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“I’m a Jew, So I’m Voting for Romney” (VIDEO)

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 18, 2012 @ 8:18 pm In The Point | 8 Comments

Some of this is goofy [1]but stick with it for some interesting moments as an Orthodox reporter asks African-Americans and Orthodox Jews who they’re voting for. (H/T Gestetner Updates [1])

Pay attention to how many of them reflexively associate Jewish identity with voting Republican, as much as their liberal counterparts associate Jewish identity with voting Democrat. At least three of those asked reflexively reply that being a Jew means voting for Romney.

What you’re seeing here isn’t [1] just a bunch of Orthodox Jews coming out universally for Romney. It’s the future of the Jewish vote, as discussed in my article, “The Death of Jewish Liberalism [2].”

These folks often have 5 or 6 kids each. I knew one family that got up to 18. 74 percent of Jewish children in New York City are already Orthodox. Which means the liberal Jewish vote is a generation away from extinction.

Some context for the video.

Crown Heights is an interracial Brooklyn neighborhood where Hassidic Jews affiliated with Lubavitch and African-Americans, many of them from the Caribbean, live side by side.

Hashem means G-d. Moshiach means the Messiah. Two of the men who say that Hashem has their vote or Moshiach has their vote, mean that they put their faith in G-d, not in politicians. Mitzvah means a religious commandment. The joke there is that it’s religious obligation to vote for Mitt Romney.

Chabad Lubavitch attracts a lot of international students to Crown Heights, which is why you’ll hear Australian, Israeli and British accents. The African-American man in the last shot is Jewish.

The Raving Monster Loony Party is a UK joke completely lost on the interviewer. And yes it’s an actual political party.

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