Two State Solution in some form. There’s a small number of Congressmen who vote against aid for the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority.

Brad Schneider is saying that support for Israel is a bipartisan issue and shouldn’t be politicized. This has become a frequent and nauseating talking point by Obama Democrats in the last few years. Support for Israel isn’t bipartisan. If it were bipartisan, then there wouldn’t be a Jimmy Carter out there. The only people who claim that relentlessly do so in order to take the issue off the table for good.